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“It’s easier to make new friends than hold on to old ones.” 

– Malou Gil


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Breaking the Hold

We all carry an intrinsic proclivity to hold on to our old habits, old practices, old thoughts, old friends, and old places to our old beliefs. It is quite natural. Holding onto old has a stronghold on us. Old is reality though new is a revelation; holding on to the bridge between the old and new is our belief. We need to replace our old irrational thoughts, and outdated beliefs into new outlook, and rational thinking. Mind has a powerful anchor on the past. Breaking away from the past and proceeding into the future is a path to break free from the hold from the old. Not to undermine the history and understate the significance of the old paradigm in defining the new and determining its hold on building the future.

There are newer ways of doing the old things. The new ways we do it creatively and we do it cleverly to use our old stuff. Selected old things find their place in the form of collectibles, antiques and periodically get auctioned with crazy prices…as value grows as it grows older, old has a hold on the value of the object but not on all objects. It all depends on us how we deal with our old possessions…old manuscripts, old coins, old artifacts, old arts and crafts, and it could be anything. All of us have something or other in our home, and which we preserve and pass on to our next generation. This batten of old things passes on from one had to another based on sentiments of love, feelings of attachment and with strong possession to strings of emotion…some have special space within the house others move on outside the house into national museums to state libraries to art galleries.

Old never loses it hold unless you decides to fold and forget. Memorabilia are nostalgia. Memorabilia like the greetings cards, intimate letters, and gifted pieces are concealed in designated corners, in a specially wrapped titled cover, by some in an iron clad container, to others in an aluminum boxes, and few in a tin plated packs. These need care and share of our time and space to protect and as this move with us with our movement in life’s journey, mobility takes these old things to new places. With the passage of time, with our growth, maturing minds, fermenting feelings, and exploration of new places, we get and gather greetings, cards and gifts. The memorabilia grows and the growth becomes beyond our capacity to hold on to them in our little boxes and packs. We are forced to forgo few and forget few others.

Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Writing, Creativity, Photography, Philosophy, Digital, Literature

The Hold on Hand

We graduate from one phase of our life to another. Old changes its meaning with each phase. Each phase is different from the other, each play on the other’s hold. In our childhoods, in our school days and to some extent in our college days we flower with emotion and full of innocence. Memory is magnetic. It quickly holds on to things and builds on to our feeling…these are impressible years, our holding capacities of things are big and bright. We hold on to our school books and notebooks, we hold on to our accomplishments and letters of appreciations from professors and friends in colleges, we hold on to our personal diaries and parts of clothes and pearls of jewel. With each new phase of our life priority changes and placing these parts in proper place gets misplaced and holding on to old things folds apart and falls flat.  

Top of all old hold has a throttlehold on the past relationships. Our relationships have emotional umbilical cords and profound connection with our present. Just being friends to being good friends to being in strong relationships and then parting or breaking we hold those moments with us though it fades and shades its grip on us with time. Old has a hold on our present. At the same time human relationships builds and matures only with time. Time is the best test of the degree of stronghold of the relationships on us. Old strong relationship helps us in tough times of trouble. The same old strong relationships navigate us from the storms of drowning streams. These holds of our old relationships are bold connections to maneuver us to safer and secured places.

Old habits die hard. We are creatures of our thinking and our behavior. The things we think and the way we act becomes the harbinger of our habits. Habits hold on to what we think and how we express. These manifests through our multiplicity of routine habits…whether waking up early, to eating on time, to listening before talking, to warming before playing, or for that reason to checking before buying…each of these habits harness us to create a better life for ourselves. Habits make or break our life. Hold of old habits on us has strong hold on our life’s growth.

After all, our life revolves around fighting failures, and the quest for successes. Success is a factor of building onto our good relationships to holding onto our good habits. Keep holding onto good old practices and be bold to let go the hold of bad influences on you. The idiom that old is gold is not an indefinitely defined golden rule. Rules changes with time, so are hold of old rules on us.