1st Dec World AIDS Day – Slogans with a Difference

Makeup & Breakup

AIDSAwareness In De-mystifying Silence

 HIV Health In Value

AIDS does not discriminate, People do…

World AIDS day, HIV, AIDS, Slogans Love Life & Live Life

1)      Myth of Mingling

Talking, Touching with HIV infected will only bring Affection not Infection.

2)      Case of Care

Death is inevitable, in case of HIV life is shortened, why not Care more

3)      Monkey to Man

Man should stop doing Monkey Business

4)      Care for Prevention

Prevention is the Reality till Cure becomes the Reality.

5)      Touch of Untouchables

            Touch can never transmit the virus till they are treated as untouchables…

6)       Life without Purpose

Carrying along life without a meaning is a Crime

7)      Bloated Blood

Blood is the Lifeline, suddenly threatening to be the Deadline

8)      Sex is Taboo

Why create an Artificial barrier for something which is Natural

9)      Cost of Cure


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Logical Flaws in Creative Flows…


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The Curve

Creative Writing is not just about creative thoughts but there are strong logical foundations behind that creative formation. The facade is backed by logical ground, well set to take the weight of the creative power that gets unleashed.

Creativity is about connecting the dots…the seemly unrelated dots and certainly the unsettled thoughts.

“It is scrambled.”

“It is a puzzled.”

It is a task on hand. We have to apply our logic to give the scrambled the shape and the puzzle the space. The shape and space give the place to unleash our creative flows. Any flaws in the logical grouping can dismantle the organized space and fundamentally affect the formation of desired shape.

Stories have a structure.

Stories have a strategy.

Stories have a system.

Every story is a crafty combination of all these factors.

A balanced combination. It is never easy to factor these factors. Though stories are flow of creative thoughts but creativity needs a stream to flow and if the stream doesn’t have a right path it falters. The characters in stories, the story settings, the conflicts in the story is what the reader analyze, and the readers critically look for the real connect and that’s what connect with the ardent reader.

The subtle connect…

But if the reader see substantial disconnect in any form within the story…and it could be a mismatched age of the character, wrong period in the story, even subtle aberrations or perhaps very conspicuous in form, it immediately takes the reader off guard. As a writer it is our duty to guard their interest, so that our readership is safeguarded.

Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Logical Writing, Blogging, Creative Blogging, Logic, Creative

The Flow

Along with the simple language, the strong logic behind the story what really matters in the ultimate count… Even with amazing creativity, the flaw in logic can create a disconnect and fissure can lead to the collapse of the structure, before the strategy and system could do anything.

The simple choice of word to complex formation of sentences, the definite arrangement of paragraph definitely needs the formation of logic just not the flowery language. The flower will fade, but if nurtured well will bear fruit. We can use ornate language but if there is no obvious logic, it just doesn’t flow and we are dead stuck.

It is not easy to balance the sequencing of logic and sentencing of language.

After all the emotions behind the thoughts and the emotive power in the story that makes the writing lively and we all attempt to read between the lines and behind the words.

“Visible is not exciting.”

“Apparent is boring.”

“Hidden is what draws us.”

“Inscrutable is what drives us.”

Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Logical Writing, Blogging, Creative Blogging, Logic, Creative

The Scene

The unwritten context in the story is as important as the written text. The logical flaw in the context can make the text look awfully wretched. The logic behind the story is the heart though the art resides in how we narrate and negate the irrationality.

Creative Writing needs researching the reasoning, appreciating the human reasoning process, understanding the cognitive science, the science behind our thinking…there is a strong science behind the art of writing.

Writing is just not about creative engagement but also about the logical arrangement.


It may rhyme but engagement and arrangement are fundamentally different. Engagement is on the emotional front and arrangement is on the physical fashion.

Creativity takes solid ground when backed with strong logical reasoning. With a strong logical foundation, creativity fly and playing with both end of the spectrum of our thinking…on one end is the creative thinking and on the other end is the logical thinking that makes the playground more exciting. We can experiment. Experiment with different combinations and options to see what more can be offered and offered to excite and ignite the reader’s mind.

Every story has a common thread running throughout the story-line.

Every story has a puzzle to be solved and placed in proper order.

Every story has a pattern.

Pattern formations are beautiful to watch.

Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Logical Writing, Blogging, Creative Blogging, Logic, Creative

The View


Every story has a combination of people, the place and the text and the context.

