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Writing, creative writing, joy of writing, purpose of writing, writing and living, life without writing

Joy of Writing

The other day, I was sitting with a group of friends who are professionals and are very successful…we were chatting with cup of coffees and it was a casual discourse.

The aroma was strong.

It started with a question, which they posed to me.

It turned out to be an argument but ended with an agreement.

Here is it is how it unfolded…

We don’t see you now-a-days.

Me, yes you…

You are spending so much time but not with us. What the hell are you getting out of it?

We think, you are just wasting your time…they yelled.

In what? I asked.

What else, the so-called “Writing”, you keep doing and which keep you away from us…Oh I see.

I presume they didn’t see (or didn’t want to see) any value in what I was doing?

They had their reference, and they stood firm on their referendum.

Their yardstick was ‘wealth’ not ‘wisdom’(rightly for them) and things that are ‘tangible’ not ‘intangibles’.

They were right, perfectly in their means of assessment. For them success matters, they only measured it in monetary term…that’s it, no other barometer made any sense to them. They were deeply drawn and immersed in the power of currency.

I was not making any money from the investment of time (into writing). It was not fetching any tangible dividend. And it’s been long…they had a point.

So, you guys want to know why I am still investing in an activity called “Writing” without any tangible return…I was little firm in my response.

I said; by the way guys, there are also returns that come in the form of intangibles (mental peace, love, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction…). There are many of these intangibles in our life which just cannot be caged.These are free birds and cannot be measured in tangible.

In fact, in life intangibles are more valuables than the tangible. It all depends on, how we look at it.

Writing, creative writing, joy of writing, purpose of writing, writing and living, life without writing

Love of Writing

We accept your argument but please let us know; how can you eat without having money, can you live in a house without having money, and can you travel in a car without having money (barrage of questions)???

They were aggressive. I didn’t want to counter that.

I said I agree. I was soft.

They became little calm (I suppose I satisfied their ego). I paused for a while, it was a deliberate ploy. And it worked.

Okay then guys one question from my side.

We are ready.

Guys, can you lead a life without a purpose?

Why we require to have a purpose in life?

We have money…

We all have money to do what we want to do, they said…pretty good, I replied.

Are you happy, yes we are and we are enjoying our life, I asked; can you synthesize these subtle feelings into some substantiate yields?

They were about to reply.

I said hold on guys, take a deep breath and pause for a while and just ponder for few minutes on the same question.

A question that is best answered if we try to live a life without any purpose. I don’t think any of you guys are living a life without any purpose…we don’t know what you are saying.

We are clear in what we are doing in our life. But if you can throw some light, that would be wonderful.

I think I know you guys well. I can try…I quizzed.

Go ahead…they said.

“Michael you are a successful investment banker, made your mark and you are now making lots of money”…you are right said Michael.

“Joseph you are an entrepreneur and you have built a successful Company in the field of Information Technology”…I agree said Joseph.

“Sylvan you have made your mark in the field of fashion designing and your range of brands selling like hot cakes in the market”…I too agree.

“David you are a top sports coach in your field and your coaching academy has successfully spotted and promoted the talents”…I cannot deny what you said.

We all have different purposes in life.

Now guys tell me; can you live a life without these purposes (stated/unstated), not at all, they said it in a chorus. It was loud and of course very clear.

We will be restless, we will feel helpless and we become rudderless and we all need radar to guide us into our future.

There are others who writes for a living…I interjected.

Oh! Yeah, there are few of them…they retorted.

Writing, creative writing, joy of writing, purpose of writing, writing and living, life without writing

Journey of Writing

We write, because it helps us to discover ourselves.

We write, because it helps us to satisfy our egos (all of us has it but we all deny it), but we all have the urge and desire to do something different and leave a mark in our life.

Writing provides that space to create something unique, nobody else can write the same story what you can write, and your own unique experiences and special observations, and the power of imagination that’s only yours.

For me “Writingis the purpose.

For me, I write just for the joy of writing.

I don’t have to pontificate it nor I have to camouflage it, it is there and I don’t want to test it or hide it or show it or justify it. I love the way it is with me and I want to let it live the way it wants to live with me, I don’t want to put any chain or anchor to its movement with me. I allow it to enjoy the liberty it shares with me, the conversions it has with me, the faith it has reposed on me…I am eternally indebted to the value and meaning it has given to my life. For me it is priceless and I just cannot measure it but I just treasure it, and it is best presented and understood in its intangible form.

Yes, the value of writing is intangible and I write not for any other reason but just for the joy of writing and that’s my choice and that’s a pleasure nobody can take away from me, nor any argument can defeat the purpose I have chosen for my life.

They were all hearing in silence.

They were all convinced. They felt it was time to break the silence.

Time to acknowledge, the argument ended and they agreed.

You are right. What we are doing is doing for our living only. Not living to do what we all exactly wanted it to be…that was lost somewhere in the grind of life.

It’s time to reflect.

We don’t have anything more to say or argue on why you write…they said and they said it pretty unanimously.

Yes, we all want to do something in our life just for the ‘sheer joy of doing it’, there needn’t be any justification but just gratification no attitude but just gratitude, nothing to do with our profession just for our passion.

It’s my life.

It’s my passion.

It is my purpose.

And it’s me and my writing…

The joy is boundless.

Writing gives me that boundless joy.

I write just for the joy of writing.

And I shall continue to do so…