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Constancy in the law of nature and inconsistency in the law of governance…

~ Nihar Pradhan


Law of Nature, Law of Governance, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Law of Gravity, Law of Relativity

God vs. Man – The Law

We are governed by laws of nature and laws of governance; the fundamental difference is later changes with time and the former remains constant.

An idea, that irrespective of space and time,  “laws of nature” are universal in nature and remains uniform across galaxies.

Taking the example of the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second, remains same whether the source is the man-made bulb or the god made sun.

Yes, one can argue that the “law of gravity” by Isaac Newton is not the same when we land in moon; we float as the law is not applicable in the same degree as on earth.

The “law of relativity” that mass equivalence of energy by Albert Einstein is equally fascinating but whether it holds good in the outer space is a question yet to be answered.

Newton’s law of universal gravitation is about the universality of gravity and Einstein’s law of relativity is about the relative relationship between space and time.

Law of nature has been mathematically qualified and quantified. We are dead sure about its occurrence and its definitive consequences, and we act accordingly and our behaviors are governed by the defined laws of nature.

Unlike, the law of governance which attempts to bring equanimity in justice and parity in judgment to the inhabitants of a given society gets tested and evolves with experience and exposure.

Law of nature designed by God has depth in its structure and breadth in its execution whereas the law of governance designed by Man always has a structural deficiency and lacks the breath to encompass the multiple scenarios…perhaps to qualify our belief that God does exists in the forces of nature.


The quintessential question why the laws of nature remains constant whereas the laws of governance changes with time and place?