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Working, Writing, Working & Writing, Passion, Profession

Writing while Working

Can we be a full-fledged writer while working or  these two engagement of working and writing just cannot co-existence, and it is an either or situation.

Though it is neither a rule nor an exception; it can go hand-in-hand provided we have our mind and heart aligned between our profession and passion. Aligning mind and heart for a common cause is a passionately challenging profession.

Writing indeed is a passion and not necessarily can always be our profession, and mostly our profession is different from the passion.

This is the million dollar dilemma we are in.

So, do we wait to finish our professional career to start our career based on our passion or plunge into it without much thinking?

A deep-driven thought we relentlessly ponder with but predominantly being a non-workable model, this proposition primarily stands self defeated. We resist ourselves from doing so and envy others doing the same, an uncanny irony we are riddled with.

Life has limited resources and once age catches up and time goes by we may not have the fervor and proclivity to exercise our thinking for the passion. The idea steadily but certainly dwindles with passage of time and the inspiration or the motivation to write gets re-written.

I would state that this hypothesis “writing while working not possible” is a myth and the following assumptions goes against the proposition that writing cannot go with working;

Working, Writing, Working & Writing, Passion, Profession

Writing is a Passion


Writing can and should go with working

  1. Writing while working is better proposition as it gives wider exposure and better opportunity to obtain newer ideas and new dimensions.
  1. Constant writing is sometime deeply isolated process and becomes acutely monotonous; working breaks that pattern of drudgery.
  1. Writing is not always sufficient to make your both ends meet; it needs additional sources to supplement our income.
  1. Working is a fulfilling experience, it activates us, it energies us, it engages us, it organizes us and it is what works on our thinking.
  1. Working is the essence of our existence, quality work builds on us, and it drives us and draws us into qualitative frame of mind.