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Writing by itself has little meaning till the write-up serves a definite purpose.


Every one of us has some purpose in life and writers are no exception and they also have their own purpose while writing, discovering the purpose of life perhaps many times becomes the very purpose of writing itself. We keep looking for different means to achieve that end.

And it is never easy…

Incidentally, the purpose of life remains the most elusive secrets of mankind, we keep searching all around us and the search keeps coming back to us… “what is the purpose?”

Writer, Reader, Creative Writing, Editor

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Writer as a Writer

Writer keeps writing and left to that writing per se is a beautiful engagement, but it is more than writing. It is just one facet of many faces of a writer, there are many hidden faces behind the visible face of a writer, what gets presented to the world outside. The inside faces of writer are what really make the writing deeply insightful and truly inspirational, and makes a good writer graduate into a great writer. The questions; who are these inside faces, and how do they look like… the answers to these questions are what makes the writer just not a writer.

Writer is an Editor

Writers also have to wear the most hated hat of a self-editor. The moment the writing is over, the role of a writer changes and it changes to that of an editor. It is one of the toughest task of cutting the same tree that the writer has grown. The train of thoughts loves to keep freely riding the vehicle of words. Confining the unlimited thoughts in limited words, is the art of good writing, and the craft lies in the role of an astute editor.

Writer, Reader, Creative Writing, Editor

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Writer is a Reader

Writers have to wear the hat of reader, after all we write for other’s to read. Unless we put ourselves in the reader’s shoe, the dress code of our hat and shoe can be quickly out of vogue. The passion of writing to be in fashion needs the writer to connect, and connect well with readers. Writer has to be an ardent reader. Writer needs to read just not the sentences but between the lines to make the written lines mark a real difference in the reader’s mind. Reading is fundamental to good writing.

Writer is a Critique

Writing is not a static process or a one-time exercise. We do it and forget it. It is a dynamic process and it is a continuous engagement. This process needs a critical eye to keep a watch on the obsession of writing. Writer’s get swayed away. The quality of writing gets a dip. Writer’s need the anchor. The watch on the proceedings of the process of writing.

The quality of writing can become a constant source of improvement with the scrutiny of critique, provided we allow the scrutiny a free hand, and freely review our work of writing before other’s could point the basic fault lines which we unknowingly skip or intentionally ignore being the owner of the lines. We instantly close the doors to the floodgates of new ideas, the moment we turn off our mind to the voice of critiques. We need to wear the role of a critique genuinely independent of a writer, to enable our writing fly high and keep reaching newer orbit of artistic excellence.

Writer, Reader, Creative Writing, Editor

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Writer is a Thinker

The most challenging part of being a writer is wearing the cap of a thinker. Writer by heart has to be a hard thinker. Writing cannot withstand the forces of nature without nurturing the quality of thinking. And thinking is a collective workforce of eclectic observation, profound reflection, erudite conversation and critical analysis. Yes, I can listen, and I fully agree that excessive analysis can lead to paralysis of thoughts, but thinking needs the essence of analysis to feed the engine igniting our thought process. Unless powered by the engine of thinking, writing can go so far and not farther.

The beginning and the end in all form of our journeys remains the quest to find the fundamental purpose of life. Writing is one such means to keep us engaged in a meaningful way to strive to reach that obscure idea of discovering the purpose of life.


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