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The pose was graphical and the gaze was magical, the capture was picture perfect…

– Nihar Pradhan

I was leisurely strolling alongside the Creek extension in Dubai and was enjoying the eclectic evening walk, fading light was absorbing me…I was enigmatically caught in the twilight of setting sun and rising moon. I was searching for the ‘pose’ and the ‘gaze’ was there. She was the spotlight in the evading light…unmindful of the photographer like me and she was absolutely herself and was in a state of heavenly joy, like little divine angel she was there to ignite the combined power of her sheer beauty and pure innocence.

She was destined to be locked in my Canon Camera. Nothing can stop the radiant power of beauty and purity…all pervasive, and no onlooker could have escaped that beguiling look and engaging feel. She was just not any other child; she was chiseled to perfection and the flurry of the curly hair on her fascinating face was intriguingly unfathomable…I was captivated as a Photographer.

Photography is just not about the light and colour, but the combination of different aspects of the scene that tells a story…I could as a Writer read the subtle story. Composition of elements in photography makes a huge difference from just a snapshot to a great shot…spotting the latent storyline in the disguise of image is the hidden talent of a good photographer. So is the need from a good writer to be able to imagine a setting and create a character to guide the story?

The ‘pose’ was flawless and the ‘gaze’ was archetypal, it was a scene of photographer’s delight, the story was unveiling and the mysticism was anchoring the storyline. The evening surrounding in the backdrop of sunset light, the plot was shaped, it was time and perhaps was the perfect time to capture and package the panorama…I was ecstatic and my aspiration reached the sunset horizon.

I was awestruck, but I was not lost in the wilderness of mesmerizing imagination. I directed the camera and ensured my positional stability before pressing the button…the fading light, I had kept the shutter open and reduced the speed to let the light hit the film and she was in the frame the way I wanted her to be…I didn’t stop there, though it was an inspiring moment but more so was unduly aspiring. I waited which is another important virtue of a good photographer and I didn’t distract her mood or her innocence look.

Any gesture or posture from me would have made her to withdraw or curtail her natural expression. I had to be careful and stepped back and allowed her to shift from the “pose to gaze”, the horizon was enduring…I couldn’t fathom what was driving her, was she able to sense the profoundness of setting sun at the far distance horizon with the still water trying to capture the evidence…I was sure she wasn’t but her expression was mystically enthralling…I seized her ‘pose’ and selected her ‘gaze’.

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The Pose

Creative Writing, Creativity, Writing, Photography, Words, Pictures,  Writing & Photograph

The Gaze