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Creativity - Nature or Nurture, Creativity, Idea, Writing, Human Nature, Nurturing Idea, Perspective, Assumption

Stand Out (image courtesy shutterstock)

Is creativity natural to human nature?


Our natural ability is to group things which are similar in nature and which have inherent relationships. We group all mode of transportation as one idea; we group flora and fauna, mountains and valleys, water and soil as nature. We find it difficult to group dissimilar objects like the computer with trees or books with foods; it is unnatural to our nature.

The corollary hypothesis is that you have it or you don’t have it, you cannot create it…a paradox in creativity. The creative ability is within and cannot be infused from outside. The question then is whether creativity is in the DNA or is it in the thinking or is it in the training or is it in the tuning, where this creative dimension can be appended to human structure, if it can be…


If creativity is mechanical it can be engineered and if creativity is chemistry it can be experimented.

So, is there a chemical process or a physical process that can augment the creative ability in us?


Creativity - Nature or Nurture, Creativity, Idea, Writing, Human Nature, Nurturing Idea, Perspective, Assumption

Certainity to Uncertainity

This is precisely how we are taught and trained to look at things around us. We fly with these conditioned thinking and which needs to be grounded and change the trajectory of our thinking, because creativity flows through a different pipeline. Fundamentally, the structure of creativity stands on the foundation of dissimilarity and divergence.  

On other hand if it is natural then it should flow from all of us or if creativity process can be managed we should have the formula and the path to make everybody embrace the force of creativity.

The question of how creativity works is a conundrum to some, and few are befuddled and largely ethereal to many others. Albeit, we all want to be creative and we want to create new things, we want to be different and we want to do things differently…but what is idea of creativity.


How do we define an idea?

Idea is just the beginning of the creative process, it moves from a state of abstraction to a state of concrete formation. This process of developing the idea into innovation needs nurturing and it just cannot get fructified with human nature.


Creativity, Idea, Writing, Human Nature, Nurturing Idea, Perspective, Assumption, Creativity - Nature or Nurture,

Creativity in Collaboration


Is it just one thing or a combination of multiple things or it is one-dimensional or multi-dimensional in nature and how it can be defined and confined to our mind space. In fact the idea of creativity is multi-dimensional in structure and an array of many things forms the concept of an idea.

Creativity is just not about art, but it is a blend of both the art and the science…connecting the gulf in communication and triggering the thoughts lying quiescent in subconscious state.

Creativity is about discovering solutions for problems, in search of solutions we face challenges and uncertainty, being persistent on the quest inspite of stiff challenge and lingering uncertainty we slowly but certainly uncover the hidden patterns in an ostensible state of ambiguity, leading us to the source of solution.

Anxiety is enemy to creativity we tune our mind to diffuse the restiveness. Like physical exercise which keeps our body in tune, the mental exercise controls anxiety and keeps our mind in condition. Conducive mind is vital to nurture versatility of thinking.

Yes, there are means and there are methods to build on the creative thoughts and develop creative thinking…we need to change our perspective to power the engine of creativity predominantly dormant and primarily in a state of derelict. Changing perspective paves the way for looking at the same thing from a different angle and from a different position, we start seeing things which are apparently hidden or unknowingly ignored.

Mind is in a state of constant production…it is factor of idea.  It’s like a natural spring where the water keeps flowing, and so is the case of mind where the thoughts keep flowing…we need to have a mechanism to capture the thoughts, store it, filter it and sort it for usage.


How do we imprison and amass this incessant flow of ideas?

Writing as an art does this task of converting the ideas into plans and programmes.


Creativity, Idea, Writing, Human Nature, Nurturing Idea, Perspective, Assumption, Creativity - Nature or Nurture,

Innovator’s thought on Creativity


But the mind as production house is cluttered with multiplicity of thoughts and confounded by the infusion of external distractions and obstructions. The quality control of production of thoughts is not always well orchestrated. The production is a continuous process not a batch process where we can check the quality of different batch of thoughts and decide what to be passed and what to be rejected and what to be kept on hold.

To harmonize the mind to be creative we need to invest quality time and program the mind to think differently.

There is madness but there is a method in the madness.

The sanity in the insanity is to break the barriers of boundaries, we need to connect the disconnected dots, we need to decipher the hidden patterns, we need to converge the diversity, we need to divide the united, we need to unite the fragmented frames, we need to visualize the unseen and we need to imagine the unimaginable.

Creativity is not always creating totally a new thing; it is about seeing the same thing in different colour, shades and from different angles and with different light. It is a change in view-point and change in the course path. Wearing multiple hats of that of a photographer to that of a painter to that of actor to that of a singer and we need not have to be an expert or experienced in that skill, just by engaging with different things and enabling mind to dabble with unrelated stuff we tune our mind to ignite the engine of creativity.


Creativity, Idea, Writing, Human Nature, Nurturing Idea, Perspective, Assumption, Creativity - Nature or Nurture,

Ten Things to Do (image courtesy shutterstock)


Here is the ten point agenda to nurture creativity; nature will change…


  • Question the Assumption
  • Play with Perception
  • Embrace the Ambiguity
  • Ignite the Imagination
  • Inspire the Inquisitiveness
  • Make a Mistake
  • Connect the Disconnect
  • Rejoice the Risk
  • Support the Senses
  • Change the Perspective