Unless these are stitched with strong thoughts and sized with clinical precision, the grip will be lost and the fit will be an issue. The reader will straight away feel the slack and then the flaws are there for all of us to witness. The fizz is out of the bottle. Stories are designed to possess the grip, when it has the prefect fit. The formation of characters needs creativity and the building of conflict needs the rationality, any irregularities in the formation or building hits the reader hard, as he ventures with the aim of a soft tour and hardly he can withstand the logical disconnect.

Creativity is about forming such magical combination from unrelated dots left for the creative people to capture and create their patterns. And it is indeed a puzzle to resolve, that’s how creative thoughts wear the logical threads to tell a tale.

Logic can take us so far but imagination can take us everywhere.

But to come back from these flights of imagination to put those visualization into words need that logical arrangement of events and eventually it is the logic behind the creativity that matters the most.

Though it is all about creativity…

Any flaw in our logical flow of thoughts that goes into the formation of creative writing can destroy the beauty behind the story.

Logic counts and creativity flows…

Age is just a state of Mind


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image credit_silversurfers.com

The other day I was reading a news story on Bagicha Singh, a person in India who has covered five lakh eighty thousand kilometers on foot in the last 23 years. I was trying to fathom the distance when I read he was 81 years old and then I looked at him and he was carrying a 90 kg backpack.

I didn’t know how to react to the story but I did pause and reflected on the factor of age, we keep questioning the state of our life. What should we be doing at a particular age and what we shouldn’t be doing at different stage of our age? I realized that it is nothing to do with the assumption but everything to do with our aspiration.

Assumptions are not always the answer to rely on our judgment. We need to question our assumptions which are followed over the years and get’s passed on from one generation to the other.

The generational shift.

Those assumptions that are questioned and get changed but there are many that remains unquestioned. There is a secret, the secret lies in the question. Why should we restrict ourselves and not do things which have not been done at a particular age. The more we get trapped into the prism of assumptions, the less space we get to explore our aspirations.


Unless we aspire we cannot re-define the boundary of human potential and assumptions can only confine our potential.


Human potential is unfathomable.

It has no boundary.

Age is just a state.

Those who keep questioning the assumptions and conquering the aspirations keep making age defy performance; Bagicha Singh is one amongst them. I am still attempting to figure out how he has covered five lakh eighty thousand kilometers on foot.

He is neither blessed with unlimited resources nor with limitless power.


How on earth he gets the resources to manage his daily life, the life which is on constant move and how on earth is he able to keep doing the same walking for almost a quarter of a century, the consistency.

age, mind, age is a state of mind, state of mind, assumptions, questions, aspirations, inspirations

image credit_timesofindia

He is a case in point.

There are hundreds of Bagicha Singh in different sphere of life and different parts of the world who have questioned the assumptions and have marched on their path of aspirations. They are setting milestones with every mile they are conquering with their feet and feeding our mind with food for thought.

Age is just a state of mind.

With increasing longevity and changing lifestyle, those who are able to work out the work-life balance are able to defy the age syndrome.

Today’s 40, is yesteryear’s 20.

The real shift in age, not just anymore limited to the generational shift.

Retirement from work is nothing to do with age; it is everything to do with what we think and how we do what we think. It is all about the tiring of mind, not just about the fatigue of body.

Bagicha Singh’s aspiration is our inspiration…assumptions cannot always define the boundary of human potential.

Keep questioning the assumptions.

Our aspirations have no limits.

Age is just a state of mind…

Blogging & Creativity…separated at birth


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Creativity constantly needs newer avenues to venture out. Nature has always been a constant source of nurturing our creativity. There are different art forms, and each form plays their part in putting creativity in right perspective.

Creativity is boundless, creativity comes in multiple ways, creativity is immeasurable, creativity is unfathomable, creativity is mystical and creativity needs newer platforms to keep evolving.


Creativity was getting stifled in the existing platforms.


It needed a completely fresh form to express itself, a radical change in our means of expression and mode of engagement, unleashing a new wave of innovation in liberating the spirit of creativity.

The innovation in creativity has managed to come in the form of a new avatar called blogging, today it appears as if creativity and blogging were siblings separated at birth. They are destiny child and they had to meet, no convention could have stopped them from meeting, it was just a matter of time and the time has arrived.

The convention has been broken and creativity has embarked on an entirely novel path of emancipation. The podium of blogging is empowering the wings of creativity. Meeting of different minds, confluence of new ideas, convergence of diverse thoughts and augmenting our placid imagination to influencing our insouciant inspiration…all these are now happening in one place and the happening place is the platform of blogging.

