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Little ways to change our Life

Fall in Love with Life

Life is about the Moment

Live Life with full of Life

Stop worrying and Start loving


Life gets tag boring if we look through the prism of daily routines…but routines are something we simply cannot escape, it is like gravity which keeps us grounded and we are sounded of the ground reality. For instance, mere getting up in the morning and making ourselves ready for the day is non-negotiable though our mind attempts to negotiate everyday and especially on holidays and weekends. We manage to defer it and that too briefly but cannot dictate our terms on it.

At the same time we need to take a break and we cannot keep doing the same thing at the same place and at the same time…change is inevitable. If we do so, our plane is grounded forever. And if we do for longer time than we get into state of depression and the aspiration goes for on a recession.  In the extreme eventuality we get locked to the ground we can never lift ourselves to do things which are ground breaking, though a paradox, being in the ground we are not able to break the ground rules and which otherwise can make us fly, and we can swiftly take off to new horizons of life.


Life is the act of crafting the balance of passion with our profession…


Life is also not only about the job and work, it is equally also about the joy and the play, balancing the job and the joy, aligning the work and the play is essential to our healthy life and happy living. Job we do is not always the one we love to do it, still we need to love till we get the job we love…life not necessarily always but rarely unfold the way we want it to be, but it definitely follows, the path it wants to chart it course for the betterment of humankind and most of the time we are sheer spectators to the spectacle of life.

We may crib, we may cry, we may resist and we may desist but we have to embrace the changes of life the way it confronts our existence. It is the foundation to our strong belief system, which gives the relief to relive our life. The passion has to wait till our profession or the occupation reaches a stage to garner enough resources to affect the role change over. Few of us are lucky to have got the established link from the beginning wherein our profession is what our passion needs; though very few and far between, we have few fortunate mortals in this selected space…


Life suffers from SAS i.e. a Stage and Age Syndrome…


We all suffer from this syndrome but we all grumble when others do so. At a particular age and at a particular stage of our life we all behave in a certain fashion and it has nothing to do with our passion, it perhaps “our immaturity” the way others who have gone through and done it, attribute it to. Maturity is an intricate combination of our experience, exposure and education and engagement. This is perhaps one simple way of expounding and encompassing the complex process of reaching the stage of maturity at a particular age… this syndrome is a mere coinage and not a psychological condition qualified by medical establishment.

Life is dynamic and it is in a constant state of churning and changing…the moment life is injected into our body, we are on the bicycle which we have to keep riding, the moment we keep the feet off the pedal and the cycle gradually stops moving, our fall is certain and nothing can stop us from falling, even though the break is a transitory relief and a safety measure to sustain the long journey, and we continue on our pursuit of life and move on & on in life. We have to keep riding our aspirations and driving our inner soul to search newer avenues for growth and venues worth living and loving.


Be happy and don’t worry… happiness is mandatory and worry is optional.

Both are a state of mind, and life is lovely we have the choice to choose unlike the life itself.

Life is not about worrying on small things which keeps coming and will do so till we are alive, so why worry for things which we can cannot avoid and ignore. It is always better to face it and factor it in, as a way, of our life and take it with certain sense and sensibility, and handle it with pride and without prejudices. Little problems are part of any starting venture whether in personal life or in professional business, then why keep countering and compounding not keep deducting and simplifying it.


An idea can change our life…start with a small thing.



Life, Idea, Idea can Change, Life & Change, Idea and Change

An Idea can Change Life