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Blogging, Conversations, Blogging as Conversations, Connect, Collaborate, Breaking Conventions

Better way to Converse (image courtesy – RVMEG)

Blogging is a wonderful vehicle.

A virtual vehicle that enables us to reach far and wide… it engages us, it teaches us. We learn so many new things and unlearn so many old things…

We do so without fear and favour, we do so without being biased towards age and gender, we do so with getting influenced by the place one belongs to or the position one holds, we do so without getting bogged down either by time restriction or by the physical restrains

We connect and collaborate to converse.

This is collaboration with people around the world without having any connection to our background or to our culture or to our customs. Perhaps this unexplored zone becomes the space for exploration and initiates an intense and a very interesting interaction.

We get to know so many different and diverse things…

How exactly is the life in the remotest corner of the world where I have never visited or perhaps never will have the opportunity to visit? I get a firsthand account of the happenings there by the first person account and that too it is on a real-time basis…I keep on getting the live updates and it keeps me abreast of everything that is of great interest to me.

How on earth I would have got an opportunity to understand and hear the experience of expert scuba diving in the pristine coastline of Maldives to how on earth I would have got an opportunity to learn from the tricks of a professional photography from the land of rising sun Japan to learn the art of writing from an established author from the beautiful landscape of New Zealand to learn the wonderful cuisines from the chef of Arabic and Lebanese land…the list goes on and on.

Blogging, Conversations, Blogging as Conversations, Connect, Collaborate, Breaking Conventions

Connection in Virtual World (image courtesy – linkedln.com)

How on this world would I have the chance to meet such lovely and wonderful friends?

Friends who care for me and who share with me, without any expectations or conditions…they are there in times of sorrow to share your distress and they are there in times of success to share your joy. This all is done without any envious feeling or pretended emotions…they do so, as I feel emotionally connected and part of the same global family.

Time and place is not a constraint.

We don’t have to dress up and fix a place to meet and start a conversation…we can just wake up from our cozy cot and shake up a little from the slumber and start the interactions…just a click away.  We needn’t have to think of the time, if we are awake in the night and in a lovely mood to initiate stimulating discussions, just a quick message and somebody in some other part of the world will be there to connect and commence the conversation

We are with so much of assumptions and with so much of self-imposed imagery that when we meet somebody face-to-face in the real world…we are distracted by the persona and we are diffused by the cacophony of the surrounding.

The essence of our conversations takes a back stage and our appearance and our presence gets better of our thought.

We are diverted and our thoughts are distorted. Perhaps the written communication has a more inherent and intense power than the verbal discourse… when we put our thought to writing and then speak, there is better clarity and more conviction…it exudes in our confidence of conversing. Though blogging is a written form of communication but it appears as if we are speaking online…

Blogging as an art of conversation is the harbinger of a new dimension into the human interaction, engagement of mind and exchange of thoughts…these processes acts as a brilliant global podium for creation, distribution and management of multiplicity of ideas.

Blogging as an IDEA is a paradigm shift in our thinking & conversations…

Blogging, Conversations, Blogging as Conversations, Connect, Collaborate, Breaking Conventions

It Does (image courtesy – getsosh.com)