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Blogging is a journey and producing the best post remains the quest…

~ Nihar Pradhan

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Quest for the Best

When we enter into the new virtual world of blogosphere, we all surreptitiously strive for producing the masterpiece. With every post we produce we see the later always better than the previous, perhaps that’s part of the learning curve of blogging.

It is just not about the writing or the language or the picture, it is a whole of these subsets into a more engaging story.

Is the post informative or is it interesting or is it intriguing or is it innovative or is it intuitive or is it involving some aspects of everything…we attempt to make it simple but comprehensive, we create a context for the content, and we look around to get the perfect outlook incorporated into the post…

As we progress in our journey in the blogosphere we start to develop an eye for choosing the best from the rest. Some of the old post which got overlooked starts becoming the favorite and some of the new posts which appeared to be preferred get looked into…Our choice of topic goes through a surgical shift and our thoughts undergoes a clinical change.

There is a qualitative transformation in the composition and manifestation of blog posts…this ushers us into an era of excellence and thrust for perfection. We start putting our posts to critical scrutiny and detailed examination, resulting in elimination of imperfections and distortions.

The post progress towards the elusive position of perfection…it is indefinable and hence we rarely reach that destination of producing the “Best Blog Post”.

But the journey and the yearning to reach that ultimate destination should remain intact and keep us going…the fodder for our creative adrenaline.  It is always good to step back, realize and reflect on the past posts and pick the ones worth its due didn’t get its share of appreciation…

Here are my top five;

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2. Signature of Self Story


  1. Writing in Digital Age


  1. Photographer’s Eye & Philosopher’s Mind


  1. Cranes & Crowns