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Good Story, Beautiful Writing, Creative Writing, Writing, Art of Writing, Craft of Writing, Writing Craft, Creativity, Stories

Beautiful Writing is Refreshing

Is that a good story written using right choice of words makes the writing beautiful or is there an entirely different dimension to the beauty of writing that makes the writing beautiful?

There is no short answer to the long question.

It is so fascinating to read a good story written beautifully, not that we don’t enjoy reading a good story irrespective of how well it is written. For making good writing beautiful it is more than just the art we love but it is the craft that we keep learning.


Writing is a process of evolution and it is not an event of revolution…


Nothing can be more vital to writing than the “writing itself”, how much and how frequently we write, there is no right answer to writing but it is a wrong question to ask what is right to write. Everything can be written beautifully provided we have a good heart and we nurture a beautiful mind, and nurturing a mind needs good amount of reading. Not just reading but reading good quality writing.

It goes without saying that good writing to become beautiful needs good reading…and these diversity and depth of reading determines the extent of beauty we are able to achieve in our writing.

Good Story, Beautiful Writing, Creative Writing, Writing, Art of Writing, Craft of Writing, Writing Craft, Creativity, Stories

Beautiful part of Writing


The real beauty is in the skin of writing unlike the physical beauty which is perceived to be in the skin itself.


Writing is an instrument of freedom but ironically the freedom has some rules to follow and certain guidelines to followup our writing.

Who is to guide us in what rules to use and what rules to lose?

So, that we don’t get confined to the boundaries of rules but define new boundaries for extending the freedom of creativity through the wings of writing, then good writing graduates to great and it becomes beautiful.

Writing has an invisible personality just like the human being have a visible personality and beauty emanates from the personality much within and less from the imposing physical posture and positioning.


The extraneous factors of fat cluttering the writing should be cut to fit the outlook not just the look.


The fat in the body of writing to be pruned and the fitness of thought to be promoted…mental exercising of thoughts for exorcism of the bad from the good is essential.

Visual & Sound: affects & effects

The visual effects like the physical appearance matters and in the story it comes out in the “form of setting” and “characters that we create” makes the reader see the scenarios not the scene only.  The sound effects in writing is like the use of consonants and the vowels in the form of “Alliteration” and “Assonance”, the sound resonates and the echo it produces makes the readers listen to the music not hear the noise.


Good Story, Beautiful Writing, Creative Writing, Writing, Art of Writing, Craft of Writing, Writing Craft, Creativity, Stories

Writing is Hard Work


The colour matters in dress. The context matters in text.


Use & Misuse: words & sentences

Writing is beautiful when the choice of word is apt and appropriately used; it is just not about the richness of vocabulary but the right placement of words, the place where it belongs to. Thoughts wear the dress of words to show the world who they are and how they wanted to be seen to the world outside, wrong choice of word is like wearing the right dress in the wrong place.

Nothing wrong in a word but the context in the text and place in the sentences makes it incongruous. “Adjectives” and “Adverbs” are added on and not to ride at the cost of nouns and benefits of verbs, beautiful writing moderates the use of “ad” and encourages the addition of more action verbatim and proper pronoun.

I cannot ignore the other part and keep it apart in terms of what not to use and which words makes writing ugly, not to frequently use the cliches and the common words which takes the reader off the story, and onto a wrong track. Then reading the reader’s mind become unreadable, writing then becomes off track and reaching beautiful writing can remain just a pipe dream.

Dreams are good but it matters what time we dream. Dreaming while sleeping engages our subconscious mind and dreaming in the day, which we term daydreaming disengages our conscious mind from the reality, is a bad dream.


Writing to be beautiful the context matters as much as the text.


What do we do when we limit the usage of ‘adjectives’ and ‘adverbs’, how do we give our thoughts the right get-up and makeup, it is not easy to capture our imagination with limited words which has its own limitation…we have the choice of extended accessories just like the jewelry to look better through the appropriate usage of “Simile” and “Metaphors“, inducting the analogies into the sentence structure to enhance our ability to further ignite our imagination.

Choice & Combination: language & logic

The combination of ‘short’ and ‘long’ sentences. The choice of simple words to convey complex meaning. Then balancing the lyrical aspect of language to the logic. In using the language, these are a fusion of technique and experience. Just as technique in writing cannot produce beautiful writing, so is experience alone cannot create beautiful writing, the synchronization creates the harmony. The symphony is in the harmony of logic and the emotions…good writing becomes beautiful only when the conductor conducts the orchestra with perfection.

Good Story, Beautiful Writing, Creative Writing, Writing, Art of Writing, Craft of Writing, Writing Craft, Creativity, Stories

Writing is Beautiful

“Beautiful Writing” is like the beautiful flow of water in a rhythmic stream along side the beautiful valleys and hills which calms and creates that serenity and strikes that perfect connection between human and nature. The connection with reader matters. The lyrical nature of writing augments the beauty of writing, making writing beautiful and so how do we bring that prosaic in prose, it is perhaps best done with right participation and good practice of reading poetry.


Reading poetry plays an ideal role in making prose fiction writing beautifully poetic to the readers.


Writing by great authors like Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway to Mark Twain are great because they have the lethal combination of both the power of story and the profoundness of language, the art well crafted, the thought that is thought-provoking, they bring the insight not in our sight, the perfect blend of prose with poetry, the right fusion of facts with fiction and the fire to ignite the imagination and inspire the aspiration of readers…


Good writing becomes beautiful when writer reads the reader’s mind and writes from the heart…


Search & Research: bold & beautiful

I am on constant search for reading good writing that are beautiful and we all have created our own library of research in the memory bank, exploring that hidden treasure is not just exciting but a fascinating journey, I am yet to fathom hide out, looking for the treasure hunt. It would be wonderful to hear your side of story on what good writing means and how do we turn good writing beautiful. It would be an expansion of our horizon of  how we define good writing beautiful…we all can discover the path for going from “good to great”.

What are your thoughts on beautiful writing?