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Writing is a much deeper connection than what we think so…

It is no doubt an art but this art is not limited to just human expression, it is a wholesome engagement with imagination, it is a dialogue with language, it is romance with emotion, it is a connection with cognition. It defines our inspiration and it refines our aspirations. An engagement which becomes the harbinger of many aspects of philosophy to multiple angles of physiology to diverse facets of psychology of life, these can only be encapsulated in the form of spiritualism.

“This may sound catharsis.”

“This may appear confounding.”

But both the sound and the appearance is deceptive, writing just don’t denotes art but it connotes more than art and conjures the soul and connects the mind with heart, an harmony and a synchronization of highest order…it is spiritualism of different kind.

Writing is not about mere putting words to our thoughts, it is about putting the right combination of words which can cozily talk to each and can cherish staying together as neighbor. Unless these words love to co-exist and enjoy each other companion, these will fight like cocks and bulls, and we will only hear noise not music with the arrangement of wrong set of words into sentences.

We keep searching for the right words and we keep shuffling and shuttling between choices of words till we hear the right tone and see the temperament of words matching. It is just not about knowing the language but knowing how the language can be applied more meaningfully, and how to master the art of aesthetically connecting the language and the painting the power of thoughts.

Writing, Creating Writing, Spiritualism, Writing & Spiritualism, Mind, Thinking, Translation

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Writing is not just about the right choice and combination of words, it is much beyond the game of playing with words; it is about the understanding and the appreciation of emotions. Words without the embedded emotions is merely a combination of letters, but when the words are soaked and served with right doze of emotional flavour, it ignites and stimulates our senses and makes us feel joyous, agonized, cheerful, painful and lovable.

How can we bring life into words, sentences and make language alive?

Herein lies the art of writing beyond the art, it is not just the answer of sense and sensibilities but it is also the question of pride and prejudice.

Experiencing emotion is one thing and expressing emotion using language is another thing, but unless the experience converges with expression, the writing then becomes mere cooking without the spices.

Bland food for thought!

Writing is about the translation of thoughts into language, we understand the language we want our thoughts to be expressed. We all have expertise in one or the other language and predominately it is our mother-tongue that defines our thinking, we generally think in our mother-tongue and then express in a language invariably that we have fallen in love, and it could be any language. Most of us think in our mother-tongue which may not be universal thereby limiting our story to reach larger and wider audiences, we all want to break that barrier and this calls for an appropriate translation of our thoughts written in a local language into a universal language.

Therein lies a big opportunity in translating the story into a universal language. But the bigger challenge is in the hands of the translator. The difference is not in the choice of word but discovering what went behind those words and what was the thinking of the author behind choosing only such words, it may appear simple but there is that subtle meaning hidden behind those words unknown to the translator, unless the translator interacts with the author or applies his mind, the secrets remains hidden and the meaning word conveys can turn out to be meaningless.

Writing, Creating Writing, Spiritualism, Writing & Spiritualism, Mind, Thinking, Translation

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It is the context behind the text.

It is the outlook behind the look.

It is reading of mind behind the thoughts…just not the thoughts but the time when the thoughts was put to words, how was the society moving and what was the thinking driving the people around that time…all counts. But never easy to count unlike the mathematical numbers, it is after all the language.

Writing is working in our sub-conscious mind, and is not easy to work in that space, it needs a different tuning of mind and turning of thoughts to tune that mind. Writing is deeper and goes deep in our thinking; we keep pushing many of vital observations and critical analysis into our sub-conscious mind. It is the store-house of ideas and many times we don’t know how to deal with this stuff, lying dormant in our sub-conscious mind, how to activate and how to engage that stuff substantially in our working. Being connected with our sub-conscious mind is a journey towards spiritualism.

Writing swiftly paves that path for us to reach the state of real spiritualism…

We all strive for learning the art of living.

We look for attaining spiritualism.

Writing is just not the ‘course’ but it the ‘recourse’ we all can resort to attaining spiritualism…