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“People ignite.”

“Places inspires.”

“Perspectives matters.”

Life is a wonderful blend of people we meet, places we visit and perspectives we develop.  These factors governs the way we live our life. Every time we meet someone inspiring, changes our thinking and changing our way of living. Every time we visit a new place we look at things differently and we take back that learning into our daily working. If we keep carrying the same perspective we will never see the beauty of world or would never be able to build our own world.

Many time we meet people on whom we have already formed our own opinions, these notions sets our look, not our outlook. There is a clear difference between look and outlook, it is not just the addition of prefix ‘out’. Looking only through those predefined lens, and we confine ourselves from capturing many fascinating facets and special moments of life. Once we wear those filters, our engagement becomes mechanical not emotional, the heart is not there to welcome heartily the person we keep meeting.

Meeting and parting is the way of life but parting and meeting is the wave of life.

We should learn to ride the wave, than we can explore the sea and see so many new things in life.

Blogging, Creative Writing, Writing, People, Places, Perspectives

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All of us are not fortunate to visit different parts of the world.

There are places which very few manage to go and such places are mesmerizing and mystical in nature, when we hear from the people visited and see through their captured cameras…we all yearn to visit those places but only few that we can manage to keep on our agenda. The list is long but life is short. Many things we need to see through other’s eyes and there are some we hear from them or there are many we read from the books. Some of the places are close to our heart and we make it a part of our must visit list and there are many we have no control which is part of the agenda, but destinations are defined in our destiny.

Blogging, Creative Writing, Writing, People, Places, Perspectives

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All of us are not fortunate to even meet few of the great people.

There are people who have made significant contributions to the society and who have changed the course of history. They were destined to make a huge difference in the life of others but that doesn’t happen without their determination, the dogged determination that they bring onto their purpose in life. Once we meet such great personalities we are all influenced though for some maybe momentarily and for others it lasts lifelong. All of us are good people but few become great and there are these few things so common but uncommon when it comes to consistency that it makes the big difference.

Blogging, Creative Writing, Writing, People, Places, Perspectives

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All of us are not fortunate to develop the right perspectives.

Perspectives really matters in life. In fact everything remaining same, person with right perspectives grow and become successful and experience happiness. If that is the case we should all be successful and happy, once we learn the art of building the right perspectives. And this is not an easy art to learn. The science behind this art is in whom we meet, how we meet, which places we visit and what we look at these places.  These are not the usual stuff, it has its unique way to tell us how we should living and what all we should be doing.

People we meet and place we visit is such an important aspect of our life, we take it lightly or leisurely… people we keep meeting and places we keep visiting, it becomes a routine and we stop hearing what others say and we stop seeing what to be seen. The best form of learning and life lessons are learned by engaging with people and exploring with places. Perspectives are instrumental in fostering innovation and nurturing creativity in our thinking. Working on our perspectives is always work-in-progress. How to create new perspectives and build on these perspectives to change our life and living.

Has it changed my perspectives?

Yes, it has.

People whom I met.

Places which I visited.

These all count. It won’t be appropriate to mention few names as many people I have met and have changed my life, and many places I visited, each places have something to new show and something different to say.

Everybody has a place to dwell and people to share, the convergence of different people and from different places is the crucible of change, change in our perspectives. New perspectives are the harbinger of happiness and joy of life.

We can change our life just by changing our perspective we carry on our life.