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In the day, the moment I’m into office, the right is left behind and the left takes over the functioning of the brain. But, when I’m back home, the right is back once again in full action.

It sounds cryptic. Isn’t it?

But it isn’t.

It is a classical debate, whether it is scientific fact or just an intellectual fiction. I am not sure.

The enigma continues with me…

Being an IT entrepreneur I keep dabbling with technology (cloud, mobility, analytics) talking to programmers, interacting with project managers, working with system analyst and dissecting the technology conundrums. There are these functional features in the application…the integration testing, the bugs, the architecture design, the user interfaces…This is complex and trying to build models, algorithms and checking the logical outputs and assessing the business outcomes.

geek, techie, computer, software, technology, writing, creativity, creative writing, passion, profession

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In the day, here with my team I address the real life problem.

The coding of activities organizes the functions and provides a structured approach to solve the problems. This is what I like to do for my earning. The efficiency of doing it and the effectiveness that matters…and we all need money to meet our need and yes, our want has no end.

Here comes the desire and there comes the passion. We need to control our desire and expand our passion.

But the moment I enter my house in the evening, the office problem is left behind in the office, and officially; I can switch my brain to do what I love to do…put my right brain to its full functioning. The passion takes over the profession. It is time to explore. It is time to expand. It is indeed time to enjoy. Not that in the morning I don’t explore newer possibility to solve real life problem or enjoy doing my work. I do.

But when I enter my world of artistic imagination, it is sneakily fascinating and it is spiritually enthralling. Playing with words, just like the game of scrabble where every move and every word counts. And not being confined by the boundaries and the constraints that make it more exciting.

In the day, there are rules and there are conventions and these keeps me grounded and limit my imagination beyond a point. But when in night I am in my zone, without the boundaries and restriction to my thoughts, I go crazy, I even go berserk…I allow my emotions to take new flights and go new heights.

geek, techie, computer, software, technology, writing, creativity, creative writing, passion, profession

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Initially, it was tough to balance the two sides of the brain, making one part more active in the morning and allowing the other to take part more aggressively in the night, this was not easy. During the day, I have to keep destroying the myths and assumptions in solving real life problems. There are better ways to solve our daily life problems and this is possible only when we demolish these age-old assumptions and mundane practices that keep us from doing things differently and creatively. The technology, yes, the software application does change the way we manage our daily tasks and it increases the productivity and enhances the effectiveness of our working.

Working on problems to writing on passion, the duality of role is doubling challenging, but there is a mystical fun in this challenge.

It keeps testing me.

It keeps shifting my bar.

It keeps questioning my assumptions.

It keeps contesting my premise of thinking.

This tussle of thoughts keeps expanding with each such encounter, sometime fun, sometime frustrating and many times the anticipation is what keeps it exciting, and the synergistic engagement of left and the right keeps improving. Compression (yes pressure) in the day, and expression (not depression) in the night… you are right, the solutions to problems are compressed in the algorithms and coding, and sensitivity of our senses is expressed in our words and wisdom.

These are complementary in nature, but it takes time to sync, and it happens only when once these are well harmonized. Indeed, in synchronization, we see the latent potential emerge. No doubt, there is a limitation in our logical thinking and the solutions to our real life problem are many times discovered in our intuitive thinking. The empirical data exists; many scientific inventions have been preceded by intuitive and creative thinking.

geek, techie, computer, software, technology, writing, creativity, creative writing, passion, profession

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The active use of right brain in the night supports the activation of left brain usage in the day. It is not easy to shuffle between the left and the right. It is not easy to shift from hard-core technology, to soft and subtle stuff of creative writing. Switching from being a techie in the day to a geek in the night…it has now become a habit for me, whether it is good or bad, I really don’t know but if you ask me the question, am I enjoying this shifting of roles at a particular stage when the earth reaches in its movement around the sun?

It appears cryptic, it isn’t, and it is just about day and night.

I am a techie in day and a geek in the night…

We all play multiple roles and I would love to hear how you manage such switching of roles between what we like to do for our profession to what we love to do for our passion…if both matches we are blessed.