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It was time to go out.

I dressed up and moved to the dressing table to realize that today I have to face this broken mirror.

Yesterday, it was a freak accident and the mirror had badly cracked. It was not in a position to serve its basic purpose. Though it was a routine; I never knew how life would be even for a day without a mirror. In life there is this first time for everything.

This was first time for me; I didn’t know how to react though I have been acting in real life.

I was feeling strangely scratchy to step out without knowing how my face was really looking, though I have been seeing it everyday. Today was exception, the question I was confronting; can it face the world outside without the regular face-lift engagement with the mirror. I didn’t know how to handle the situation. Apparently, small but strange. I was alone. I didn’t have any alternative means to address my immediate problem. It was atypical problem.

Not grim.

Not serious.

Not silly but not small either.

It was a strange situation.

It was not just a matter of my look but the manifestation of outlook that was of my concern.

I have taken the presence of mirror for granted and it has been for years, it had followed a standard routine. My mind had slowly but certainly distant itself from anticipating being in such odd situation. The mind was just not able to adjust to a seemingly minor situation in regard to a mirror. First time I could sense the power of relationship between a living and non-living thing in this world. I suddenly realized that I had subtly but certainly developed an intimate bonding with the mirror. Perhaps we all do but rarely get the chance to face this type of odd situation to engage our thinking.

It was time for pure reflection.

I was forced to realize how fast the pace of life is racing ahead of me. I was constantly in the game of mad race. Unknowingly, I have moved away from the glory of nature. It was long that I have paused and mused at life and living. The thought of facing an odd situation, has evenly put in a fix.

Yes, I was deeply reflecting.

It did hit me.

Are mirrors made for humans only not for animals?

They may not need it but can they have a relationship with the inanimate object of mirror. Why mirrors are placed in home not outside in the jungle.  It sounds bit bizarre. So, is all creative ideas in their infancy. Music emerges from all possible strange sounds emitting from nature. How would the animals react or act seeing themselves in the mirror? In fact it would also be the first time in their life.

Why at all?

They don’t need it.

A presumption though not for their look, but can a mirror make a difference in their life, I was curious and though an eccentric idea, I was intrigued…

I started imagining; few would panic and run away from the mirror, few others would be tad curious, slowly and cautiously would take baby steps towards the strange thing they are seeing, and would try to touch and feel it. Few others would get wild and pounce on it, how a stranger has invaded their territory. After all, they have not seen themselves ever. They don’t think and now it was testing their thinking.

It would not be just an experiment with animals but creating a face-off of animated engagement with an in-animated object of mirror.

They would enjoy and they would have fun. That would be interesting. One freak accident of mine led to another frank opinion of mine, how to provide a face-lift to the lives of animals caged in the constantly truncated zones of jungles in name of human development.

I had dressed up.

It was already late.

It was time to go out, I did go out though little late without the facing the mirror but with a beautiful idea of placing the mirror in the jungle to bring a new dimension in the lives of animals.

I had activated my inner mirror to reflect.

The rest was forest…