Creativity is about connecting the disconnected dots and the dots belonging to different religions, dots representing different community, dots representing different class and creed, dots of different shapes and sizes, dots talking different language and dots touching different emotions.


Blogging is truly about connecting the words of dots to create a meaningful picture.


I was always looking for excuses not to write, not that I was not passionate about it but was not able to cope with the demand of writing, as writing needs hard think and constant source of inspiration. Never easy to tap those hidden sources of inspiration and to fight the bouts of writer’s block that keep hitting me now and then. Indeed a hard nut to crack. Out of box thinking instantly tells me not to crack the same nut but change the nut itself, and adapting to change is a change in habit.

Habits are the toughest nut to crack in life…we all are wedged between the habitual paradoxes of life. Every habit forms a behavioral pattern and over time we can predict that pattern but cannot easily correct those unpalatable patterns.


Good habits never come easily and bad ones never goes out easily.


Once we develop the good habit of consistently blogging , the source of inspiration and sense of responsibility becomes our second nature. It’s like nurturing nature. Every conversation we have built through our blog posts keep questioning our assumptions and it keep changing our perspectives.

Blogging, Creativity, Writing

image courtesy_studio-747.com

Creativity needs that ignition to start the engine of imagination to go wild and travel far and wide, the crazy we become in our thinking the creative we become in our writing, the unconventional we become in our expression the creative we become in our engagement… this platform of blogging provides that space to dabble with different ideas, dance with musical thoughts, dissect the enclosed topic and define newer ways to express and converse.

One needn’t be a writer to blog, one needed be a photographer to share one’s photo blog, one needn’t be a traveler to be share a travel blog and one needn’t be a foodie to form the recipe for a food for thought blog. One just need to be passionate in what one blogs.


Conventions were made to be broken but we never had the platform to play the unconventional game to foster creativity.


Blogging has crushed that age old convention and have created a community to set their own rules and play the game in their own terms and create their unique style. Substance matters but style makes the difference when we look at things, blogging has changed the way look at creativity and creativity has got the perfect partner to progress and prosper.

It is indeed time to celebrate the progress and the prosperity with the meeting of two “great souls” separated at birth…made in world of imagination for ages, are now really meeting on the virtual world.

Mirror in the Jungle


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It was time to go out.

I dressed up and moved to the dressing table to realize that today I have to face this broken mirror.

Yesterday, it was a freak accident and the mirror had badly cracked. It was not in a position to serve its basic purpose. Though it was a routine; I never knew how life would be even for a day without a mirror. In life there is this first time for everything.

This was first time for me; I didn’t know how to react though I have been acting in real life.

I was feeling strangely scratchy to step out without knowing how my face was really looking, though I have been seeing it everyday. Today was exception, the question I was confronting; can it face the world outside without the regular face-lift engagement with the mirror. I didn’t know how to handle the situation. Apparently, small but strange. I was alone. I didn’t have any alternative means to address my immediate problem. It was atypical problem.

Not grim.

Not serious.

Not silly but not small either.

It was a strange situation.

It was not just a matter of my look but the manifestation of outlook that was of my concern.

I have taken the presence of mirror for granted and it has been for years, it had followed a standard routine. My mind had slowly but certainly distant itself from anticipating being in such odd situation. The mind was just not able to adjust to a seemingly minor situation in regard to a mirror. First time I could sense the power of relationship between a living and non-living thing in this world. I suddenly realized that I had subtly but certainly developed an intimate bonding with the mirror. Perhaps we all do but rarely get the chance to face this type of odd situation to engage our thinking.

It was time for pure reflection.

I was forced to realize how fast the pace of life is racing ahead of me. I was constantly in the game of mad race. Unknowingly, I have moved away from the glory of nature. It was long that I have paused and mused at life and living. The thought of facing an odd situation, has evenly put in a fix.

Yes, I was deeply reflecting.

It did hit me.

Are mirrors made for humans only not for animals?

They may not need it but can they have a relationship with the inanimate object of mirror. Why mirrors are placed in home not outside in the jungle.  It sounds bit bizarre. So, is all creative ideas in their infancy. Music emerges from all possible strange sounds emitting from nature. How would the animals react or act seeing themselves in the mirror? In fact it would also be the first time in their life.

Why at all?

