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“Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential.”

– Anthony Robbins

“An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit.”

 – Pliny the Elder

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Evolution or Revolution

Fundamentally potential is internal in nature, it is empowering and essentially possession is external in feature, it is overpowering. The connotation sounds similar but dissimilarity is inherently intrinsic in these profound words. Potential is the power to take up higher challenges and test human ability and capability to deliver. Possession is basically one form of measure of the materialistic power, the index of assessing one’s wealth. It may not be the right or best yardstick. With possession we attempt to measure the physical things but with potential shift our focus onto cerebral thoughts. Things are material and generally mediocre aspects of life and thoughts are intellectual and particularly mental aspects of life.

Can we grow on our potential and possession or is it pre-defined and broadly static in nature? Growth of possession is a mere mechanical exercise which happens with the expenditure of money on things we love and we want, time requirement is secondary. But in case of growth of potential it needs serious thoughtful engagement with mind power, and quality time is of overriding importance. Factoring the significance of time to be committed in building and developing the power of potential is a non-negotiable act. The value of time committed for honing one’s skill and refining one’s knowledge does provide the much needed competency for galvanizing the power of potential.

Is maximizing our possession is just a by-product of optimization of our potential. Not necessarily a simple proposition as it appears to be. In fact it is not a straight forward mathematical equation where factors, constants and variables have been identified and well-defined. The variable factors are constantly changing, and formulating a standard combination is greatly fraught with peril.

Philosophy & Writing,  Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Philosophy

Reaching Human Potential

Classically, with high spiritual potential, material possession should be low, but in reality this equation is mostly proven wrong…many such cases exists where with high spiritual potential, material possession is also equally very high. Many after achieving high material possession fear and incline towards spiritual power, realizing that their potential has dwindled for not using it. Look for exploring the spiritual potential which otherwise was not a wise thing to think. Things cloud the very thought of potent latent power.

Thinks we should be doing in changing our thought towards maximizing our potential and minimizing our possession, in other words those things that empowers us. The biggest crime we do to humanity is by growing our possession beyond our need and at the cost of others. These things disempower us. But then who decide the need and how much is the right possession?

Resources are limited and human population are growing, but with the growth is growing at a very high speed is the speed of human consumption. Accumulation of resources with few creates disparity; more possession creates more disparity and restricts the resources equitable and proper usage. We all can use and consume so much, that’s our capacity and so much only, some of us are more fortunate than the others, and the reasons could be anything and the justification can be many. But the human potential is immense and it has unlimited power to create, innovate and change the way live in this world.

We should have a balanced perspective on our material possession…most of the time the outlook on possession is obfuscated. And material amassing cannot be at the exploitation of nature or at the cost of others, still there continues an obsessive insanity in pursuit of wealth, for possession of everything from yellow metal to palatial mansions to flashy cars to mesmerizing gizmos to branded brown leather…and this possession for many appears obscenely distorted.

Greed…the human tendency for craving and hoarding for more possession, it is a faulty approach to life, this aspect of human nature has become so rampant and is spreading rapidly deep into our society. Possession needs semblance of parity, parity in distribution and clarity in accumulation; otherwise it brings excessive disparity in human existence and living standard.

Philosophy & Writing,  Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Philosophy

Displaying Material Possession

We all have the latent potential to leverage our visible strength…potential is invisible, potential is power within and the power of potential is immense. This power needs subtle ignition to glow, and glorify beyond the visibly limited possession of physical power. The secret lies in spotting the potential. The power of potential over powers the passion for possession. There is irrational exuberance towards possession of worldly things, this needs to be rationalized, and the infinite hidden human potential needs to be explored and utilized for the betterment of the humankind.

Potential is limitless, it all depends on our intuitive power and drive for innovative disruption…to unleash the unlimited potential in possession of mankind.