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Creativity, Confusion, Coffee, Innovation, Cycle, Clarity, Conversations, Caffeine, Creative Writing

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Let’s start with a cup pf coffee…the conversation.

The world today is in a state of confusion, not that it was absent yesterday but today it is more conspicuous in its presence. So many questions but very few answers, and that too fewer answers are able to clear our confusion…

One place we have so much on the plate and the other place it is empty. Not creation but confusion. We have enough food in the world but not able to feed the poor people. We don’t know what to do and how to react. Sometime we have so much of work to do and other time we just don’t have anything to do. The uncertainty; is it abundance or redundancy… When we are relaxed we have so many ideas flowing in and we don’t know how to tap it, and when we are stressed and ideas disappears, mind goes blank and we get blindfolded.

These imagery are nothing but different state of confusion, it keeps coming and we keep encountering these states of uncertainty day in day out.

What is Confusion?

Confusion is the state of being bewildered or unclear in our mind about something…

Creativity, Confusion, Coffee, Innovation, Cycle, Clarity, Conversations, Caffeine, Creative Writing

Confusion to Creativity

The way to come out of this state is to think clearly.

Clarity leads to Creativity.

The question is how to induce the mind to migrate from the state of confusion to state of clarity and lay the ground for nurturing creativity. Coffee plays the vital role in the process of induction; it is the caffeine that creates the electromotive force. As in the electromagnetic induction process just by moving the magnetic field it creates current. The variation of caffeine content in the coffee produces the creative force, the surreptitious correlation between the coffee and creativity.

Much confusion over Coffee and Caffeine…

Not necessarily, the convergence of coffee and creativity clears the state of confusion, it attempts to easy out the stressed state of fusion. As like the nuclear fusion where two lighter atoms come together to form a heavier nucleus, and change in mass is the source of nuclear energy. Similarly, when two state i.e. state of confusion and state of creativity converge, it creates a bigger mass and when it is induced with caffeine of coffee, it generates creative energy.

What is Coffee?

A brewed drink prepared from roasted beans. The active ingredient in coffee is caffeine and is the stimulant. This stimulant acts on the brain. Scientists have been studying the affect of coffee on health and it has been found that caffeine can have positive influence on the cognitive function like activating the imagination, improving our mood, stabilizing the emotions and triggering newer thoughts.

Creativity, Confusion, Coffee, Innovation, Cycle, Clarity, Conversations, Caffeine, Creative Writing

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Coffee isn’t just Black Water.

Appearance as in many other cases are deceptive, coffee is no exception and we should not get disguised by the colour but get absorbed by its smell….the raw coffee bean to roasted coffee, the smell permeates and it sets the agenda for the people engaged with drinking coffee. Though it is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, excessive of anything is bad; drinking coffee in moderate amount is what clears the confusion on coffee.

Confusion is always not a bad state to be in, it is only when you are in a state of confusion, you look for ways to gravitate towards the state of clarity and that becomes the precursor to power of creativity. Just like the cycle of chaos-order in our life, where we all keep going through this very interesting cycle.

What does this Cycle means?

In life if we want to go to a higher state of performance or achievement or satisfaction, we need to change the current state and this can happen either internally or externally, in a controlled manner or out of control, deliberately or unknowingly…whether individual or organization we all tend to go into a state of comfort or a state of familiarity. Reducing our risk and limiting our growth.  In order to break free and fly to higher state, the chaos is infused internally or externally and it could be a controlled one or in an uncontrolled manner, these processes channelizes the chaos state to move to a higher order of performance and stability.

Creativity, Confusion, Coffee, Innovation, Cycle, Clarity, Conversations, Caffeine, Creative Writing

Coffee and Creativity

Innovation in Creativity…

Creativity can also be innovated if we keep consciously creating newer states of confusion and keep clearing those confusions with moderate drinking of coffee…I repeat it has to be moderate drinking, otherwise ideas will come and go, we may not be in a position to capture if we indulge in excessive drinking.

When we are @ Starbucks we just cannot separate Creativity from Coffee, here is how we all experience the difference…the beginning.


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