They don’t need it.

A presumption though not for their look, but can a mirror make a difference in their life, I was curious and though an eccentric idea, I was intrigued…

I started imagining; few would panic and run away from the mirror, few others would be tad curious, slowly and cautiously would take baby steps towards the strange thing they are seeing, and would try to touch and feel it. Few others would get wild and pounce on it, how a stranger has invaded their territory. After all, they have not seen themselves ever. They don’t think and now it was testing their thinking.

It would not be just an experiment with animals but creating a face-off of animated engagement with an in-animated object of mirror.

They would enjoy and they would have fun. That would be interesting. One freak accident of mine led to another frank opinion of mine, how to provide a face-lift to the lives of animals caged in the constantly truncated zones of jungles in name of human development.

I had dressed up.

It was already late.

It was time to go out, I did go out though little late without the facing the mirror but with a beautiful idea of placing the mirror in the jungle to bring a new dimension in the lives of animals.

I had activated my inner mirror to reflect.

The rest was forest…

The Story of Self-Discovery


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Window to the World

It was Sunday.

It was early morning.

I woke up leisurely from my bed. I walked straight to the window. The weather was warmly welcoming. I had no engagement. I had enough time to explore. Explore self which I had not done for long. I pulled the cane chair and positioned it in front of the window…to witness the panoramic view.

I sat down to find out where I stand in my life…the irony.

I was trying to unearth myself.

I was trying to reflect on my work.

I was trying to question my assumptions.

I was trying to comprehend my proposition on life.

I was sitting in front of the window of my room facing the lovely valley of flowers…I could feel the beauty of nature, I could see the butterfly flying with ease and grace, I could fathom the symbiotic connection between the nectar of flowers and the need of butterflies to suck those nectar. Not one but many colourful butterflies in the backdrop of clear sky. I could feel the whiff of breeze that ruffled the silent treaty, the flowers were shaken and the butterflies started fluttering. I could smell the purity of nature. I could hear the silence of sound. I was looking outside but I was watching a movie inside, a movie of self-discovery, a story on self.

Though life records the happenings of life but the designer of life had thought otherwise, a wise decision and had not given the rewind button in our hands, it is the automatic forward button with no option for manual control. The control is programmed. Life is a reflection of the reality in nature. I knew it but I was not ready to accept it. I was ignoring the free teaching from nature at my own peril. I was taking it for granted. I was taking the nature’s teaching as preaching. I hated preaching. I was committing a blunder. I was fortunate to have ridden the mercy of nature. Not once but many times. It was high time to stop the free ride.  I have seen the fury of nature and I have seen what nature can do if I don’t learn the lessons of life.

It was the day.

It was the day to acknowledge.

It was the day to truly reflect.

It was the day to change my perspective.

It was the day to start writing these story of self-discovery.

I was trying to spot the music from the wealth of sound that gets generated from the instruments of nature…the sounds of chirping birds and the sounds of roaring animals, the sound waves that emanates from the oscillating friction of wind and wood. The clear sky changes with the changing hues of the sky from dawn to dusk, the vast canvas for our imagination to go wild and wonder in the wilderness. It’s the wonderland.

I was sitting in solitude and I was silently observing and absorbing the little movements that matters to nature, suddenly I realized that I was disconnected. I was disconnected from self. It was time to connect with nature. As I was trying to connect with self and to script a story of self-discovery, I was slowly but certainly getting connected with the inner world.

Though I was lost, but I was happy that I was lost in the right direction.

I knew I had to change my world and I knew that I have to change my use of words inside me and the world outside me will change automatically. I was inspired by the subtle changes in nature I was witnessing through the windows of my room, the room of love that I was harbouring in my heart. I had never composed myself to care and cuddle the sense and sensibilities of my senses.

Listening to the silence of sound, watching the splendor of colors, feeling the power of touch and smelling the fragrance of rustic nature…it was a magical coincidence, all human senses were there in active mode, all working at the same frequency to connect and converse with the soul and I was trying to embrace the symphony of senses attempting to strike a perfect chord. It was truly soul-stirring and I was unlocking all the buried treasures lying low and unknowingly unused.

It was a moment of epiphany for me.

It is here and I was searching everywhere.

I have discovered the structure of my story but plotting the real life story is the real challenge, I was about to think through, there was that familiar knock in the door and I had to move away from the window…it was interval time.

Watch out for next Sunday.

