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Blogging has broken the convention.

The convention of few ruling the rest…

It has provided the wings to creative people, breaking the age-old skewed stranglehold of conventional media on creativity. The hold has been over ages. The creative breed of activists, opinion makers, writers, photographers and storytellers were asphyxiated under the subjugation of selected editors and self-elected publishers. The creative space was hijacked.

It was the perennial tussle between the elite few versus the creative many…

In other words there was an undeclared dictatorship in the creative sphere, and even if there was concerted efforts by the creative forces to fight the suppression but it was not sufficient to break the shackles and make any difference. A much needed difference that was required in the life of creative souls, and these caged souls have been in constant search for the real freedom that was elusive in the life’s of artists and activists. The space to voice out, the voice that really matters and the virtual opinions that can make a real difference in the life’s of millions of people.

Today, blogosphere has provided that selected space and augmented the creative forces, blogging have democratized the rights of creative professionals. The artists are no more in the control of few selected publishing houses or broadcasting media, it was selective casting. Their whims and fancies decides who gets the cut to show case their creativity and who was cut off from such creative opportunities.

Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Blogosphere, Blogging, Creative Blogging, Creative, Democracy, Freedom

Blogging in Blogosphere

Their decisions were arbitrary.

Their process was that of rejection not that of selection.

Blogosphere have liberated the artists. They have been looking for the ground to experiment and place to take off. It is just the beginning. Artists have yet to figure out the full potential and fathom the power of freedom. They know art fly with freedom. Freedom is the bedrock for providing the solid ground for growth of art. Art needs strong foundation. The solid foundation of imaginative creation… Along with creativity, interactivity is magical part of this platform. It has a multiplying affect. It is a fusion of different people’s thoughts and creates a diffusion of new set of ideas. Ideas are the ignition for change and growth of society.

The power to connect and interact.

The power to engage and exchange.

The power to share and care.

The power to meet and greet.

The real power to reach the world and breach the walls.

Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Blogosphere, Blogging, Creative Blogging, Creative, Democracy, Freedom

Creative Freedom Struggle

It is universal.

It is instant.

It is exponential.

It is the harbinger of change in society and the change in thinking and change in the outlook of the world.

The world is a virtual playground.

Content was in the hands of few. Content is king, and those few who ruled the creative kingdom. Content is the new currency in digital space. Bloggers create content and they manage content, content is in their disposal. They have now become indispensable. Content is no more in the limited hands of few rulers but in the hands of most netizens.

Blogging is changing the way content is created and disseminated.

Quality of content is what really matters. Quality content per se is changing the digital footprints. Virtual hand-prints are now eclipsing the counts of physical footprints in the endless seashores. Bloggers are playing their part in rapidly spreading the hand-prints not just the footprints in the ‘blogoshores’.

There is an underlying current, the phenomena of colossal social change. The phenomena of human connection, it is cutting across geography without any conventional barriers and without the need of physical presence. The phenomena of collaborating for a profound cause and change for good of humankind. The phenomena of convergence, no more it is limited to text only but the image, the voice, the video…multiple mode of communication is empowering the power of communication.

The phenomenon of blogging is not an invasion into our culture but an innovation that is re-defining the contours of our culture.

Fundamentally changing the way culture has been historically shaped and the way it has been shaping our life and living.

Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Blogosphere, Blogging, Creative Blogging, Creative, Democracy, Freedom

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The society is no more in mercy of few, forming the judgment and deciding the fate of rest. Blogging has not only redefined the rules of journalism but it has disrupted the business model and mode of doing business. Anybody can do business. Creative people always struggled to do business in the conventional mode. Capital is not the prerequisite. Physical infrastructure is no more the requirement. Unlimited virtual space has replaced the limited physical space. It is another form of virtual freedom, freeing the space limitation.

Blogging is igniting business growth for creative people.

Blogging is making our society more transparent.

Blogging is providing the equity and equilibrium.

Blogging is making the society more equal, it is virtually bridging the real divide… the divide between the rich and poor people, the divide between the developed and developing nations, the divide between the extrovert and introvert individuals, the divide between genders, the divide between the young and old, no more no such divide decides the status and the real status symbols have now shifted their base onto the virtual world.

Blogging has become the online record of people’s thoughts that was getting mostly lost in the space of informal thinking, the real world never had the place and space to capture those millions of ideas taking birth every moment and also getting buried the very next moments without much food for thoughts to germinate and grow. The place to plant ideas and nurturing those ideas was missing, blogging provided that space to nurture those millions of brilliant ideas.

Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Blogosphere, Blogging, Creative Blogging, Creative, Democracy, Freedom

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The real power of idea…

What does it really mean to creative people?

Blogging has finally ended the rule of dictatorship in real world and enabled the rule of democracy in the virtual space…liberation at last, the long freedom struggle for creative people is no longer a concern, and all concerned creative people have obtained the independence. It is time to celebrate the creative freedom…the real freedom though it is experienced in the virtual world.

The end of an era and the beginning of another, the era of blogging…