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Blogging is a thinking job.

It appears to be an ordinary job, but it needs extraordinary efforts to create and build a castle in the blogosphere. There are many houses but there few castles.

It won’t be far fetched to state that next generation will have many more great thinkers as blogosphere have nurtured great bloggers.

Great thinkers can definitely become great bloggers.

The idea of blogging itself is transformative. It has revolutionized the very idea of writing, publishing and connecting with readers. The glass ceiling is broken between the reader and the writer.

This artificial barrier by publishers had kept the reader and writer apart for long, pretty long to make them think that they are two different species. The food for thoughts for both is different and they should stay separately and can meet only when the place and the time is provisioned by the publishers. It was few and far between.

Barriers are now broken and boundaries are transcended.

Blogging is about ideas. It is about creating new concepts. It is about building new perspectives. It is about breaking new grounds. It is about scaling new heights. Yes, it is an avocation but cannot be taken as a vacation from serious business.

It is serious stuff.

Lot of thinking goes before a post takes a shape. Posting is just a click away but putting the stuff in the post is hard thinking. Thinking needs space and place to germinate and nurture an idea. Ideas are the bedrock of great blogging. Topic could be anything but the treatment of the topic cannot be cosmetic in nature but it has to have surgery with clinical precision. It is not easy to get the PhD in blogging without serious practice and without striving for excellence. Like any other profession, this passion of blogging needs profound thinking.

Thinking is not a child’s play but we have to provoke the child within to be creative.

Creativity comes with curiosity.

Curiosity drives self-discovery.

As a blogger we have to keep activating our level of curiosity. To be curious we have to keep observing, keep reading, keep questioning and keep analyzing.

How do we become great blogger?

Frankly speaking, I have no idea.

The only idea I have is that we need to become great thinkers. And thinking is never easy. To become great thinker is definitely tougher. If it would have been easy everybody would have been great thinkers. Not that everybody cannot be great thinkers, yes, every one of us can be. But it needs focus and deep concentration. It needs dogged persuasion and persistence. Very much like the physical body, the mind needs the training and the grooming to be fit for constructive and creative thinking.

Thinking, Blogging, Great Bloggers, Great Thinkers, Writing, Creative Writing, Blogging and Thinking

Art of Working the Thinking

We all want to inspire others and get inspired.

There are these questions which need serious answers.

How to convert our experiences into experiments?

How to convert stones into milestones?

How to converts thoughts into thought-provoking ideas?

In the end it revolves around the premise of ideation. Blogging is ideation. Brain storming to normalization of thoughts to formation of ideas into stories is a process, and to achieve perfection in this process, it needs practice. More practice. The practice of thinking…

Great bloggers constantly think about what the reader is thinking.

How to add a new dimension to reader’s thinking.

How to multiply to the list of ideas the reader possess.

It is not about the mathematics of addition and multiplication but also about the subtraction and division. The moment the blogger feels his/her idea is depleting with sharing, the plot is lost. It is not about money honey. It is about idea and ideation. By changing hands a dollar remains a dollar, the value doesn’t change. But exchanging ideas both minds gets new ideas. It adds and it multiplies.

It is not about the power but is about the empowerment and it comes with sharing of thoughts and exchanging of ideas.

Conversations can continue only when there is real stuff in the topic. Trying to allure readers with a topping of good title cannot be enduring. Endurance comes with building stamina and strength of muscles. It is hard work. Engagement with readers comes with building stuff and substance, style matters but it can take so far not farther. It has to be top quality. There are millions of blogs and there are hundreds of common title and even same topic which has been dealt. The treatment can be different but does it have the tenacity to test the taste buds of readers. Its a million dollar question, and why not, when millions of blogs are surfing the blogosphere.

Thought it is about the connection but it is equally also about the differentiation.

How to differentiate?

How to stand out?

How to be a great blogger?

There is no proven formula. There is no easy route. There is no simple solution. There are theories and there is thesis. There are actual facts and there empirical evidences. There is prognosis and there is diagnosis.

In all one thing is certain, and to get to know the unknown, to explore the unexplored and to explain the inexplicable, and to expand and establish in the blogosphere…it is about the quality and quantum of thinking that we bring to action. Our actions are a by-product of our thinking.

Good thinking leads to good action, and great thinking leads to great blogging. The journey from good to great is in our thinking…

Thinking, Blogging, Great Bloggers, Great Thinkers, Writing, Creative Writing, Blogging and Thinking

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