Writers are not just Writers


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Writing by itself has little meaning till the write-up serves a definite purpose.


Every one of us has some purpose in life and writers are no exception and they also have their own purpose while writing, discovering the purpose of life perhaps many times becomes the very purpose of writing itself. We keep looking for different means to achieve that end.

And it is never easy…

Incidentally, the purpose of life remains the most elusive secrets of mankind, we keep searching all around us and the search keeps coming back to us… “what is the purpose?”

Writer, Reader, Creative Writing, Editor

image source_essaywriting.expert

Writer as a Writer

Writer keeps writing and left to that writing per se is a beautiful engagement, but it is more than writing. It is just one facet of many faces of a writer, there are many hidden faces behind the visible face of a writer, what gets presented to the world outside. The inside faces of writer are what really make the writing deeply insightful and truly inspirational, and makes a good writer graduate into a great writer. The questions; who are these inside faces, and how do they look like… the answers to these questions are what makes the writer just not a writer.

Writer is an Editor

Writers also have to wear the most hated hat of a self-editor. The moment the writing is over, the role of a writer changes and it changes to that of an editor. It is one of the toughest task of cutting the same tree that the writer has grown. The train of thoughts loves to keep freely riding the vehicle of words. Confining the unlimited thoughts in limited words, is the art of good writing, and the craft lies in the role of an astute editor.

Writer, Reader, Creative Writing, Editor

image courtesy_catehogan.com

Writer is a Reader

Writers have to wear the hat of reader, after all we write for other’s to read. Unless we put ourselves in the reader’s shoe, the dress code of our hat and shoe can be quickly out of vogue. The passion of writing to be in fashion needs the writer to connect, and connect well with readers. Writer has to be an ardent reader. Writer needs to read just not the sentences but between the lines to make the written lines mark a real difference in the reader’s mind. Reading is fundamental to good writing.

Writer is a Critique

Writing is not a static process or a one-time exercise. We do it and forget it. It is a dynamic process and it is a continuous engagement. This process needs a critical eye to keep a watch on the obsession of writing. Writer’s get swayed away. The quality of writing gets a dip. Writer’s need the anchor. The watch on the proceedings of the process of writing.

The quality of writing can become a constant source of improvement with the scrutiny of critique, provided we allow the scrutiny a free hand, and freely review our work of writing before other’s could point the basic fault lines which we unknowingly skip or intentionally ignore being the owner of the lines. We instantly close the doors to the floodgates of new ideas, the moment we turn off our mind to the voice of critiques. We need to wear the role of a critique genuinely independent of a writer, to enable our writing fly high and keep reaching newer orbit of artistic excellence.

Writer, Reader, Creative Writing, Editor

image courtesy_reschoolyourself.com

Writer is a Thinker

The most challenging part of being a writer is wearing the cap of a thinker. Writer by heart has to be a hard thinker. Writing cannot withstand the forces of nature without nurturing the quality of thinking. And thinking is a collective workforce of eclectic observation, profound reflection, erudite conversation and critical analysis. Yes, I can listen, and I fully agree that excessive analysis can lead to paralysis of thoughts, but thinking needs the essence of analysis to feed the engine igniting our thought process. Unless powered by the engine of thinking, writing can go so far and not farther.

The beginning and the end in all form of our journeys remains the quest to find the fundamental purpose of life. Writing is one such means to keep us engaged in a meaningful way to strive to reach that obscure idea of discovering the purpose of life.


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Flavours of India…Food 4 Thought


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Thalis of India

The taste of India…

It is not the taste which differentiates the India flavour but the paste that is used in the preparation which makes all the difference.

“The traditional food”

Though the traditional India food is indigenous hybrid of herbs and spices have gone into hibernation with the invasion of fast foods. Definitely, it is food for thought?

Ironically, the fast foods are trying to slacken our grip on our tradition.

India is a country where variety is the spice of life. It is land of spices. And when we speak of spice, Indian foods are flavored with layers of spices.

The taste ranges from mild to medium to hot and fire, there are dishes when put inside mouth, the mouth literally goes on fire. The smoke is outside; we can see the smoke out of human chimneys of nose and ears.

India food is hot, though apparently it was in cold storage and now on fire.

Food, Falvours of India, Food for Thought, Cuisines, Taste, Spices, Food Trends, Taste of India, Creative Writing

Herbs & Spices of India

Besides the staple food of rice, the spices play a vital role in the preparation of foods in India. And the spectrum of spices is broadband. Hot and spice goes hand-in-hand. One cannot separate the Indian food for being hot, both the taste and the trend.

