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Trees are the truth of life and living is a joy…

– Nihar Pradhan


We walk out of home almost daily and as we do, we see many things from people walking the pathways to vehicles plying the streets. The architectural design of residential apartments to commercial buildings to business shops to multiple religious places to few palatial bungalows.

In today’s digital world in addition to all those things we have many more things to think and see from mobile phones to laptops to tablets to pads. In this gloss and grease of daily grind, we miss out something which is so natural that we have taken it for granted.

They change colour and they grow, they give us everything but somehow we manage to miss them… yes, they are our trees. That’s the truth, a bitter truth that we ignore by cutting them, not caring for them as against the selfless way they give us the fuel to life.

Let’s care for our trees and make our life more meaningful…beautiful life always co-exists with beautiful trees – nurturing the nature!!!

Trees and Truth

Beauty in Tree

Trees and Truth

Truth in Beauty