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Idea, Creativity, Writing, Nothing, Speed, Pace, Life, Race, Creative Writing, Writer’s Block, Doing Nothing, Idleness

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In today’s convention of how we live and the space we are operating, just being idle and doing nothing is instantly scoffed at and looked down with contempt.

We type very fast, fingers on the touch screen, we eat equally fast, fast foods and we forget things faster, memory is filled and we talk really very fast, we don’t converse; fast has overtaken us, and we are in the strong grip of doing everything and doing it really fast. Not doing anything or doing it slowly is perceived to be a crime and one gets immediately ostracized, space is definitely cluttered and the pace of doing things determines our space in life, we feel left out by doing nothing or by reducing the pace of doing what we are doing.

Pace has become the essence of life, and then comes what are we doing, how much we are doing is relevant and yes, our extent of engagement in what we are doing.

By doing nothing we foster creativity within us. May sound bit strange but it is true. It is just being in the state of idleness I am not talking of being motionless. It is absolutely contrary to our popular belief that creativity always needs a lot of working and lot of efforts that need to go in for producing a creative product. And the product could be anything. It is true but not always true. Whether for any artist, a writer, a musician or for a painter or a composer, the creative idea is not a mechanical exercise where we ignite the engine and the engine starts producing creative ideas and it starts keep flowing.

Most of the great ideas comes when we are on a vacation to when we are on a casual walk to when we are just daydreaming to when we are sitting on our armchair in our garden and just rollicking, I will be not be doing justice if I don’t mention our state of eureka moments when we are taking our shower or just sitting on the commode.

Idea, Creativity, Writing, Nothing, Speed, Pace, Life, Race, Creative Writing, Writer’s Block, Doing Nothing, Idleness

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It is emphasized that we have to read a lot and keep reading, we have to write a lot and keep writing to be a good writer, so is the case for a singer or a painter; I have no negation against this hypothesis. But behind all this is the power of idea and without the right idea, it becomes a wrong engagement. One has to follow this dictate of practice to be a good writer, but always following this creates what we call the writer’s block.

In today hectic pace of life it has become more intense and with increased periodicity. Every now and then we are getting trapped in the state of no good creative idea and we don’t know how to escape the block. There are many ways to overcome this state but the best way I have experienced is just by doing nothing, keep oneself absolutely free and fairly idle in thought.

After all the process of thinking needs periodical breaks to break away from the cacophony of thoughts our mind gets constantly subjected to.

We need to apply periodical break in our life and we need to slow down, we are all in the race, may not be in the rat race but the speed counts. No denying the fact that if we slow down, we may miss many opportunities that comes just being in the race. We are always concerned that what will happen if we shift gear and move away from the high-speed track.

On the contrary we can grab many new opportunities just being away from the race and decelerating and moving life on the slower track. Slowing down in everything we do plays a significant role in fostering our creativity and new ideas germinate when we are calm and composed, slow and subtle is many times more powerful than being strong and being in speed.

Just being purposeless, just be jobless, just be carefree, just forgetting the responsibilities and just doing nothing, sitting there idle and enjoying that state of being idle and doing nothing.

It is not meditation.

It is not contemplation.

It is not reflection.

It is also not deflection.

Then what is this state of being doing nothing. It is just being effortlessly disengaged from everything and being yourself. And it is not at all easy, perhaps one of the toughest tasks to do…just doing nothing. Unlike many other tasks it has no art and no science behind it, it is only our commonsense and being able to apply our sense unfortunately now-a-days it is becoming very uncommon.

Idea, Creativity, Writing, Nothing, Speed, Pace, Life, Race, Creative Writing, Writer’s Block, Doing Nothing, Idleness

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How to bring nothingness into our life, how to create space for doing nothing and I mean absolutely nothing. We are all trained and taught to do things and how to do things in a certain way that is defined and we thereby confine our thinking and the scope of generating new ideas, we have on the contrary train ourselves not do to what has been told to us and the way it has been taught to us.

Just do nothing and while it away the way we feel the time to be allowed to flow and flow freely without any working and thinking going behind it.

We derive pleasure and pride by stating we are busy and the week has been hectic, we should learn to say we were relatively free and week has been without much work and we are enjoying being doing nothing, sometime that should not be the case every time somebody asks us this question.

We should speak that being doing nothing with pride and joy…it will only nurture our nature for breeding creativity.