The hotness that touches your taste buds to the hottest that tricks your tongue.

Such is the intensity of the hot cuisines we may not be speechless with lack of proper vocabulary to describe it but definitely become tongue-tied.

Like most cuisines across the world, the cuisines in India get its root from different climatic conditions, different lifestyles of people, different geographical terrains and different historical significance. India is one such country where you have the entire spectrum of landscapes.

Heaven on earth, the snow-peaked mesmerizing mountains of Kashmir to beautiful backwaters of Kerala to Great India deserts of Thar Rajasthan to spectacular beaches of Goa to exotic tea gardens of Munnar to botanical gardens of Ooty to deep and dense forest cover of Arunachal Pradesh… India’s Eastern Ghats and Western Himalaya’s are the biodiversity hotspots on earth.

India is a country of mystery and diversity…

The climatic conditions in India keeps oscillating between the extremes of everything, the blazing heats of the plains to the freezing cold of valleys, we have in a matter of 550 miles apart the Thar Desert and the Kashmir Valley…temperatures varies between 0-55. The valley is known for its spread of bread to the widespread use of Wazwan a multi-course meat meal.

Food, Falvours of India, Food for Thought, Cuisines, Taste, Spices, Food Trends, Taste of India, Creative Writing

Wazwan of Kashmir

The seashore spread in India is no less it ranges 5500 miles from the east to the south to the west, the coastal ecosystem encompasses the Bay of Bengal to India Ocean to Arabian Sea. Fishing becomes an integral part of the livelihood and seafood the flavor. The freshwater river fish of Ganges Delta provides the tiny shrimps to tiger prawns for the connoisseur of food to experiment the cuisines…creating it’s own culinary style known as Bengali cuisines.

Given the location of Goa, the bay is inundated with seafood. Goan cuisines are served out of slice and spice of Shellfish, Crustaceans and Molluscs. Today health is on everybody’s mind, and when we are in New Delhi, the Capital city of India, boiled and grilled chicken takes away the cake.

Though the paradise on earth is on the North of India, the South houses the food paradise and tantalizing our taste buds.

Down South of India, the modern IT hub of Hyderabad has a rich history of Nizams. The Hyderabad Biryanies prepared in a unique style that connects the cooking style of Mugal kitchen of Nizams…the distinct aroma can be detected by the nostrils from a distant. This has nothing to do with festivals; everyday is a celebration with Biryanies. But when it is the occasion of Ramadan, we cannot celebrate the fasting without feasting Haleem, which takes hours of sweat that goes into uninterrupted stirring from dawn to dusk.

Food, Falvours of India, Food for Thought, Cuisines, Taste, Spices, Food Trends, Taste of India, Creative Writing

Hyderabad Biryani

How to reach the rich lunch of Biryanies in the noon unless we break the fast in the morning and breakfast of South India cannot be imagined without the signature dishes of Idlis and Dosas…flavoured by the Chutneys.

Food, Falvours of India, Food for Thought, Cuisines, Taste, Spices, Food Trends, Taste of India, Creative Writing

Perfect Idlis

Food, Falvours of India, Food for Thought, Cuisines, Taste, Spices, Food Trends, Taste of India, Creative Writing

Plain Dosa

Though there is definite science behind every cuisine.

Cooking is an art that comes from the heart.

When we think of the Thalis of India from Andhra Thalis to Gujarati Thalis, eating turns to an art where cooking remains a science. There is always a joy of eating but there is also a joy of cooking that comes out of experimenting with recipes and experiencing the art of cooking, flavours of cuisines of India would not have transformed into such diversity without the application of food for thought.

Indian foods are deeply influenced by the cultural choices to religious rituals to local traditions. Rajasthan in the West of India has been a land of Rajputs and a place of royal places. The combination of both the royal richness and dry desert makes the cuisines cooked out of milk or ghee, giving it a rich flavour.

Though the Western part of India challenges us with the desert the Eastern part of India spoils us with the indulgence of desserts.

Along with the AB’s of food there are the DC’s of dishes and cuisines called as the “Dalbaati and Churma” is a designed dish to counter the climatic condition of dry desert. East of India cannot be left behind where water is never a problem and with the “Sandesh and Rosgullas”; we cannot stop mouth-watering.

