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“All it takes is one idea to solve an impossible problem.”

— Robert H. Schuller


Top Ten information & communication technology innovations in the last quarter century that has fundamentally changed the way we think, we work and we act in our daily life. If we pause a little and just reflect back to the time when this was not in play in our life, life was going on as usual and things were also happening in our life…then what has really changed that we can attribute it to top technology innovations in information and communication, the quintessential question remains that how has it changed our life and living at a very fundamental level.

Yes, it is the quantum of impact on our daily life. Today, are we thinking, working and acting the way we did in the absence of these technological innovations…the answer is an emphatic big NO.

Here are my Top Ten Technologies list not in any order of priority or choice of preference, each of these has played its own key role in the societal transformation;


1. IBM Computer – Personal Computer


Top Ten Technology, Information, Communication

Computing Power


2. Microsoft Windows – Computer Operating System


Top Ten Technology, Information, Communication

Makes Machine Work


  1. Intel Chip – Processing Speed


Top Ten Technology, Information, Communication

Sets the Speed


4. Microsoft Office – Document Management

Top Ten Technology, Information, Communication

Writing Productivity


  1. Internet Technology – World Wide Web


Top Ten Technology, Information, Communication

Connects the World


6. Hotmail – E-mail Services


Top Ten Technology, Information, Communication

Letter is History


  1. Google – Search Engine


Top Ten Technology, Information, Communication

Search is Mission


8. Facebook – Social Networking


Top Ten Technology, Information, Communication

Virtual Community


  1. Amazon – E-Commerce


Top Ten Technology, Information, Communication

Click to Buy


10. Mobile Technology – Mobile Phones


Top Ten Technology, Information, Communication

Death of Distance


 Why these innovations have been the real Game Changer?

With the Microsoft Windows operating system we can interact with machines called computer engineered by IBM, the machine responds with magical speed because of the processing capacity of the Intel chip. We didn’t have to scribble on paper, now it is Microsoft Office and earlier we were so much dependent on our hand writing or for that matter using the primordial typewriter to give some orderliness to the document. No more do we have to be in the mercy of postal system and depend on the vagaries of physical delivery system for the letter to reach the target person…Hotmail has changed mailing system forever.

It was a herculean task to scurry and scan through piles of files and volumes of records to find that right piece of information…it is history with invent of Google search engine.  To connect with our friends, relatives and also build our social network we needn’t have to visit social gathering or be member of an elite club to enjoy the social exchange of thoughts and ideas…it is now virtual just log on to Facebook.

Death of distance, it has disappeared and we can now talk as if we are sitting next to each other with the power of Mobile connection. We can now share almost everything on the fly in the Internet and buy products on a click on Amazon, we needn’t have to take out time to visit retail shops and go on an endless bargain to get our product at the best price. Life has changed and has changed dramatically and for good…


It would be really wonderful to hear from you the top ten list of yours which is going to be the most exciting part of this extended post…keenly looking forward to hearing from you…