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Creativity constantly needs newer avenues to venture out. Nature has always been a constant source of nurturing our creativity. There are different art forms, and each form plays their part in putting creativity in right perspective.

Creativity is boundless, creativity comes in multiple ways, creativity is immeasurable, creativity is unfathomable, creativity is mystical and creativity needs newer platforms to keep evolving.


Creativity was getting stifled in the existing platforms.


It needed a completely fresh form to express itself, a radical change in our means of expression and mode of engagement, unleashing a new wave of innovation in liberating the spirit of creativity.

The innovation in creativity has managed to come in the form of a new avatar called blogging, today it appears as if creativity and blogging were siblings separated at birth. They are destiny child and they had to meet, no convention could have stopped them from meeting, it was just a matter of time and the time has arrived.

The convention has been broken and creativity has embarked on an entirely novel path of emancipation. The podium of blogging is empowering the wings of creativity. Meeting of different minds, confluence of new ideas, convergence of diverse thoughts and augmenting our placid imagination to influencing our insouciant inspiration…all these are now happening in one place and the happening place is the platform of blogging.

Creativity is about connecting the disconnected dots and the dots belonging to different religions, dots representing different community, dots representing different class and creed, dots of different shapes and sizes, dots talking different language and dots touching different emotions.


Blogging is truly about connecting the words of dots to create a meaningful picture.


I was always looking for excuses not to write, not that I was not passionate about it but was not able to cope with the demand of writing, as writing needs hard think and constant source of inspiration. Never easy to tap those hidden sources of inspiration and to fight the bouts of writer’s block that keep hitting me now and then. Indeed a hard nut to crack. Out of box thinking instantly tells me not to crack the same nut but change the nut itself, and adapting to change is a change in habit.

Habits are the toughest nut to crack in life…we all are wedged between the habitual paradoxes of life. Every habit forms a behavioral pattern and over time we can predict that pattern but cannot easily correct those unpalatable patterns.


Good habits never come easily and bad ones never goes out easily.


Once we develop the good habit of consistently blogging , the source of inspiration and sense of responsibility becomes our second nature. It’s like nurturing nature. Every conversation we have built through our blog posts keep questioning our assumptions and it keep changing our perspectives.

Blogging, Creativity, Writing

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Creativity needs that ignition to start the engine of imagination to go wild and travel far and wide, the crazy we become in our thinking the creative we become in our writing, the unconventional we become in our expression the creative we become in our engagement… this platform of blogging provides that space to dabble with different ideas, dance with musical thoughts, dissect the enclosed topic and define newer ways to express and converse.

One needn’t be a writer to blog, one needed be a photographer to share one’s photo blog, one needn’t be a traveler to be share a travel blog and one needn’t be a foodie to form the recipe for a food for thought blog. One just need to be passionate in what one blogs.


Conventions were made to be broken but we never had the platform to play the unconventional game to foster creativity.


Blogging has crushed that age old convention and have created a community to set their own rules and play the game in their own terms and create their unique style. Substance matters but style makes the difference when we look at things, blogging has changed the way look at creativity and creativity has got the perfect partner to progress and prosper.

It is indeed time to celebrate the progress and the prosperity with the meeting of two “great souls” separated at birth…made in world of imagination for ages, are now really meeting on the virtual world.