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Life is indeed very beautiful when we are in the state of romance, but that state changes with age and stage of our life. It’s the paradox of life. We say love is eternal but our external changes affecting this form of eternity. Love and romance are interchangeably used and intrinsically linked.

When we fall in love with our writing, we start romancing with our thoughts…

I have fallen in love with writing.

Though it is very well said; and it is out of wisdom that love cannot be explained and it can only be experienced. I experience my love by romancing with writing everyday. I am enjoying this state and I want that state to be eternal, but logic and history states otherwise. It cannot remain eternally in that state, it will undergo change and I have to admit and adapt to that change. I don’t want to take this change and I want to change this very change which is governing our past thinking that it is ephemeral not eternal.

Why should age decide or stage determine how we should romance?

Romance with self or with others need only to be governed by how we have nurtured our thoughts and how we have preserved our feelings. It should be immune to the vagaries of age and stage of life. But we start creating those artificial barriers with age, with different stage of life and specifically with gender. There are these whimsical dictates. We should not be freely engaging with romance when we reach a certain age, and we should cease to express at a certain stage of life as it appears incongruous. I am nobody to question the power of time. I am insignificant. Though time defies everything but in the disguise of limited time that is offered to us as our life we further restrict those beautiful moments of life by hibernating our romantic feelings, after a particular age and stage of life.

writing, creative writing, romancing with writing, love of writing, romance of writing, loving writing, romance & writing

Romancing with Writing

We look at love and romance in one-dimension.

Perhaps, herein we commit the mistake, I may say so it is a blunder. Love is omnipresent and romance is all-encompassing.

It is multi-dimensional.

It is universal.

Love and romance should be engaged and experienced in every age and stage of our life.

It’s only that we don’t know how to deal with it and how to engage with it emotionally and sustain the vital essence of romance in our love. And this love needs a right vehicle to action the romance and for me the vehicle comes in the form of writing.

I was staring at the stream of people walking past me. I was not looking at their look but at their outlook. I can see the pain in other’s eyes. I can see the love in other’s expression. I can see the self-imposed exile they have put on themselves with age. Age is just incidental and it should not be used as a pretext to contextualize our love and prune our romance with life.

How to break this self-imposed permanent moratorium?

writing, creative writing, romancing with writing, love of writing, romance of writing, loving writing, romance & writing

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I was searching for the means and “writing” has provided me the perfect means to reach my end goal of loving life and romancing my love forever. Only thing I need to do is keep writing and the creative engagement with self when I write it keeps me in that constant state of romance.

I’m loving the romance with my writing.

I cannot always break the convention. I may be branded a rebel. The society may scorn and scoff at me.True, provided I am doing with others. But the moment I do with myself, nobody can have an objection. To do so with self, we all need that partner to be compatible, compassionate and creatively engaging. For me my partner is the “writing”, it has provided everything that I need to experiment and explore the beauty of romance breaking the barriers and building new bridges of captivating dialogue with love of writing.

I just love it.

It is exciting and it is exhilarating.

I can express freely and engage fairly, and with whom so ever I would love to engage and exchange. The aspect in this engagement that only matters is whether our wavelength matches, and it has nothing to do with age, gender and what I am doing and how I am looking. It is the connection of thoughts and meeting of mind. To do so…

I eclipse everything else and keep the topic and thought between us the focus for fostering love and nurturing romance.

Writing provides me that wonderful space where I meet fantastic friends who think alike and it is the love for writing that engages us in such captivating conversation. It is the essence of life and love.This is nothing short of a brilliant idea, the thought of romancing with the very idea of writing. Though we all write and interact in the context of writing but we have our personality that speaks to each other behind this contextual interaction.

How on earth so many like minded and love-able persons would have engaged and conversed with each other without the means of writing and without being critically questioned?

writing, creative writing, romancing with writing, love of writing, romance of writing, loving writing, romance & writing

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Just take the writing out.

We are am rudderless, we get disconnected.

We need this vehicle of writing to romance our thought what we love.

It is our love for writing that brings us together and we all are immersed and glued when we start romancing with writing. We ignore the peripheral self-imposed reservation and restriction, and we start focusing on the core, the core idea of joy we derive in being in that state of love for writing.  It is about nurturing that love through the romantic conversation on topics we love to exchange our thoughts and experience our feelings.

We are breaking the self-imposed barriers, and it is the potent power of writing that is bringing that down and taking up the romance of love to newer heights.

I am trying to change that state, to make romance eternal.

I may not succeed, but the attempt I am making is what I love doing it.

I just am loving the state of romancing with my writing.