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The science and art behind blogging…


Blogging is now both a science and an art, one need to be scientifically artistic…the science of studying the human behavior and human psychology, and the art for skillful expression and prolific engagement. There is a method in the madness we ostensibly see when we surf and swim the blogosphere, the pattern of human interaction and the idea generation has a subtle but strong correlation. It is increasingly getting established through the scientific analysis of blogging data points; the output of blogging is an artistic display of human dexterity.


The Timing: It Matters

The post gets more shares on weekend than on week days, the science behind the human usage behavior. The share also gets more spikes in the early morning and again picks up late in the night.


Is blogging an event or an expedition?


It is not an event wherein you produce one post or few more post and then the event gets over, it is a marathon journey, if we are serious in the business of blogging though it is largely an avocation and events are incidental. The event of posting hundred posts to reaching thousand likes to thousand followers are millstones of the blogging journey and we feel elated with smaller achievements and we all, in our own way celebrate the event. We must bear in mind that eventually the event is setting new milestones to be achieved; it is not the end but beginning of another end.


The Dates: It is Important

The reader looks at the dates in the post and if you have been irregular and then there is big gap between posts then the reader is off the hook.


Blog, Blogging, Science of Blog, Art of Blogging, Blogging Process, Creative Blogging, Blogging Journey

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It organizes the disorganized thoughts…


In this journey we are most likely to clog if we don’t slog, slogging here doesn’t mean to hit left and right and get into an abrasive aggression and then fall. But it needs to be in absolute control of the execution of our designed plan. The plan is essential. If we fail to plan we are then definitely planning to fail. The process of blogging organizes the random thoughts and ensures a smooth flow of thoughts; it is not a random process though the thoughts that come to our mind may be random and sometime radical in nature. We need to nurture those random thoughts and make it structurally rational and emotionally meaningful for the readers.


The Thoughts: It is Vital

The heart of the matter is the art in the thought that can make the blog fly but if the thought is puerile it will certainly fail to take off.


Blogging is about liking not disliking…


As the voyage is elongated we are most likely to clog though blogging is all about liking and not disliking. That is a small part of the journey though it is significant in nature, categorically it is more about the churning of thoughts, one has to keep generating newer ideas, otherwise we get stuck and our engine that drives the vehicle of blogging get chocked. We need a gentle push though many times we push hard to start the engine and as it does so happens in the cold weather, mind is also subjected to the seasonal bouts and the mood is also governed by the extent of engagement and exchanges we have with the surrounding we are subjected to.


The Fire: Needs the Fuel

The blogging engine is on fire provided there is a constant supply of fuel, the gasoline that ignites with new idea.


The hardware and software of mind’s operating system…


Though our mind is not mechanical in design and it doesn’t need physical maintenance in its true sense but as it is in the cognitive process of creation it does need mental stimulation and spiritual conservation.  It is better to log off when we are clogging as our brain hardware needs service to engage with the mind’s software to function, functioning is always a function of maintenance and extent of movements. It is critical to function, if we keep on the software without maintaining the hardware or keep on the hardware without updating the software, the system will malfunction.


The System: Needs the Check

The blogging platform which we keep using and many times over use can break if not given a break to reflect and re-charge.


Blog, Blogging, Science of Blog, Art of Blogging, Blogging Process, Creative Blogging, Blogging Journey

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The motions and the emotions involved in blogging…


Blogging is not about the mechanical process of writing but it is equally about the emotional process of getting connected which needs be constantly nurtured. It needs energy to engineer the biological structure to align, and to deliver the thoughts in accordance with the internal taste and external trends. Sensing and responding is critical and the dynamic character is essential for making it exciting and setting the tone and tenure for exploring the unexplored. Unless we venture into uncharted territories we are likely to get logged off due to the excessive familiarity. We cannot contest the fact that familiarity breeds contempt. The chance to clog is the potential threat but the prowess to slog can thwart the threat and create a wonderful opportunity to tap and tag.


The Commonsense: Most Uncommon

After all it is about the common happenings and sometime the uncommon events around us that get into the blog post, but in the rigorous grind of regular posting we miss the common sense that needs our attention.