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Defining Deserts

Food is love, and there are the food lovers

Love for the fond of food.

Food is festival. It reflects a perfect fusion of culture and cuisines.

Food gets squeezed between the human need and the human greed.

Food is everything and food is not everywhere.

Food is fun when available in abundance. Food is scary when it is in scarcity.

Food is fad. The fad of dieting, the fade of going organic, food is after-all food and why again cook the already cooked food.

Food is basic necessity.

Though for many it remains the basic necessity but for many others it is a luxury. A distribution paradox. We all live. The plate is full for the rich and the same plate is empty for the poor. The spread is such that the rich just tastes and get their stomach filled and the poor keeps trying but is out of reach of even basic food.

Today, luxury is redefining the love for food…

It is not only about the taste but also about the texture of presentation. It is not only about the nutrition value but also about the number of items on the spread. It is not only about the content but also about the decor. It is not only about the price but also about the pride. It is not only about the present value but also about the past…the historical significance. It is just not about the quantity and quality of food but also about the aesthetic and aura around the spread. There is a story behind the origin of every cuisine and it is the story which evokes the emotions for the food lovers.

Food is not just about filling the stomach but about feeling the experience. The experience of touch and feel, the experience of smell and surge, the urge to gulp, the experience of visual delight, and the experience of observing and absorbing the surrounding. The ambiance augments the taste buds and the mind gravitates towards the romance of eating; after all, we all somewhere and somehow fall in love with eating.

Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Fond, Blogging, Creative Blogging, Food, Bond Creative

Bonding with Food

Food habits have a history.

Though each geography has their own set of cuisines. Food is largely about the place it originates, the culture and climate makes the composition of the cuisines diverse and delightful. Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Continental to Mughlai  have won the hearts of people just not belonging to the place of origin but people far and wide, it has broken the barriers of class, creed and colors. It has wide spread reach and richness, this is is not only in ingredients but also in the taste. Taste and smell have their own ways to evoke the memories and the moments of one’s engagement with food.

Food breaks barriers.

Food knows no boundaries and it has transcended geographical barriers. Today food is the epicenter where everything revolves from passion to fashion, from style to substance, from travel to photography, from careers to business, from war to peace, and from look to outlook. Food is under control when we are in the business of fashion of modeling. Food is the subject of photography. Food is what we explore to eat when we are on travel. It changes our look with healthy food and changes our outlook with the thought of experiencing with exotic food.

Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Fond, Blogging, Creative Blogging, Food, Bond Creative

Food on Move

Food is fun.

The thought going out for food outing is fun. We go out with friends and families and we have discussion while dissecting the ingredients cooked into the composition of cuisine. There is this taste and the talk. There is the bite and bit of everything in bitten piece stalked between the two jaws. It is gripping. It is the fun of food. Food is the pretext; fun is the real flavor of meeting of foodies.

Food is fast.

The fast food has changed the way we cook and choose our food. Time is running out fast, and we don’t want to spend time in cooking. Anger and hunger are fighting the battle to occupy the same space. The limited space in stomach and the unlimited place in the mind keep contesting and this is always a healthy contest. But getting the stuff ready to eat the moment we are hungry, never easy, and we just cannot wait. We have become restless and we have lost our reserve of patience in this fast paced world we are living.

Food is family.

The meeting of family takes place in the dinning table; it becomes the platform to cook stories while eating the cooked food. It is bonding time. We eat. We engage. We taste. We talk. We try. We fry. It is not in the kitchen but very much on the dinning table. These tables are just not the furniture. These tables are witness to the secrets of a family. Food is the appetizer to family talk. It is the platform for change and conversations. It is indeed bonding time.

Food is a powerful bonding tool; it builds on the relationships and makes it more meaningful. The simple act of meeting with friends on a dinner is just not about the food but about the bond we have built and want to further nurture the relations. Food bonding acts a strong means to make the threads of connection stronger. Food is bonding time. Eating is a social activity. It is a way to enhance the means of socializing while sampling the snacks. It is about sharing while eating and caring while cooking. It stimulates the senses both literally and figuratively. Food controls our figure. The taste buds are tested and the emotions bondage are tighten.

Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Fond, Blogging, Creative Blogging, Food, Bond Creative

Food Delight

Food fosters creativity.

Food feeds innovation.

How come food creates and innovates? An intriguing question.

But it does, and does so differently and very decisively.

Food is not only about eating but also about cooking. All of us don’t have the dexterity to cook and eat. We may be very good at eating but may not be good at all at cooking. It is an art to cook but is a science to eat, what to eat and what not to eat. Health has become the harbinger of eating habits. Habits of eating have changed radically and today fast food is what rule our roost. Fun of cooking has evaporated with the emerging of so many new options of eating outside and getting your food delivered at your doorstep. And we are opting out of cooking to cook other areas of interest in life, there is no reduction in the fun quotient only the flavor has changed.

Food is fun.

The real fun to engage and explore with foodies.

It is food time and indeed good times…the fun of eating and the flavor of chatting.