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The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”

  Gustave Flaubert


 Writing is Wonderful

Magic in Writing

Writing is bliss. Writing is harmony. Writing is satisfaction. Writing is inspiration. Writing is imagination. Writing is emotion. Writing is romance. Writing needs patience. Writing needs practice. Writing is wandering in the world of self-discoveryall encompassing and profoundly embracing.

It’s a unique journey that we enjoy riding the vehicle of thought, visiting places we have never visited, creating a world of our own, yes our own, playing with our imagination, yes the way want the rules of the game, invoking our passion for our love for writing and instilling the confidence for our writing to inspire millions. It’s a bundle of unwritten joy at the end of the writing journey. A journey writer’s yearns to revisit after the visit, if the journey is full filling experience, the sense of accomplishment is simply boundless; it cannot be confined in the complex boundaries of our emotions. Emotion of writing satisfaction is all pervasive…pervades our poignant threshold.

Can I write? Yes, each one of us can write. We can write in any language, language is not a barrier though it is the means of expressing our thoughts. Few languages have better acceptability than the other. In other words few languages have bigger audience to reach at and better media to broadcast it. Language is not the final yardstick to segregate the good from the bad. Though the writing style in the form of usage of words, formation of sentence, and description of scenes and deduction of themes makes significant difference to the writing piece…but style without substance is like body without soul.   The quality of thought is ours, only ours and the way we nurture our thinking reflects in our writing.

Writing is Wonderful

Painting of Voice

But can I be a good writer? Yes we all can be good writers. It needs good thinking and it needs dogged determination, to dedicate oneself to the passion of writing. We have to ignite our passion for writing. Ignition can start and it cannot take you for a joy ride. It is you and you only who has to drive the passion for writing. Sitting peacefully, holding a pen and a paper and exercising mind cannot always generate the writing. Writing needs lots of preparation and it needs meticulous planning. It’s a continuous process through observation, through conversation; through deliberationwe need to do it all the time. Once we are ready with the writing piece recipe it makes the sitting satisfying and the process of writing wonderful. Just writing, more writing, practicing writing and more practice of writing makes it better and hones the skill of the writer. No other recipe for being a good writer than writing and more writing…keep writing and it grows and grows in stature and significance.  

Unlike other forms of art like singing, painting or dancing, writing is not anchored in the stage of age. We cannot become a good dancer at any age. We cannot become a good singer at any age. We cannot become a good painter at any age. Yes there are exception and they are few and far between. But you can become a good writer at any age, if you have a habit of writing or if you start writing regularly and rigorously. If fact with age we start writing better, we start writing on wide subjects and delve deep into the subject matters. Matters which we cannot communicate in other forms of communication we do so in the form of writing…it is subtle, it is substantive, it is powerful and it is profoundly potent.

Writer's World

Writer’s World

Writing has a set of unique characteristics, the permutation and combination of this uniqueness is in multiplicity. Each writer needs to decipher these bundles of characteristics and define one’s ground and own rule of writing. These are not universal but these combinations are unique to each one of us.

Some love to write in the morning, others love to write in the evening, some like to write in the garden, others like to write in the library, some write just after getting inspired by a great piece of reading, others write after getting frustrated by a bad piece of reading…nothing is right or wrong, nothing here is about skill or knowledge; it is just about one’s preference and affinity.

Some have a particular pen and a pad…the conventional; others have a chosen computer and a keyboard…the digital. Irrespective of the conventions it gets personalized, we get attached, we get familiarized and we get the comfort to use it to express ourselves freely and with peace.

Writing need not always be for others. It can just be for you. It can be private. You need not make it public till you feel so it needs to be publicly displayed. It is a means to de-stress oneself. It is a mean to express oneself. It is a means to meaningfully engage one’s wandering mind. It is a means to discover oneself…self-discovery towards to reflection towards self-realization.

Writing is more than writing itself…we should all explore and experience the embryonic ecstasy in riding the journey of just writing…it is a wonderful voyage.