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I had never thought with the convergence of digital technology with traditional writing…called as “blogging” can infuse such radical change in me, change in general, I have been resisting and the more I resisted, the more it persisted.

There was no difference in my resistance.

I resisted for long to join the platform.

I was just simply ignoring its innate transforming influence, and maybe, I was reluctant to migrate from the conventional mode of writing which I was so deeply embedded. My thinking was confined to the boundary of convention.


The Metamorphosis

Writing is itself a self-transforming process.

Interestingly, the process is going through a transformation. And it is not a simple transformation. I was unable to fathom the degree of transformation until I related it to story of metamorphosis.

In fact today writing has undergone a metamorphosis, even though not as terrifying as depicted by Franz Kafka in Metamorphosis…I have been writing and doing so pretty long out of passion not out of compulsion.

It is by nature an isolated and insulating process.

I have many times got lost in this creative process, and the nature of insulation from interaction with readers has never augmented the depreciating motivation.

As any other writer, I keep looking for appreciation from all my valued readers, notwithstanding, the fact that I also equally look forward to critical and constructive feedback. The fuel to churning the creative juice within and the taste resides only with meaningful engagement with enlightened readers…both the positive and the negative.


Extend the Expression

As a writer I was lost in thinking, and I was frantically looking for an outlet to extend the expression, the expression which was limited to me, and I was not getting enough space to engage with the outside world.

The print space was limited.

The interaction was not diverse.

I had to squeeze, I had to sneak, and I had to swim through the clutter and the commotion to get a little space to raise my head loaded with beautiful thoughts…there is beauty in writing.

It was never a head start, it was a start which needed push and constant thrust to get going and get its rightful place in the print space. The conventional places were not supporting this creative space to grow and flourish the way I wanted it to be.

I did discover the extension in expression through blogging.


Writing, Blogging, Thinking, Blogging on Thinking, Thinking on Blogging, Blogging & Thinking, Writing & Blogging

Magic and Blogging

Magic and Blogging

A magic carpet, also called a flying carpet, is a legendary carpet that can be used to transport humans who are on it instantaneously or quickly to their destination. Till yesterday I was also living in that legendary world.

I had never fathomed the immense potential hidden under the digital carpet.

Though the digital carpet is nothing short of the magical carpet, the flying magical carpet we hear and visualize in our stories of mythology and the legends I keep hearing. Blogging reflects those magical carpets, sitting on my cushion and by transmitting my thoughts through the fingers onto the keyboards, I have provided the thoughts to fly across the globe and it couldn’t happened unless there is a magical carpet navigating those flying maneuvers.

It is indeed magic of science.


Writing, Blogging, Thinking, Blogging on Thinking, Thinking on Blogging, Blogging & Thinking, Writing & Blogging

Buffet and Blogging

Buffet and Blogging

I had never known what all things it will bring onto my plate as I started scanning the buffet of blogging…it was alluring to look at the array of spread, the tempting display of colours of writing and combination of readers.

I started with the soup. It was clear.

My first post, though incidental not accidental.

It was a promotion to my book launch.

Though I was never as hungry for blog writing, than as, I was when I ventured into this multiplying platform. Yes, it has a multiplying affect.  I had my assumptions and misgivings what this platform promises to be, though the platter on the platform was very exciting to see, visual delights are many times invisibly deceptive.   I was skeptical about the taste, though it was setting new trends in the virtual space…

Since a buffet involves diners serving themselves, it has in the past been considered an informal form of dining, less formal than table service, so has been blogging in the space of writing.


Writing, Blogging, Thinking, Blogging on Thinking, Thinking on Blogging, Blogging & Thinking, Writing & Blogging

Marriage and Blogging

Marriage and Blogging

I was relentlessly in search for a medium to get engaged, just not engagement but meaningfully engaged…my thoughts had undergone a catharsis (purification and purgation of emotions—especially pity and fear—through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration).

It needed a vehicle to put my purpose of thought on order which was steadily drifting towards state of disorder and I was hunting for that medium, the hunt was getting frantic and I was fortunate to have encountered this space and the encounter has been amazingly fascinating and I fell in love the moment I started the engagement…the marriage was inevitable.

Today, I am happily married to blogging.

Like all marriage there are troubles and there are ups and downs in the relationship, and my marriage to blogging has been a roller coaster ride though the marriage has not faced the rocky terrain as it happens to so many where the emotions are not in control and motion of emotion has been let loose.


Change in Thinking

It was not that I didn’t try out other means to make myself convinced that this is the best thing that could have happened to me. I tried the spiritual route, I tried out the vacation route, I tried the exploring route, I tried out the photography route, I tried the route to playing in ground but the ground that stood my test was that of blogging…

Life has changed for me, and has changed forever in my way of thinking and living and I had my answers to all my questions…

What is it for me?

Why this platform?

Is this space suffices my unlimited need of my thinking?

It has alleviated my thinking.

It has expanded my imagination.

It has connected me beyond my geography.

It has disciplined me, which I thought I was good at when I was in school and lost it shoddily when I graduated from college and joined the corporate bandwagon.

I am back to my original way of thinking…