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We all look for a fascinating life.

I was thinking what could be a good combination to lead a fascinating life. It instantly stuck me. It has to be travelling, it has to be photography and it has to be writing. Though travelling provides all the ingredients to cook a good piece and capture a good photo…life is just not about exploration and it is also about expression. Travelling is an acceleration of life’s journey, and when we travel we clock and click…it makes life beautiful.

All travelers may not be photographers but all photographers have to be traveler, all travelers need not be writer but all writers need to travel to garner fodder to feed their writing hunger. Once we start enjoying to capture the beauty of nature and the places and the people, it fuels and fosters our wild imagination, and once the imagination is on fire, writing fly and the writer is on cloud nine. Such is the intriguing inter-play between these forces of creativity, forces of exploration and forces of visualization.

Creativity, Writing, Blogging, Creative Writing, Creative Bloggers, Blogging, Photography, Travelling

Eyes of Lens

The thought of seeing new places, meeting new people and knowing new culture and experiencing new customs is what drives a traveler.  The power of freedom. The force behind the traveler. Traveler goes crazy with thought of packing his bag, and setting on one more leg of journey. Every time he does, it is something new for him and he expects new things and never a traveler gets disappointed out of his travelling. There is always something to take back.

Every time a photographer venture’s into nature he has his plate full and he comes with beauty captured in his lens.

Writing is also about travelling in the world of imagination, and it is a different kind of travel; though there is no need for physical exercise but it calls for intense mental engagement. Photography is also about travelling in the world of visualization; yes it has large component of physical movement and many times the movement is far and wide to widen the lens. Whether travelling or writing or photographing, the lens becomes an integral part of life and only thing that changes is the size and shape of the lens.

Creativity, Writing, Blogging, Creative Writing, Creative Bloggers, Blogging, Photography, Travelling

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Travelling gives us pleasure, the pleasure to let go. Travelling gives us happiness, the sustainable happiness in little things of life. Travelling gives us the opportunity to understand other’s lives, and we gain a deeper appreciation of life and living, we start living our life better. Traveling expands our horizons of thinking, the dictionary of our vocabulary and gives our vocal chord the power to shout and announce to the world that we have arrived. Travelling is freedom.

Travelling is easier than we think, but it changes our thinking. If we are open to travelling it will open our eyes and open our doors to new way of living. Many times we don’t know ourselves, travelling is a wonderful way to learn about self. It is a journey of self-discovery, we should be ready for it, along with challenges comes huge opportunities to capitalize. You meet people, perhaps that would be first and last time, but the meeting has lasting impression on you.

It is just not a venture into nature but it is an adventure by itself.

If we climb a summit, cross a river barrier…it changes our perspective and it becomes the harbinger of new dimensions in our life. We don’t have to create stories it happens and we learn the art of telling those cool stories and we all become fascinating story-teller, writing comes naturally when mind is flooded with ideas and imagination is on fire. It just needs the ignition to start and if we are a writer it takes off, writer block then becomes a history and mystery of stories flows and flows flawless…

Creativity, Writing, Blogging, Creative Writing, Creative Bloggers, Blogging, Photography, Travelling

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Thinking out of box and pushing the envelope. Get a different angle. Make it your own experience, millions of visitors have visited the place, your experience is yours only. The experimentation with complementary colors and with analogous colors, life is an experience. There are these grounds literally; the foreground, the middle ground and the background, these planes provide depth to photography.

Lines and light both are vital to photography, though the light is visible but the invisible lines matters.

Though there is an objective design behind photography but what makes the difference is the subjective interpretation of the object. Frames are important in photography and re-framing the shoot redefines the positioning of the picture. Playing with the geometry is not restricted to schools or classroom, it is very much an outdoor engagement and a part of photo sessions, it makes the photos calculative for the viewers.

Travelling and photographing, it is time to make full use of the senses, under utilization any one sense can affect the art of photography plus the craft of cherishing the moments of travel. We all have our basic instincts and natural eye to capture the scene but the moment goes away the very next moment, but with the power of lens it is captured for posterity, we just need to keep capturing, cloud is the limit, the cloud storage and the distribution is no more a constraint.

It is not in music but in photography and in travelling we need to know how to mix up angle, color, light and mingle with people, places and perspectives. Photography is about the concept not just the content; it is about the subject not the object…visually showing a sense of place and different hues and colors of people and their way of life and living. The traditions, the culture…all there a part of the photo story.


Creativity, Writing, Blogging, Creative Writing, Creative Bloggers, Blogging, Photography, Travelling

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Writing is a beautiful process of self-discovery. Writing is not only about playing with thoughts but putting those emotions into action through words. Writer like a traveler is an explorer and like a photographer is a visualizer. Writer explores an idea and conceptualize a story. Once entered into the den of writing it is about explosion, it is about passion and it is about exhilaration.

Writers are intrinsically motivated and they need that space and seclusion to nurture their inner passion to project their composition.

Writer just doesn’t play with words but with colors and with places and with light and with people. The heart of the story lies in the character of the object or the subject driving the story. Both travelling and photography augments the imagination and always inspires the writer to write something different and better.

A perfect convergence of travelling, photography and writing, makes the journey of life simply fascinating…I have discovered the secret of leading my life of fascination but figuring out the way to organize and manage all three is an art by itself. I am still try to fathom the way out…never easy.