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Art and Science, Artist and Scientist

There are more similarities between art and science than the differences that generally meet the eye. There are surprisingly more dissimilarities between art and commerce than that connects our mind. Within these playground of similarities and dissimilarities interestingly there is a common ground for meeting and the meeting ground is the ground of creation.

Commerce comes to play its role when there is a creation, nothing can be produced or traded unless it is there in some form and shape, and thereafter it is the art to literature to science play their respective part in conceptualization to commercialization of any such creation.

It is a myth that artists only contribute to the aesthetic values of the society and it is only the scientists that contribute to the materialistic aspects of the society. There is an ethereal connection between these two species of humanity who have a different outlook on the world. They see connection in the disconnected dots. They see geometrical patterns in the chaos and complexity.


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