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Writer, Writing, World without Writers, Living without Writing, Writer’s World, Imagining Life without Writing

Writer’s World

Can I imagine?

I had to pause. I started pondering.

The question…how this world would look like without writers and how would living be without writing.

It appeared bizarre. It sounded hypothetical.

I thought let me assume it as a hypothesis. Having an affiliation for science. I thought why not do an experimentation to discovery some empirical data to validate the unimaginable hypothesis. All proposition needs assumptions. Assumptions are anyway loaded with certain uncertain conditions. It is factorial of many factors…in fact it is wheels with wheels.

Albeit, this very thought borders in the realm of crazy imagination, very few try to conceive this kind of thoughts. A thought of heighten imagination.

Why waste energy and time on something which has zero Return on Investment (ROI). Being an entrepreneur, I knew, it is definitely a very risky proposition to venture with zero ROI.

Anyway, I am inherently little weird in my thinking…I don’t agree though my close circle confides me with this very thought. This arbitrary tendency of fiddling with absurdity, subtly but certainly exist in me is what is said by my close aids, though I contest this allegation…they have succeeded, it almost mirrors the high and low tide cycle of turbulent wave on full moon day.

Writer, Writing, World without Writers, Living without Writing, Writer’s World, Imagining Life without Writing

Imagination & Writing

Without writing, I would have spent more time on reading…a statement of obvious paradox. How I would have done justice to reading when I am giving a good-bye to writing. Yes, there are so many of us who vehemently dislike writing but passionately like reading. I am confusing myself again. I am merely talking of writing. The world without writers and life without writing.

Without writing, I would have spent more time on outdoor activities…physical fitness which has been taking a back seat in this envious tussle between the mental exercise and the physical exercise. Instead of getting cornered in a corner of my house which has been my preferred space to contemplate, muse and use it for writing. I would have engaged more with the outdoor activities rather getting entertained with the indoor activities.

Without writing, I would have spent more time on exploring the world, the beautiful world around me…so much to see and so much do. I have a small span to spend in for this big world I live in. World is outside not inside which as writer I try to spend more time inside. There is a joy of watching people and wandering in places outside the four walls of the house…I have realized that travelling is what teaches me more than any other means of learning.


Writer, Writing, World without Writers, Living without Writing, Writer’s World, Imagining Life without Writing

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But writing is what engineers my mind. The depth of thinking deepens and the breadth of thinking widens with writing. The mind which keeps wandering away gets an anchor with writing.

The mind is like an engine on start, if I don’t use it, the fuel gets consumed but not get used.

Similarly, the mind when on, it keeps producing thoughts and when in motion it is difficult to differentiate the idea which is good from which is not, hence it needs a mechanism to record it to be revisited later. Like wine so many ideas when reflected back later turns out to be goldmine.

Writing is construction. Writing is flow. Writing is energy. Writing is inspiration. Writing is emotion…these are unadorned statements. How do we judge a writing? The best judge is being a reader. When I read a good piece of writing, I am moved, I get activated, I am excited, I am happy and I sometime become sad. Such is the intrinsic power of writing…hidden, unknown and unnoticed. My emotions are governed through my writing.

I take it for granted. I overlook.

I undermine the true essence and the meaning of being a writer and being engaged in writing.

Writing is perhaps the most compelling form of communication. Though the loud sound of speaking dwarf its potency. Speaking has an instant influence but writing has a lasting impact.

How many speeches can we recollect?

How many books can we remember?

The answer actually lies in these answers. The closest form that can reflect the true meaning of our thinking is writing…and it is transparent and transcends barriers of boundaries.

Human interaction is the real essence of societal existence and extension of humanity. Writing is umbilical cord between one generation to the other generation where knowledge get transferred as treasure otherwise it would have got lost in the process of transmission.

I cease to imagine. The world just cannot be without the writers and I simply cannot live without writing.

World is a better place because of the writers and writing has  changed the way world look at itself.