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Walking, Wondering, Writing, WoW, Wondering while Walking, Walking & Wondering, Writing after Wondering


Walking engineer’s the chemistry in our body…


This biology of body then emancipates the mind from the commotion, the mind is subjected to on account of the daily grind. We perpetually wonder on everything in our life from a sweet short sojourn to structured long journey…the past, the present, the future, the good, the bad, the joy, the sorrow…we contest, we confirm, we accept and we reject the multiple thoughts that keep germinating in our mind.

We come back from a stroll and walk our thoughts into some intriguing stories through our writing. This cycle of walking, wondering and writing is a wonderful cadence of life…this cyclical motion of movement and the mirror reflection; it has the most reassuring effect on our psychic power.  This rhythm like any good things of life does need reliability and reasonable practice to perform this cycle of magical resonance.

All of us do walk, we wonder and we also write, then what is the difference in this cycle. The difference is in the connect and the composition, and the process of doing it consciously and doing it so conscientiously.


Normally we walk out of compulsion not out of choice.

We wonder only when we are in pain or in complete peace with ourselves and we write if we are passionate about writing, otherwise writing is left to wander around. Walking anywhere cannot serve the purpose, wondering without any topic or for that matter writing without purpose is a meaningless endeavor. It needs a proper plan for when and how much to walk, what to reflect during the walk and what to write after the planned walk.


Walking, Wondering, Writing, WoW, Wondering while Walking, Walking & Wondering, Writing after Wondering



The walk is the foundation of life.

As a baby, we bring lots of joy to our parent with our first walk. Walk therefore is the defining moment of life’s journey. A morning walk in the park or leisure walk in the lawn is rejuvenating and revitalizing process of life. Life and walk are soul mates, soul-searching of life is in walking, and walking by the side of the nature and nurturing the soul makes the soul seek its salvation. Regular walk gives longevity to life.

Good walk is a measure of good health. Healthy body works on supporting a healthy mind, mind in a state of proper balance and control then the mind can think wisely and think creatively. A proper walk is fertile feeder to good thinking…we should keep walking and keeping wondering. Writing flows out of the thinking and thinking is all about living…how can that be, a good question, but is there a life without thinking.

Does it need an answer, isn’t the answer obvious and all-encompassing.

Wondering is natural to thinking. As we think and we think deep and differently, we reflect and we echo on many aspects of life.


What is life?

A philosophical reflection… What we want out of life?


Success, Happiness, Peace, Power…could be anything; it’s a vast and infinite space from basic need to broad desire.

Wondering is a desirable phenomenon for discovering life’s nuggets of wonders we observe on our daily small stroll to periodical long distance.

The fairness of life to equity of distribution to equality in living to our living standard to career to marriage to family to friendship…everything we reflect to realize that is how life is all about. It cannot be defined in boundaries of our imagination; imagination is a small subset of our life’s unresolved equations. These equations are just not complex but it has been beyond the comprehensibility of scientific community and spiritual proponents.

Writing is one aspect of living that crystallizes our thinking and controls our thought from going haywire and anchors us to the soul of our life. Writing is not a mere mechanical process of putting finger on the keyboard or putting the pen to craft on the paper, it is real crafty art of weaving the words into beautiful sentences and meaningful paragraphs through reflection, selection and deflection of reality…

Writing is though subtle at one level but the connection is pretty strong at another level with nature between the heart and mind, mind cannot deliver an inspiring piece without the hearty support of the heart. Though subtle but it is certain that without a collaborative effort from both, the creative piece cannot be a masterpiece or in the form of a book, the writing cannot be a blockbuster in its publication to the world.

The perceptible nature of reality or the perception of the reality…are the defining ends of the reality spectrum…we toss our mind from one end to the other end to realize that both end tends towards infinity.


Walking, Wondering, Writing, WoW, Wondering while Walking, Walking & Wondering, Writing after Wondering



Writing is infinite imagination.

Wondering is infinite exploration.

Walking is infinite discovery.


Walking through the memory lanes… Wondering on the aspects of life… Writing on the facets of love…

Each has a beautiful tale to tell but when all three combine to work in tandem, a symphony is created, music is composed and story is narrated which on hearing we all utter the word “wow”…perhaps to weave a word that best represent their combined prowess and a profound feeling of harmony of their expression.

 What is the “WOW” factor in our life?