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Writing, Writing is Lonely, Writing is Passion, Pursuit of Passion, Creative Writing, Writing is Solitude, What is Writing

what is writing

Is it that when we are lonely we write or when we write we become lonely, there is a percentage of share, may not be in equal proportion for each part (lonely and lovely) and we cannot keep it apart. Writing by nature is a lonely profession. It takes months and years to produce a piece of good novel and during these time we cannot afford to spend much time with others nor do we like others to disturb or distract us in our work.

Is isolation a necessity for pursuing our passion for writing?

And by doing so are we restraining our natural instincts to be social.

When we read a good novel we go through a vivid description of the scenes in the story and we get immersed in the plot, sub-plots and enjoy the flow, the form of storytelling but rarely do we realize that the writer has gone through months and years of lonely journey to give to the world a lovely gift.


The hypothesis…

The corollary to this hypothesis is that writers are lonely and only lonely personality are good writers is erroneous, hence those who are lonely and live a life of isolation and solitude become good writers stands no ground in this rational argument. Though many writers are introvert but by being introvert you cannot be a good writer, there is no such evidence to support this theory.

How to balance a perfect symphony (even close to perfection can do) between the lonely pursuit and the lovely passion?  Since good writing is a pursuit for perfection and it has an innate passion for excellence. This balancing act is perhaps the most mystical dilemma as a writer we keep confronting but cannot resolve the riddle of mysticism (lonely vs. lovely)…

“Writing is rooted in mysticism of loneliness and loveliness.”


Writing, Writing is Lonely, Writing is Passion, Pursuit of Passion, Creative Writing, Writing is Solitude, What is Writing

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The romance…

But writing cannot be a mere mechanical endeavor; it has to have the passion to power the engine of creativity. Writing is embedded with our passion. The moment it is about passion, it has to have the element of romance. There is that hidden mysticism. If writing is a passion and then where is the elusive romance? If writing is a lonely journey then with whom is the writer romancing. The romance is with those beautiful thoughts and it is in the world of imagination. The inspiration resides in the delivery of the conceived thought.

The product of writing cannot emit beauty without the encounter of romance.


The appointment…

How to keep an appointment with our writing i.e. with solitude? We just cannot land randomly and expect the thought to serve us. The thought to service our writing needs prior and proper appointment with time.

Is it the early morning or the dead silence of night that matters for our writing?

Like all art forms, writing also needs that space for self to dwell and develop that creative idea which otherwise keeps swinging in our cerebral zone. The space to self is vital to the birth of something new and something uniquely different. This rendezvous with self is the mysteries which even the writer cannot explain once the appointment is over. There is something mystical takes over us and we start organizing the bricks of thoughts in a manner that builds the words into a structure to tell a story. No writer can take you back through the process how he managed to weave the words into a beautiful story, and there are neither such formula nor any standard path which one can just follow and reach the destination of solace in writing. This appointment is different.

Is it isolation?

It cannot be taught.

Though it can be analyzed and experienced but cannot be defined or confined to some standard pattern or specific method.


Writing, Writing is Lonely, Writing is Passion, Pursuit of Passion, Creative Writing, Writing is Solitude, What is Writing

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The randomness…

Writing is not a chance encounter and we try few times and we succeed. The process is a systematic encounter but the outcome is a random product. We don’t know how the product will come out unless we go through the process and it is not fixed, it keeps changing randomly.

There is that randomness in the isolation of writing, and it is not the same every time.

These are like those random numbers which we get when we press a button in a random number machine generated, how it comes nobody can predict and every time a new number comes. Every time you write something you don’t know how it is going to come out and you are tentative but your thoughts are tantalizing, the quest and the question; can I produce something better than what I have done in my previous piece.

Is this randomness a function of our state of solitude?

I have always been a victim of this uncertainty and relative comparison. The constant comparison restricts us to break from the past and look afresh into the future.


The engagement…

Is loneliness an exclusive domain of writing? Definitely not… It is there with us all the time and in every sphere of our life. May not be overtly and obviously not always visible…

We may be in a gathering but we may not like the crowd and we want that space for ourselves, this is no difference being feeling lonely though not visible here. When we are suffering or in depression, the experience is no difference from being lonely. When you are not doing well in your job, you are lonely, when you are not happy in your marriage, you are lonely and when you grow old and nobody stays with you are alone…but being lonely in writing is a conscious engagement with self.

And this engagement is with self and you are romancing with your thoughts. If it is just a mental engagement like a physical engagement without love and romance, the journey is devoid of any pure joy. It is then indeed a lonely pursuit without any meaningful purpose.


Writing, Writing is Lonely, Writing is Passion, Pursuit of Passion, Creative Writing, Writing is Solitude, What is Writing

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The paradox…

We are by nature social animals and how do we then change our inherent nature to suit our internal pursuit of writing that is lonely, though certainly, I agree it is lovely passion we possess. Controlling the thoughts and anchoring the action for something which is natural is never a good proposition, it goes with the saying that anything that we resist keeps persisting.

How to align with this dichotomy?

It is a conflict of interest and a thought, we like to break the isolation but at the same time area of interest of writing needs a different orientation.

The writer lives in two worlds, a world of thought and imagination, and the outside real world where we all live. He cannot pursue his work living in the real world, he has to migrate and explore the world of imagination and visualization of thoughts. The world of imagination is where the passion takes us and wants to live there forever, but pragmatism drives us back to the real world we have to live our life…

Writing is indeed a beautiful passion, perhaps best experienced in seclusion.