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Space Astronauts, Saturation Diver, Interstellar, Pioneer, Movie

Life is how we take it

Normal Day in our Life:

A typical day in our life, it so happens and happens very often that things are not in order or not according to our general taste, we are put to common test; we get agitated for these little irritants and our thoughts are distracted…we start becoming belligerent for everything around us. Our day’s proceeding is in disarray…

We start complaining for almost everything; right from the food that is served to us to the programme that comes on television to lack of space for parking our car to momentary breakdown of our computer to temporary disconnect from the power supply…we look at the problem in absolute not realizing the relative nature.

It is only when we see life of few specialists and put ourselves in those roles that we do gauge the relativity of the problem what we complain and what that they confront…we get dwarfed in comparison and our thoughts goes through a clinical discernment.


Interstellar vs. Pioneer: The Movies


Sea, Space, Blog, Interstellar, Pioneer, Movie

Sea and Space – image courtesy – reverbnation.com


2013: Pioneer is a short movie about deep-sea diving and a team of saturation diver who work during the birth of the Norwegian oil industry.

2014: Interstellar is a long movie about outer-space exploration and the team of astronauts who travel through a wormhole in search of a new habitable planet


I was going through lives of two specialists and I must they are just not specialist but super specialist…the space astronaut and the saturation diver.

I was watching the movie “Interstellar” and the life of space astronauts was what I was seeing. I started comparing the movie “Pioneer” and the life of saturation diver what I had seen.

It was a defining moment for me, I reflected and realized the ease and the comfort I am in…they are confined to the controlled cabins and  every minute there is defined to precision and being monitored on 24*7 digital monitor, a slightest of error could be fatal and they are on mission critical job and their life is at risk…team behind them don’t have the word “complain” in their dictionary and they converse solutions and only how to resolve any problem anytime.


Space Astronauts, Saturation Diver, Interstellar, Pioneer, Movie

Saturation Diver (image courtesy – caldive.com)

Underwater Undertakings: Typical Day in the life of Saturation Diver

Saturation Diver spend weeks in decompression chambers deep down in the ocean and work on rotational shift of six hours to come out and get the repair and maintenance done in the oil exploration installations. For a team of 12 saturation divers, more than 120 experts work on the ship to provide 24 hours surveillance and support, in fact they monitor them in the LOO and such is the degree of automation that they can operate the flush from the control room…it has so happened that one saturation diver in one exploration lost his life due to dysfunctional flush, so to this extent it has been automated and risked mitigated.


Space Astronauts, Saturation Diver, Interstellar, Pioneer, Movie

Space Astronaut (image courtesy – thestar.ie)

Outerspace Explorations: Typical Day in the life of Space Astronaut

Space Astronauts needs to spend months in the microgravity environment and have to wear multiple hats from a doctor to an engineer to a scientist to a pilot…and they have to work on mission critical scientist research and exploration. For a team of 5 space astronauts more 5000 experts work 24 hours support. They have to be in rotation fully vigilant of the support systems to updating computer equipments. Activities are complex due the microgravity and even the simple activity of using the toilet is difficult, it needs using of leg restraints and thigh bars to get the right position. Sleeping is not on the beds but in the sleeping bags, and to be attached otherwise they float and may bang each other.


My perspective of daily life and the problem I face has undergone a sea change and the space for patience and thinking has skyrocketed…

…it is how we take our life.