Food, Falvours of India, Food for Thought, Cuisines, Taste, Spices, Food Trends, Taste of India, Creative Writing

Sweets of India

India has a unique combination of demographic dividends and geographic galaxy…the geographic ranging from the dry deserts to evergreen forest to snowy mountains to fertile plains to coastal belts, the demographics counting the second populated place on earth to sheltering the largest young population of the world.

The dividends and the galaxy decide and determine the flavours of India.

The trend is changing…

The Indian taste is trending.

It is no more food for thought; it is time to taste the flavours of India.


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Art & Heart of Crafting Stories…


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Short Stories, Creative Writing, Writing, Creativity

The Stories

Stories are what defines our life. Never easy to confine ourselves to just any story, it has to be a good story. And good story has to be intrinsically embedded with good ideas. Stories by nature are a beautiful manifestation of good ideas. The question is not about ideas but about good ideas.

It comes. It goes.

We search. We scan. We fumble. We falter. We constantly look out for ideas.

Are there any enough ideas? Just not any ideas but good ideas…

It is not always visible. It is not always easily accessible. It doesn’t always come when we need it. There’s always a question mark.

The question about discovering good ideas to nurture good stories…

There is a different side to the same story.

The question…

Who said there is dearth of ideas?

Incidentally, ideas are never in shortage. Ideas are omnipresent though invisible. We are short of memory to keep a tab of the flowing ideas. We all are volcanoes of fabulous ideas…it keeps bubbling, it keeps rollicking and it is effervescent. But ideas by nature are transient. And it needs a vehicle to ride the world. Writing a story is to give wings to the idea to fly far and high.

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The instinct

Ideas just cannot be caged in an imaginary prison for long.

These ideas are constantly looking for means to manifest into beautiful stories. The art lies in the craft of shaping those ideas into stories. The ideas innocuously lying there in our sub-conscious mind. It is dormant. It is in a passive state. But how does it awakens and migrate onto the conscious mind. It is this stage where it can get the fuel to fly. It can see the light at the end of tunnel.

What is the standing of a story without the character?

Characters are the heart of a great story, not to undermine the role played by plots and dialogues. How to create characters that reader can connect? The craft of character creation resides in the art of imagination…the writer has to feel the character for the reader to experience the characterization.

These multiple components structures the composition of a story…stories are what the character creates.

The question…

How to create a character?

How many characters should we create? One, Two, Three…Major, Minor…Main, Support…lesser the better, but never easy.

How do a plot and a character intertwine?

How does a plot reveal a character?

The introduction of character is vital to the vitality of the storyline. We just cannot land the character anywhere and at anytime in the story, it has to be appropriately placed and produced to aptly fit into the overall theme. The role of logic is no less, in fact it is equally important in creativity, the heart of the matter is in the harmony. Though the imagination sketches the outline but the interpretation has to have the substance to fill the body of the story.

The question…

How to plot the story so that the reader keeps wandering what will happen next. The page tuner…

The conflict is a critical component of a story. The conflict need to go through a roller coaster ride; it shouldn’t be straight and simple. It should keep the reader guessing. It should plot to play with the array of emotions of the reader. It should make the reader determined. It should make the reader angry. It should make the reader upset. It should make the reader helpless. It should make the reader question the move and not make him get the right answer to match.

Dialogues are such an integral part of story, character and plot cannot stand the ground without strong dialogues infused into the scenes. Dialogues are what makes the character stand out, dialogues are what make the scene memorable, and dialogues are what truly defines the contours of the composition.

The question…

How important is the setting and the context of story?

How significant is the timeline and the essence of timing in storytelling?

What is the problem that the protagonist is solving?

Is the problem simple?

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Long & Short

If so it may not excite the reader. If it is complex, it is never easy to simplify the complexity in a story, it needs deeper thinking. The character’s ability to apply his mind. The character’s imagination to look from different angles. The character needs to do things differently. The surprise element… It excites the reader. Getting the right spot to place the plot and then unravel the hidden muddle.

It’s the mind game, we need to play the role of an idea generator and interpret the logic behind to make the idea work in front. This is an art. But it is the heart that makes all the difference to a story, imagining of stories without the whiff of sentiments and tinge of emotions, is like creating a human body without the flesh and blood, the skeleton can make the structure but it cannot make the system work. It needs the fluid and it needs the flow to keep the unit in function.

The question…

How to translate an incredible idea into lovely story?

