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Life has become busy.

It is an understatement.

We are, no more wise, we have become otherwise.

We wake up, quickly wrap up the morning chores, and rush to work. The firefighting starts and we all are under fire to perform. Next promotion, next hike, next rise, next job, only what’s next not what’s now…How is your company doing? What’s the quarter-on-quarter growth? What’s the year-on-year growth? Weekend parties…it is no more about food and fun, but more about auction of wealth.

Hmmm!!! Latest gadgets on display and assets on demand…the mobiles, the cars, the bikes, the penthouse, the foreign vacation, this pontification just doesn’t stop. An endless saga…

In case we are lucky to have weekends without parties, we cannot part, week days have sapped all our energies. Helplessly exhausted. Long hours of sleep, cut off from self. Lost in the week days and no drive left to search self, the lost self in the weekend.

It is not soul-searching but self-searching.

There is a difference, just not subtle but very substantive. Month end targets keeps us off from the house, we are on the run and by the time month ends, we are on to the next month, new targets are already set and awaiting to tighten our life. It is just not about one day, one week or the month, we all are caught in a vicious cycle and circle of life.

Creativity, Writing, Blogging, Slogging, Creative Writing, Creative Bloggers, Blogging and Slogging

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We don’t know where to start and where to stop. If we have started something we don’t stop and if we have stopped something we just don’t start.  It is like the Newton’s second law of motion, when in inertia, it remains in that state unless disturbed by a force to be in motion and once in motion, it keeps going.

We work to support our family. We work to see our family happy. We work to see our children get the best of both worlds. We work to make the world a better place. We work to help others. We work to earn money. We work to gain fame. We work to re-gain lost glory. Work is important but work at what cost and for whom. We work for others but what about for self.

How much work-life balance is important?

We are all constantly confronted with this question. Where are the answers? Answers are very much within us. But we have to stop and reflect to get the answer. We can get it, provided we have the time.

We all are running against the clock. It is crazy. Clock is there at one place silently watching our madness. We have stopped hearing the tick-tick sound of the clock and our own heart beats.

We all start complaining about the weather, the sun and the heat. The weather has changed, it is going from bad to worse. The heat is unbearable. The nature has changed. God save us. The setting has changed. We shout and we yell at the Almighty. Who says God doesn’t listen to our agony, he does and he in turn asks us to look inward and asks us what have you done.

We have stopped looking at the exploitation we do blindly. We have changed the setting of our nature by cutting trees and destroying forests, and we start questioning God, on the gift of nature. The moment we find little time from work, we only see the bad effects of the nature.

The nature of nature remains intact, the human nature has changed. We have stopped seeing our nature and started questioning the nature which nurtures us.


Creativity, Writing, Blogging, Slogging, Creative Writing, Creative Bloggers, Blogging and Slogging

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Blogging is about creation of ideas and meaningful conversations. Both just don’t come when we are slogging. It happens when we need a break. If we start blogging we will fall in love and start taking breaks. Break from slogging is good for all, individual, family and society at large.

Bloggers have not only changed themselves but have changed the opinions of people and views of countries. It is no more about the stratosphere and hemispheres it is also now about the blogosphere. It provides the space to create and communicate new ideas. It provides the place to engage and exchange newer perspectives. It provides the platform to play our own game and promote our own brand. It has no boundaries and we shouldn’t start drawing the lines and circles, and define the geometry of the space…it is dimensionless.

Less is indeed more in this space.

Say less but we can say on anything we like and it us upto the readers to like it or not. Converse more and criticize less. Define more and confine less.

It’s time.

We have to stop slogging and start blogging.

The question then is how much blogging and is blogging a panacea for all problem. Many may not agree. But I say, yes it is. It provides answers to many of the questions that has been raised and we have been searching for appropriate answers. Though there is no wrong and right answers to these philosophical questions. There are more than two hundred million bloggers and it is growing faster than any new economy company’s growth rate or the economic growth rate of any country.

There are figures and there are facts.

There are stats and there are maths.

These speaks volumes and we needn’t to further increase the volume to hear the sound of blogging. It is clear, it is present and it is not danger but these are the defining moments of human history.

Creativity, Writing, Blogging, Slogging, Creative Writing, Creative Bloggers, Blogging and Slogging

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Blogging is redefining our thinking and living. History has always been a witness to such momentous moments of change in our life, but this change is radical. Thinking has been the bedrock of societal transformation. The advent of blogging has advanced our ability to think big, think differently and act instantly and decisively.

We all have been looking for a meaningful purpose to life, creative and productive engagement out of the work space where we can work at our pace and have place to ourselves.

Indeed it is time to stop slogging and start blogging…