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Magical Moment – Photographer’s Delight

Images evoke our emotions. We need words to express it.

It happens so many times. Expression gets strangulated in the absence of right word.

When words are not sufficient, it is images that come to the rescue.

Images and words combine well to weave a good story. Choice of word is important. Choice of images matters. Every picture tells a tale. It is for us to read a picture. In fact picture captures a piece of history. The various moments in our life is recorded in our memory. But memory is ephemeral. These moments keeps fading with time but a picture attempts to protect that erosion of memory.

The art of photography intermittently adds fresh lease of life to the art of writingif practiced with passion.  

Writing, Creative Writing, Photography, Images & Words, Creativity, Writing & Photography

Flowery Pattern – Beholder of Beauty

With the total shift from analog to digital, photography has today become a child’s play, and we can keep playing with images. The wait (to get the photo) is vanished and the output is instant. There is no limitation in the number of shots one can take; one can keep the fingers exercising incessantly…without losing our focus. The more we use our lens to see the world, the more we keep understating the things around us better…our observations heightens with photography.

It is indeed very exciting to capture a rare moment…a piece of history in our lens.

Who doesn’t want their lens to be the sole witness?

We keep travelling and we keep trying our hands, the options and the occasions keep unfolding. We have to keep looking around. We have to keep clicking. It is so easy. It is digital. The more we explore, the more we unravel newer dimensions of nature. Writing needs inspiration and needs insights to expand our thoughts, every picture tells a story. The more we capture the world around and the more we build our repository of imagination…after all beautiful images invoke inspiration.

Photography is about composition and structuring…the subject, the surrounding and the combination. It is about dabbling with colours and lights. Writing is not different. It is also about the composition and structuring…the thoughts, the words and the flow.

What would be writing without the colours of life and lights of living?

Writing, Creative Writing, Photography, Images & Words, Creativity, Writing & Photography

Delicate Balance of Words & Images

Darkness affects both photography and writing. Darkness represents depression…neither good for photography nor for writing. Brightness represents happiness. Our writing gets lightened up with state of happiness. If we are happy, we write better. We all get into what we call as writer’s block, I think it is a myth…there is nothing called a writer’s block, it is an opportunity to shift gear or change the lens. As a writer we cannot use the same lens for long and expect our creative juice flowing. It needs refill and it needs recharge…we don’t realize that we have exhausted the fuel of one source; it is time to move to other sources and allow the depleted sources to get refilled…shifting and shuffling is the antidote. Photography is an excellent source to engineer our creative thinking. We need not be a master; the amateur cap is enough to augment our creative faculties.

Images can only evoke but cannot express.

We need the help of words to give wings to the expression of our emotions. Without the right emotions, any written piece will find it tough to get connected with the readers. Writing is ‘feelings and thoughts’ working in tandem, creating a symphony that should be music to ears of readers. Just the thought maybe a brilliant idea but without the emotions of love, fear, joy…it is bland food for thought.

Writing, Creative Writing, Photography, Images & Words, Creativity, Writing & Photography

Nature’s Focus – Click the Lens

You can write a story by looking at few pictures, if we face something as writer’s block just keep taking new pictures and scan the old pictures that you have taken…it disappears just like the way darkness does with the onset of sunrise. Only clouds may play hide and seek but nothing can stop the sun to shine and darkness disappears. The moment we sit with our families and friends and look at those old photos taken together we recollect so many lovely moments, we recollect, we resonate…all these feeds and fits well to our story-line. These are with different emotions, and these emotions are special (particularly so) being with people so close to our heart.

When these lovely thoughts and intense emotions are given the ‘wings of words’, it keep flying and it does provide credence to our writing.

Writing with honesty and writing with humour simply adds to the power of good writing (good writing is subjective). However wonderful a writing maybe if it is devoid of honesty it will always lack the zing and bang to make it a great piece. Photographer cannot capture those rare and special moments just by randomly clicking, it needs commitment and it needs dedication. Writing without the pictures may not have the ability to communicate the story in full. Hence with right picture, it magnifies and the story gets the amplification and it elevates to build a perfect connection with ardent readers.

I have personally experienced how my writing gets to see so many different dimensions when I start using my lens more often for fun. Photography energies me and this vibrancy of engagement copiously reflects in my writing. My writing in its own way represents my love for photography, though I have just started climbing the ladder of imaging, and in its initial journey I have fallen many times and yet to get the right grip to click the perfect shot…the aperture, the ISO and the shutter speed (are a juggernaut), yet to get the right combination but the journey has been more exciting than reaching the destination.

Writing, Creative Writing, Photography, Images & Words, Creativity, Writing & Photography

Equal delight for writer & photographer

My destination here is not to be professional photographer (though I have valid reasons)…many great discovery and innovations in this world have happened in the hands of amateur players.

I love to remain an ‘amateur photographer’ and power the passion for writing which is the purpose of my life.

Each one of us loves to capture that perfect picture and preserve those special moments for posterity…and for that we needn’t be a professional photographer. Each one of us want to tell our side of the story and each story is different and nobody can tell the way we can and so why shouldn’t we put our own signature…and we needn’t be a writer.

A photographer can be a lovely writer and a writer with photography cap can tell a story better with use of right images rather than waiting for the right words to match the thought…words have limitation and images breaks that barrier of human communication.

Photography empowers writing.

Words and images are the yin-yang of good writing.