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The Curve

Creative Writing is not just about creative thoughts but there are strong logical foundations behind that creative formation. The facade is backed by logical ground, well set to take the weight of the creative power that gets unleashed.

Creativity is about connecting the dots…the seemly unrelated dots and certainly the unsettled thoughts.

“It is scrambled.”

“It is a puzzled.”

It is a task on hand. We have to apply our logic to give the scrambled the shape and the puzzle the space. The shape and space give the place to unleash our creative flows. Any flaws in the logical grouping can dismantle the organized space and fundamentally affect the formation of desired shape.

Stories have a structure.

Stories have a strategy.

Stories have a system.

Every story is a crafty combination of all these factors.

A balanced combination. It is never easy to factor these factors. Though stories are flow of creative thoughts but creativity needs a stream to flow and if the stream doesn’t have a right path it falters. The characters in stories, the story settings, the conflicts in the story is what the reader analyze, and the readers critically look for the real connect and that’s what connect with the ardent reader.

The subtle connect…

But if the reader see substantial disconnect in any form within the story…and it could be a mismatched age of the character, wrong period in the story, even subtle aberrations or perhaps very conspicuous in form, it immediately takes the reader off guard. As a writer it is our duty to guard their interest, so that our readership is safeguarded.

Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Logical Writing, Blogging, Creative Blogging, Logic, Creative

The Flow

Along with the simple language, the strong logic behind the story what really matters in the ultimate count… Even with amazing creativity, the flaw in logic can create a disconnect and fissure can lead to the collapse of the structure, before the strategy and system could do anything.

The simple choice of word to complex formation of sentences, the definite arrangement of paragraph definitely needs the formation of logic just not the flowery language. The flower will fade, but if nurtured well will bear fruit. We can use ornate language but if there is no obvious logic, it just doesn’t flow and we are dead stuck.

It is not easy to balance the sequencing of logic and sentencing of language.

After all the emotions behind the thoughts and the emotive power in the story that makes the writing lively and we all attempt to read between the lines and behind the words.

“Visible is not exciting.”

“Apparent is boring.”

“Hidden is what draws us.”

“Inscrutable is what drives us.”

Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Logical Writing, Blogging, Creative Blogging, Logic, Creative

The Scene

The unwritten context in the story is as important as the written text. The logical flaw in the context can make the text look awfully wretched. The logic behind the story is the heart though the art resides in how we narrate and negate the irrationality.

Creative Writing needs researching the reasoning, appreciating the human reasoning process, understanding the cognitive science, the science behind our thinking…there is a strong science behind the art of writing.

Writing is just not about creative engagement but also about the logical arrangement.


It may rhyme but engagement and arrangement are fundamentally different. Engagement is on the emotional front and arrangement is on the physical fashion.

Creativity takes solid ground when backed with strong logical reasoning. With a strong logical foundation, creativity fly and playing with both end of the spectrum of our thinking…on one end is the creative thinking and on the other end is the logical thinking that makes the playground more exciting. We can experiment. Experiment with different combinations and options to see what more can be offered and offered to excite and ignite the reader’s mind.

Every story has a common thread running throughout the story-line.

Every story has a puzzle to be solved and placed in proper order.

Every story has a pattern.

Pattern formations are beautiful to watch.

Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Logical Writing, Blogging, Creative Blogging, Logic, Creative

The View


Every story has a combination of people, the place and the text and the context.

Unless these are stitched with strong thoughts and sized with clinical precision, the grip will be lost and the fit will be an issue. The reader will straight away feel the slack and then the flaws are there for all of us to witness. The fizz is out of the bottle. Stories are designed to possess the grip, when it has the prefect fit. The formation of characters needs creativity and the building of conflict needs the rationality, any irregularities in the formation or building hits the reader hard, as he ventures with the aim of a soft tour and hardly he can withstand the logical disconnect.

Creativity is about forming such magical combination from unrelated dots left for the creative people to capture and create their patterns. And it is indeed a puzzle to resolve, that’s how creative thoughts wear the logical threads to tell a tale.

Logic can take us so far but imagination can take us everywhere.

But to come back from these flights of imagination to put those visualization into words need that logical arrangement of events and eventually it is the logic behind the creativity that matters the most.

Though it is all about creativity…

Any flaw in our logical flow of thoughts that goes into the formation of creative writing can destroy the beauty behind the story.

Logic counts and creativity flows…