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What is Meditation? The word “Meditation” is derived from two Latin words meditari (to think, to dwell upon, and to exercise the mind) and mederi (to heal).

Meditation is the practice of meditating. Meditation is concentration and meditation is relaxation. Meditation is building and nurturing self-awareness. Meditation enables us to connect to our inside world, thereby taking us into an inner retreat. Meditation has multiple affects including psychological, physiological and spiritual benefits on us.

It is quite intriguing but pretty interesting to know that “mind has its own mind”. Mind by nature is not discipline and it tends to wander in the wilderness. The very attempt to discipline mind through meditation is going against the fundamental nature of mind. Hence if we have not developed the ‘art of meditation’ we get diverted into what we attribute as hallucinations, fantasies to daydreaming.

Meditation is therapeutic in nature, it is a self-discovery process and it results in better self-realization.

Blogging, Meditating, Blogging is Meditation

Meditating is seeing the Mind

The psychological benefits of meditation are;

  • Enables controlling of thoughts
  • Helps in focus & concentration
  • Enhances our creative thinking
  • Improves our ability to learn
  • Provides vitality and vigor

 The spiritual benefits of meditation are;

  • Provides peace of mind& happiness
  • Helps keep things in perspective
  • Helps us discover our purpose
  • Better understanding of self and others
  • Changes our attitude toward life

 The physiological benefits of meditation are;

  • Streamlines the functioning of brain
  • Optimizes the usage of our energy
  • Relaxes our nervous system
  • Reduces the muscle stiffness
  • Provides physical relaxation

What is Blogging?

Blogging is another form of writing in web but unlike the traditional writing where the writing could be elaborate and extensive; in blogging writing is generally short and gives instant result. It is about pondering on different thoughts which can creatively qualify a reflection or rationally explain the new idea or bring forth a different perspective. The platform provides the space to share and exchange our thoughts and ideas in a free and fair manner wherein others can actively participate and enrich the interaction by providing their perspectives. It sounds quite simple and similar to conventional writing, but therein lays the basic distinction in terms of the frequency of organization of our thoughts and the magnitude of engagement with the blogging community.

How Blogging is Meditation?

Blogging with “seriousness & sincerity” can be compared to meditation. Blogging needs concentration, thinking, reflection and realization to produce good posts. Posting is easy but preparation to create a good post needs a relaxed mind and a deeper thinking.  To be able to constantly create posts of ‘value & substance’ we need to organize our thoughts to generate newer ideas. We have to keep observing to enhance our thinking and we have to keep reflecting to enrich our outlook towards life and living. In essence, blogging is exercising & relaxing the mind. Once we are inside the blogosphere, we venture into the same process of self-discovery and self-realization what we normally experience in meditation, may not be in so much so in the spiritual sense but mostly akin to the psychological and physiological side of it.

Blogging, Meditating, Blogging is Meditation

Blogging is using the thinking

The psychological benefits of blogging are;

  • Enables controlling our thoughts
  • Enhances our creative thinking

 The spiritual benefits of blogging are;

  • Helps us discover our purpose
  • Helps understanding self and others

 The physiological benefits of blogging are;

  • Streamlines the functioning of brain
  • Optimizes the usage of our energy