The genres are nothing but another form of ideas, we can present a story with humour, with romance, with tragedy, and with mystery…here again is an art to craft an idea in different genre. The composition of story needs the skill of crafting the form and flow to produce the right musical note. Any distortion can result in noise. There is this thin line to keep the noise and the music apart.

Storytelling is an art but the craft lies in the alignment of the heart with the mind to produce the right match.

Beautiful stories are like symphony orchestra…when all the parts are in perfect syn the story becomes a lovely music to listen.

Confusion, Creativity and Coffee…


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Let’s start with a cup pf coffee…the conversation.

The world today is in a state of confusion, not that it was absent yesterday but today it is more conspicuous in its presence. So many questions but very few answers, and that too fewer answers are able to clear our confusion…

One place we have so much on the plate and the other place it is empty. Not creation but confusion. We have enough food in the world but not able to feed the poor people. We don’t know what to do and how to react. Sometime we have so much of work to do and other time we just don’t have anything to do. The uncertainty; is it abundance or redundancy… When we are relaxed we have so many ideas flowing in and we don’t know how to tap it, and when we are stressed and ideas disappears, mind goes blank and we get blindfolded.

These imagery are nothing but different state of confusion, it keeps coming and we keep encountering these states of uncertainty day in day out.

What is Confusion?

Confusion is the state of being bewildered or unclear in our mind about something…

Creativity, Confusion, Coffee, Innovation, Cycle, Clarity, Conversations, Caffeine, Creative Writing

Confusion to Creativity

The way to come out of this state is to think clearly.

Clarity leads to Creativity.

The question is how to induce the mind to migrate from the state of confusion to state of clarity and lay the ground for nurturing creativity. Coffee plays the vital role in the process of induction; it is the caffeine that creates the electromotive force. As in the electromagnetic induction process just by moving the magnetic field it creates current. The variation of caffeine content in the coffee produces the creative force, the surreptitious correlation between the coffee and creativity.

Much confusion over Coffee and Caffeine…

Not necessarily, the convergence of coffee and creativity clears the state of confusion, it attempts to easy out the stressed state of fusion. As like the nuclear fusion where two lighter atoms come together to form a heavier nucleus, and change in mass is the source of nuclear energy. Similarly, when two state i.e. state of confusion and state of creativity converge, it creates a bigger mass and when it is induced with caffeine of coffee, it generates creative energy.

What is Coffee?

A brewed drink prepared from roasted beans. The active ingredient in coffee is caffeine and is the stimulant. This stimulant acts on the brain. Scientists have been studying the affect of coffee on health and it has been found that caffeine can have positive influence on the cognitive function like activating the imagination, improving our mood, stabilizing the emotions and triggering newer thoughts.

Creativity, Confusion, Coffee, Innovation, Cycle, Clarity, Conversations, Caffeine, Creative Writing

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Coffee isn’t just Black Water.

Appearance as in many other cases are deceptive, coffee is no exception and we should not get disguised by the colour but get absorbed by its smell….the raw coffee bean to roasted coffee, the smell permeates and it sets the agenda for the people engaged with drinking coffee. Though it is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, excessive of anything is bad; drinking coffee in moderate amount is what clears the confusion on coffee.

Confusion is always not a bad state to be in, it is only when you are in a state of confusion, you look for ways to gravitate towards the state of clarity and that becomes the precursor to power of creativity. Just like the cycle of chaos-order in our life, where we all keep going through this very interesting cycle.

What does this Cycle means?

In life if we want to go to a higher state of performance or achievement or satisfaction, we need to change the current state and this can happen either internally or externally, in a controlled manner or out of control, deliberately or unknowingly…whether individual or organization we all tend to go into a state of comfort or a state of familiarity. Reducing our risk and limiting our growth.  In order to break free and fly to higher state, the chaos is infused internally or externally and it could be a controlled one or in an uncontrolled manner, these processes channelizes the chaos state to move to a higher order of performance and stability.

Creativity, Confusion, Coffee, Innovation, Cycle, Clarity, Conversations, Caffeine, Creative Writing

Coffee and Creativity

Innovation in Creativity…

Creativity can also be innovated if we keep consciously creating newer states of confusion and keep clearing those confusions with moderate drinking of coffee…I repeat it has to be moderate drinking, otherwise ideas will come and go, we may not be in a position to capture if we indulge in excessive drinking.

When we are @ Starbucks we just cannot separate Creativity from Coffee, here is how we all experience the difference…the beginning.


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