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Reading the Personality (image courtesy – fedobe.com)


What is blogging?

Blogging is an epitome of expression, connection and interaction

It is a passion personified, once you are deeply drawn into it and it can develop into an occupation that can transform your life and living forever.

It is a self-discovery process and at the same time a collaborative engagement, a process to learn things and know people who otherwise we would have never ever known. Knowing the unknowns to doing the unthinkable

It is an idea generator and idea multiplier platform.


What should we look for in a blog?

Every blog has a personality…it is live and the posts are always alive.

We have our personality and we connect better with similar personality. This is the essence of building a meaningful engagement and long-lasting relationship. We are in the virtual space and we don’t see or feel the person on the other side, though it is a very subtle association but it matters a lot.

It really matters, and that is what we should look for.

We all identify the personality once we get introduced to the blog… the look and the outlook, the content and the context defines the attributes of the personality of the blog and the blogger behind it.

This blog also has a personality.

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What is the personality of this blog?

The personality of this blog is that of bold and beautiful, solid and silence, aspire and inspire, drive and strive, and finally to make and break… “Makeup & Breakup”… breaking the boundaries and making a difference.

It is the place to explore and enrich one’s engagement with creativity, with literature, with philosophy and with photography to muse with the happenings in the digital technology space. It is a place to get intellectually involved, emotional indulged and spiritually inspired.

A personality that should get us challenged and get us charged up, get us with newer ideas and get us to think differently and get us prepared for our long-term mission and of course at the same time make us ready for our daily manifestation.


Why this blog?

It is place for innovative titles and intriguing topics.

It dwells with diverse paradoxical comparison, to challenging the mind in simplifying the abstract thinking to allowing our thoughts to simply meander in the lanes and by-lanes of complexity of life and living

Here is place to defy our boundaries of thinking and question our fundamental assumptions to expand the horizon of creative thinking and constructive working across multiple fields of engagement.

An endeavor to redefine the definition and categorization of blog…boundaries of expressions cannot be restricted by the conventional categories. It is a sincere and serious effort towards creating a generic category where one has the space and freedom to express a spectrum of thoughts as and when it comes to the mind, the mind is designed for free flow of thoughts. Not letting the mind bogged down to the frame of references…

Blog, Blogging, Read Blog

image courtesy – langwitches.org


What is the message?

Let the mind rule the blogosphere and not the rule govern the mind sphere

The questions which oscillates between the grey sheds of philosophy and pragmatism, between the real world and the virtual world, between creativity and innovation, between literature and language, between thinking and working of course between writing and blogging

Perhaps there is nothing called as the perfect answer but there is something called as the proper answer that makes us think and think differently and breaks the customary pattern of our thinking…makes us to reflect and realize our true potential.

This is the place for expressing freely, engaging meaningful and creating that little joy for all of us…

Happy Blogging!!!