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Serendipity in Serenity

Serendipity…is a pleasant surprise, who doesn’t like it.

We all do.

It was coined by Horace Walpole in 1754. In those days discoveries were primarily out of accidents and sagacity. History matters.

Not a new word.

But not an easy word to pronounce…it twists my tongue and the head generally goes for a tailspin…but I keep using it, since I love it.

Just by pronouncing the word…”Serendipity”, the sound rings the mysterious bells in my imagination and the silent surrounding inspires me.

Life is not easy either. Even for a moment we are pleasantly surprise, we live that moment. Life is not always in months and years. It is many times are in the moments. The moment matters.

A little detour…something different.

I say it happens by design not by default. There is a pattern. There is a method in this madness. The method is in its randomness. Not getting tied to a pattern.

Changing the way we do things. Just going for a morning walk which we did long back, observing the breakfast which we rarely do or taking a different route or mode of transport to office.

We generally defer…it’s a change. Any change we resist.

The more we resist, the more it persists. I have always tried to embrace change, so that I don’t fall into the cycle of frequent resistance. It is not a favorable condition for ushering serendipity.

Spontaneity is a friend of serendipity.

Inviting an old friend for a dinner, making a new friend who you happen to meet at the airport, going for a drive with the family to visiting a place of worship or a museum which is close by but you have been trapped in the prison of procrastination.

Procrastination is an enemy of serendipity.

Any delay in anything in life is not a good idea. We miss that precious time forever. Good decisions would have fetched prosperity. Bad decisions would have lessened the impact by not cramping ourselves to the corner. A quick decision is a fuel for fostering serendipity.

The question does arise whether serendipity happens by providence.

All things in life need not be planned nor need all be subject to critical scrutiny. We can leave some things to our providence.

Creativity, Serendipity, Writing, Blogging

Serendipity in Quotes

Does diverse passion stimulate serendipity?

I feel it does. And it does so with vigor.

Love for art and it could be any form… from music to painting to photography to writing. One should embrace the passion in its multiple manifestations…by visiting an art gallery, checking out the landscape photographs in display, going to a classical music concerts or for that matter watching a theater play. This space is a fertile ground for fostering serendipity. You never know where and when it happens.

Creativity is factor of serendipity.

This aesthetics space for artistic display of creativity, it triggers a stimuli and augments our senses. When we visit more such less visited places, we slowly but certainly realize what all we have missed in life. How our different senses wakes up by going to such places and programs, otherwise our senses are dull and sleeping silently is some corner…it is a crime against creativity.

Senses are God’s best gifts to us.

Nature’s beauty will elude us if we allow our senses become sterile. We do so very often. Theses senses connect us to the present. If either we live in past or in future, we then disengage our senses from present. It creates disillusionment and constant dismay. Senses need rest but it cannot be rested without proper use…under utilization of senses is reducing the probability of facing serendipity.

How often do we go out in the night?

Little late in the night, to listen to the silence of night… yes, you are hearing the right words, silence and listen.

How often do we go out to a garden?

With the objective to feast our nose with the aroma of beautiful flowers and gives the eyes the space to absorb the soothing colour and the vibrancy of the surrounding embraced by the nature.

Serendipity is bundled with beauty.

We need to have eye for such fascinating beauty…

If we keep experimenting in life and keep experiencing different things in life, we may not always discover happy moments but we will certainly explore newer ways of learning and expand our world of knowledge.

The word “Serendipity” is difficult to pronounce but easy to practice…

We don’t lose anything by trying out something new.