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Life in 21st century is different and one can argue life in every century is different. So, what is this difference we are speaking of, is there any difference in this different or it is the same old difference but packaged and presented in a new way.

It sounds complicated, perhaps life in 21st century symbolically reflects that complexity.

Technology, Computer, Electricity, Internet, Mobile, Life with Technology, Life without Technology

21st Century Technology (image courtesy: rizpoo.com)

We are literally embedded with many things in life and the thought of living without vital few is a very frightening imagination. Though these things are the product of human innovation and technology revolution and have made our life and living better and sweeter.

Ironically, life without it was nevertheless good and we were our own master but with it have become great but have made us become the servants of technology. We are inexorably bonded and blinded by the rules of technology not guided by the feelings of humankind. Here is the high-five;

  1. Electricity
  2. Television
  3. Computer
  4. Internet
  5. Mobile

Note: Though Electricity was a product of 19th century, its real utility and impact is felt in the subsequent centuries…21st Century has an indispensable dependence.

I decided just not to imagine the situation but venture into the situation knowing well that it is a very risky venture but was driven by the principles of “high risk high return”.

Technology, Computer, Electricity, Internet, Mobile, Life with Technology, Life without Technology

Life without Technology(image courtesy: broadcasting engineering)

Days with Technology:

I woke up and checked the messages on the mobile, switched off the air condition, and carried out my usual daily routines in the real world. I switched back to the digital world, I switched on the TV and checked up the morning news and while on breakfast, it is the TV and the Computer giving the dual companionship…I see symphony in their functioning. Once on computer, internet is inevitable and the fingers started its involuntary process of moving on the keyboard.

As I board my car, the mobile connects and I am on a voice transmission mode. The moment I land in office, it is the digital world; the computer, the internet and the mobile governs my day. Once I log out of my office, manage to get a respite while on move and the moment I stepped into the house, TV drives the relaxation.

A good aromatic coffee to soothe the mind and mind maneuvers into the internet to check out the social engagements lined up in the virtual space. Dinner is no exception and it is accompanied by the twin gadgets of computer and television. The road to bed terminates with the frantic glance to the mobile messages

I could rarely detach myself from the glue of technology.

Technology, Computer, Electricity, Internet, Mobile, Life with Technology, Life without Technology

Life with Technology (image courtesy: rizpoo.com)

Day without Technology:

I decided to venture into this adventure of technology deprived life and living. I woke up and hand automatically moved towards the switched off mobile, I restrained from doing so. I could quickly wrap up my daily routine and realized that there is no light to use and no television to watch.

I took a steady glance of newspaper and experienced every bit of my breakfast. As I looked at the clock, it seemed that the time is stuck, it is just not moving…mind was agitated and I was getting restless. The whole day without Light, TV, Computer, Internet and Mobile…with the passage of time the exact quantum of the intensity of this thought dawned on me.

I picked up a book and as I was reading through, the thought of world moving ahead of me in the digital world was making me edgy. Though I was enjoying the good read, but the self-imposed technology exile was disturbing my mental symphony.

It was imminent evening and I was exhausted and forcefully exited from the exile and resurfaced to surf the web world…I gave up.