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Is Imagination different from reality?

Or is it an innocuous mirage or a mirror reflection of our reality?


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I was just imagining what would be the world look like without the power of imagination (is it our extended real world or a totally different new world). Nevertheless, we all just love to live more in our imaginative world than in the real world. Though, we keep redefining our real world images through our imaginative lens.

Imaginationis literally about making of images, the mental images that turns into real world artifacts and newer perspectives of life.

There are two different areas of brain, one that processes our senses and the other that just imagines. Imagination is beyond our senses and hence it is called the six senses. With the advancement of neuroscience we have started understanding it much better…we constantly use imagination to change our reality.

Imagination is more important than knowledgeAlbert Einstein


Who else can be better than Albert Einstein (artist-scientist-visualizer-philosopher) to signify and exemplify the power of the word? Knowledge and imagination play with each other and it is a fascination to watch, and this absorbing interplay forms the basis of creations in this world. But with virtual reality and augmented reality, knowledge is the doctor and imagination is becoming the casualty…in this virtual world a new symbiotic relationship is evolving where we have drastically reduced our visit to the world of imagination and significantly increased our visit to the virtual reality.

Imagination is used to obtain more knowledge (the seeker) and imagination is the constant provider (the feeder) to our creative thinking…food for thought.

Imagination enables us to experience reality and these virtual realities are turning those imaginations into reality…a real life experience in the virtual world.

Imagination is not a substitute to reality but it is the reality in the mind

Imagination is the means of deep insight and sympathy, the power to conceive and express images removed from normal objective realityWilliam Wordsworth

Imagination gives us opportunity to develop our (feelings of empathy) and fathom the (depth of compassion)… in fact it reshape our perceptions and re-frames our perspectives.

When we see a thing in front of us and we are deeply involved in the observation, we literally activate those very cells in the brain. This we would have otherwise used if we would have actually done it in reality. Imagination is not always devoid of reality…both are intertwined and are complex but that’s how it depicts the complexity of life in a simple way.

Imagination is the living power and prime agent of all human perceptionSamuel Taylor Coleridge

If we can use our imagination to visualize our problems differently we can always discover solutions that can change the way problems have been solved and define newer ways to solve it better… it rather becomes the foundation for more creativity and more innovation.

Perceptions and imagination have a subtle but a very strong relationship, how we perceive the real world gets influenced by the way we imagine, perception is the process of observation through our senses and it differs with the ability and development of our senses.

Creativity is more than mere imagination. It is imagination inseparably coupled with both intent and effortAlex Osborn

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you willGeorge Bernard Shaw

Creative imagination is the gateways to infinite exploration of hidden treasures, unraveling these treasures are always an immense pleasure. The possibilities, we say, are impossible to imagine, in fact by stating that we question the potency of imagination. Creative imaginations are our greatest gift of god.

Creativity ignites with imagination and takes off with inspiration. Knowledge feeds to our imagination & vice-versa, and on translation of imagination into reality it gets articulated as our knowledge. Creativity, imagination and knowledge are all intriguingly inter-dependent. This dependency is the confluence point where new thoughts germinates, starts developing into ideas and finally gets fully nurtured into real products…

The world is but a canvas to the imaginationHenry David Thoreau

Imagination provides us the freedom to do anything…just anything, and something we get so obsessed that with time and action it turns into reality and reality many times are derivatives of imagination.

It is indeed a canvas and each of us can be a painter and put our own set of colours to our thoughts and vast experiences of life into a beautiful painting…

Impossibility is only the figment of an insufficient imaginationPhil Duncun

Is imagination has any limitations and is there a limit to imagine? As imagination is function of experience and exposure, and also that of our education. No doubt that these all adds to the fertile ground of our imagination but at the same time it can create magic without any of these, there are people who are devoid of these opportunities but have created wonders just out of their sheer power of imagination.

Are imagination an illusion and is it elusive…it is not an illusion but it can be elusive if we don’t know how to tap it and use it.

Science does not know its debt to imaginationRalph Waldo Emerson

Clairvoyance is clear seeing and seeing things through the mind’s eye. It is the power of vivid visualization and exercising our muscles of imagination. Imagination is clairvoyance and clairvoyance comes out of imagination. Being a clairvoyant we can see things differently in a different world and it can be a metaphor to the situation.

Metaphors as they say are the language of imagination. It combines multiple views and perspectives and creates new ways of expression and extending the power of communication…the more we use metaphors the better we can be in expressing complex ideas and thoughts.

Imagination is the eye of the soulJoseph Joubert

It is so interesting to know how we have used our imagination to change our reality and we all have our own fascinating stories to share…

 What are those stories of imagination which we have turned into our reality?


: Imagination, Knowledge, Knowledge & Imagination, Clairvoyance, Imagination & Creativity, Imagination & Inspiration, Metaphors, Innovation, Images, Reality

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