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age, mind, age is a state of mind, state of mind, assumptions, questions, aspirations, inspirations

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The other day I was reading a news story on Bagicha Singh, a person in India who has covered five lakh eighty thousand kilometers on foot in the last 23 years. I was trying to fathom the distance when I read he was 81 years old and then I looked at him and he was carrying a 90 kg backpack.

I didn’t know how to react to the story but I did pause and reflected on the factor of age, we keep questioning the state of our life. What should we be doing at a particular age and what we shouldn’t be doing at different stage of our age? I realized that it is nothing to do with the assumption but everything to do with our aspiration.

Assumptions are not always the answer to rely on our judgment. We need to question our assumptions which are followed over the years and get’s passed on from one generation to the other.

The generational shift.

Those assumptions that are questioned and get changed but there are many that remains unquestioned. There is a secret, the secret lies in the question. Why should we restrict ourselves and not do things which have not been done at a particular age. The more we get trapped into the prism of assumptions, the less space we get to explore our aspirations.


Unless we aspire we cannot re-define the boundary of human potential and assumptions can only confine our potential.


Human potential is unfathomable.

It has no boundary.

Age is just a state.

Those who keep questioning the assumptions and conquering the aspirations keep making age defy performance; Bagicha Singh is one amongst them. I am still attempting to figure out how he has covered five lakh eighty thousand kilometers on foot.

He is neither blessed with unlimited resources nor with limitless power.


How on earth he gets the resources to manage his daily life, the life which is on constant move and how on earth is he able to keep doing the same walking for almost a quarter of a century, the consistency.

age, mind, age is a state of mind, state of mind, assumptions, questions, aspirations, inspirations

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He is a case in point.

There are hundreds of Bagicha Singh in different sphere of life and different parts of the world who have questioned the assumptions and have marched on their path of aspirations. They are setting milestones with every mile they are conquering with their feet and feeding our mind with food for thought.

Age is just a state of mind.

With increasing longevity and changing lifestyle, those who are able to work out the work-life balance are able to defy the age syndrome.

Today’s 40, is yesteryear’s 20.

The real shift in age, not just anymore limited to the generational shift.

Retirement from work is nothing to do with age; it is everything to do with what we think and how we do what we think. It is all about the tiring of mind, not just about the fatigue of body.

Bagicha Singh’s aspiration is our inspiration…assumptions cannot always define the boundary of human potential.

Keep questioning the assumptions.

Our aspirations have no limits.

Age is just a state of mind…