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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

~ Scott Adams

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Creativity in Nature

Creative Writing is about the expression of our thoughts and feelings in a manner that is imaginative and inventive. It is the art in the craft. It is the soul in the subject. The articulation has to be logical and lyrical, it has to be abstract and at the same time concrete and it has to have a balance of fact and fiction…seems lots of paradox in the inputs but therein resides the art of processing the creative output.

Discovering similarity in dissimilarity and relating unrelated objects, thinking the unthinkable, diffusing the organized idea and organizing the disruptions in thoughts…produces patterns of colorful pigments and wonderful pallets. Writing is wonderful, so is walking, we wander on writing while walking in the wonderful world of nature… a convergence of mental and physical exercise for playing with words and enticing the thoughts towards generation of magical moments

Here are few representative aspects and facets of the creative expression for further improvisation and fueling inspiration in Creative Writing…  

  1. Writing is Wonderful – Writing is wandering in the world of self-discoveryall encompassing and profoundly embracing. Writing is more than writing itself…we should all explore and experience the embryonic ecstasy in riding the journey of just writing…it is a wonderful voyage.


 2. Text & ContextScience of communication is in the text but the art of communication is in the context. Content without context is a house without the households.


 3. Old & Hold – The idiom that old is gold is not an indefinitely defined golden rule. Rules changes with time, so are hold of old rules on us. Old never loses it hold unless you decides to fold and forget.


 4. Facts & Fiction – Short stories are a fascinating world.Overdose of facts can gravitate the stories into information influx and under dose of fiction can deprive the stories from its inherent fascination.


 5. Age & Stage – One of most fascinating thing in life is the age. Aging is inevitable and staging is predictable. Age states us to play certain role on the world’s stage.


 6. Signs & Symbols – A sign is anything that stands for something. A symbol is something that represents anything. Sign simplifies the complexity in interaction. Symbols are powerful mode of abbreviated communication.


 7. Form & Transform – Transformation per se is to move from one form to another form, any change in form should be informed.Informed change brings better reform.


 8. Design & Resign – We resign from work, the moment we aren’t able to design any new purpose in the workplace.Resigning is a state of our mind not a design permanently ingrained in our thoughts.


 9Look & Outlook – Look makes convention but outlook breaks us from the convention. Conviction comes with outlook. Perfect figure is not perfection of personality. We need to figure out our outlook to firm our perfection.


 10. Walking is Wonderful – The physiological transformation, the psychological disposition and philosophical conversion makes the process of walking simply holistic. Walking is self-discovery, it’s an exploration, it’s a reflection and it’s a philosophy by itself.