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Touch & Feel of Writing

As with the advent of idiot box (television), sound box (radio) disappeared into the distant horizon, we see more and hear lessan irony of observation. Our senses are undergoing a radical change of sensing things and the degree of usage of each sense.

Utility of our senses are vital to the quality of thoughts in our writing.

So, has been the case of conventional reading of physical books and literary style of writing, traditional writers have gone into hibernation. “Writers” have become an endangered species in the real world, as the world has expanded beyond its own space and have entered in the cyber space.


The classics vs. the contemporary conundrum of writing…


It did take some time, but there has been a reincarnation of writers in the cyber space as “BLOGGERS”…the new species have rampantly mushroomed across the length and breadth of the web world. These species believe in production of shorter version of literature and in frequent reproduction. As the piece get produced and published to the public, their life get extended with instant communication in the form of comments and the piece gets its personality developed with constant engagement.

Every writer has a personality and it gets manifested though their writing and contemporary writing gives more significance to peppy and chirpy personality, quick and instant nature drives the new writing style.

Writing, Writers, Blogging, Bloggers, Literary Style, Blogging vs. Writing, Reincarnation in Writing, Revolution in Writing

Break away from Writing


The static vs. the dynamic personality of writing…


Writing style has faced a tsunami of new thoughts which is challenging the conventional  foundation and fundamentals of writing as an art form…the science of internet technology has strongly invaded into the conventional literary den and redefining the way we write and we express our thoughts.

The language we use and the logic being applied to justify the usage is very intriguing and unquestionably unconventional. But it is a reality though in the virtual world, it has become dynamic and science is playing with the artistic personality of the art of writing.


The art vs. the science behind the writing…


Existing traditional writers are resisting the change, they are right in their proposition, but there are few out of them who are making an attempt to rediscovering themselves and adapting to these new form and style. There are complete new breed of writers who had always found it difficult to adapt to the conventional literary style of writing are suddenly discovering their writing through blogging.

Blogging as publishing and collaborating platform is changing the relationship between the writers and the readers, the science is breaking the boundaries and bringing both onto the same space plus enabling fellow writers to freely exchange their opinions and also views with established or budding writers…no hierarchy.

Writing, Writers, Blogging, Bloggers, Literary Style, Blogging vs. Writing, Reincarnation in Writing, Revolution in Writing

Keying the Writing


The purist vs. the radical style of writing…


Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, can begin a new life in a new body. This doctrine is a central tenet of the Indian religions…”Writers” have taken reincarnation as “Bloggers”.

Blogging as a medium is liberating many writers who were not able to find a place in publishing their thoughts and connect with their potential readers. The conventional medium was acting as a filter and a controller for who all needs to be given that space and how to be given, so many were inside the closet.

The boundary between the purist and radical is now blurred and a new zone of convergence of diverse thoughts is underway…everything evolves in life, and writing is no exception and today it is undergoing that evolution or we many say it as the beginning of another revolution…