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Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

– Anonymous

Beauty in Enterpreneurship

Beauty in Entrepreneurship

I choose the unconventional path to get into the uncharted territory. I wanted to be an entrepreneur, which was a stirring intent, if I could become an employer rather than working for somebody else…but it proved to be easier said than done. An exceedingly arduous proposition… I was determined to take up the challenge; perhaps more swayed by the aura surrounding the word ‘Entrepreneurship’ and became myopic about the inherent idiosyncrasy of becoming an entrepreneur.

We see an opportunity, secure the resources, plan the business, and take the risk to launch the new ventures. Entrepreneurship, real entrepreneurship, is the engine of this economy now that moves into the future. I was indomitable, in my apparently conceited decision, convinced my friends, countered arguments and countered superiors’ propositions… bouts of initial fiasco interspersed with some little rays of hope, consistently I reinforced my conviction to succeed and exceed.

I used to wonder whether I have done the right thing by not accepting a plum job, and instead setting up a start-up, but deep down—something used to tell me I had. Constantly I used to remind myself, ‘Entrepreneurship is not just about money, but about the freedom to do what one wants, the way one wants and how one wants.’

I knew: When the innovators take risk, they become entrepreneurs.

The urge to innovate is so overwhelming that the innovators will pursue it even when there is little possibility of either public recognition or monetary reward. I also knew its only when the urge to innovate gets coupled with financial risk-taking ability it produces great entrepreneurs. True entrepreneurs create enduring value for shareholders and customers—while also enriching the lives of their employees and strengthening the communities in which they live and work.

I constantly reminded myself that: Crises make one less social; one grows up in age considerably during that period and withdraws a bit. But one also becomes a stronger person. I repeatedly reminded myself than an entrepreneur is one who always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity. For me the urge to strike out was more of an inner call—the need to create something substantial and relevant—the need to leave a mark. To do something totally different one must start from scratch. Give some amount of credit to the providence.

Enterpreneurship is Passion

Enterpreneurship is Passion

‘Everything cannot be predicted’. One has to infuriate an oyster before it makes pearl.

Why start-up at all?

‘Isn’t this at a fundamental level, all about creating wealth?’ There were the intuitive questions pricking me. ‘Just some wild dreams and a strong desire to succeed’. How does one explain the actions of a man who throws everything in the winds and stakes the entire future on dream?

Life is too short to do all that you want to do, so why spend half of it doing what you don’t want to do…it was the finance and freedom not the financial freedom that I always wanted which came with ‘Entrepreneurship’.