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Digital development is not devoid of digital distortion…

– Nihar Pradhan


Creativity in Innovation, Digital Dialogue, Creativity, Innovation, Digital Dialogue

Creativity in Innovation

We are no more living in physical world, virtual has become second nature to the real world. The advent of digital world is appearing to us as if the happening of digital age was ages, though it has just started, life has changed and changed forever with the dawn of digital revolution. It hasn’t left any space for evolution or contemplation. We are embedded in immersive technology. The digital space is furiously invading into our private life and creative space is getting fractured. It is creating an uncanny existence between these two contrasting worlds.

The art of creativity is merging with the science of innovation. It is quite natural to debate, and a healthy dialogue between the digital development and the physical engagement is imperative.

Here are few facets of digital dialogues that need our attention and thoughts to pacify the evolving weird interaction between the digital divide;

Dialogue (1): “Creativity” is about generating new ideas and “Innovation” is about implementing those new ideas differently. Internet & information technology is breaking this digital divide and the space between creativity & innovation has radically blurred.

Is innovation in technology over-riding artistic creativity in this digital disruption?

Dialogue (2): Writing as form of expression has acquired a new avatar. Innovation in blogging is breaking the conventional boundaries of creative writing. SMS to tweets to blogging is breaking the barriers of standard communication. Is blogging an innovation in writing, as it is done differently?

Is the language of writing getting distorted in the blog sphere?

Dialogue (3): Photography as a form of art is under the scanner of digital lens and photo editing software. It is difficult to separate the original snap from the digital design with the assault of Photoshop. Does this new way of photo editing is a process of innovation?

Is Photography is losing its battle against Photoshop?

Dialogue (4): Painting as a form of expression is getting squeezed between the digital art form and modified photography. The question is where to draw the boundary and how much to appreciate the engineered conversion vs. the actual creation. Is digital art form is out of digital innovation or creative distortion.

Is Digital painting eclipsing the Hand painting?

Dialogue (5): Singing as a mode of idiom couldn’t escape the digital invasion. Today, the voice gets modulated and the songs get modified to match the taste of exotic listeners. The warmth in the voice that nurtures the melody of songs is lost in the cacophony of the digital madness. So how do we look at Voice Modulation or Voice Change software…can we call it innovation?

Does the song losing its core lyrics in the digital distortion?


Digital Dialogue, Creativity, Innovation

Digital Dialogue on Digital Divide (Image Courtesy – Arc News)

It would be wonderful to have your perspectives that can enrich this “Digital Dialogue”…and bridge the “Digital Divide…keenly looking forward to hearing those insightful views.