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“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.”

  Wayne Dyer


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Room is Transformed

Forms define our existence and our extensions. There are different forms and each has a meaningful manifestation. Water is said to be the elixir of life, and it takes up multiple forms such as liquid, solid and gas based on the control of temperature and pressure. The properties and utility changes with different forms of same matter. Human body and mind is no exception. We undergo change in our behavior under the influence of temperature and power of pressure of different nature. We react to external stimuli or respond differently depending on the extent of internal pressure or temperature. Some of us accept to the existing status quo and conform. Others resist to the existing status quo and reform.

Room in Form, Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Writing, Creativity, Photography, Philosophy, Digital, Literature

Room in Form

We generally conform to the age old conventions led down in our societies. But societies are not static, it evolves with time. With passage of time, thinking changes and people look at things differently and desist to conform. It paves way for reform. Reform not necessarily always needs to be radical and rampant; it could just be incremental and incidental. But any reform and in any form is the harbinger of new conventions into our society. Joint family was a convention and was conformed. But with increased opportunities and growing aspirations, mobility is necessitated and nurturing joint family has become the causality. Reforms sometimes are natural and gradual, and at times are forced and drastic.

Information is vital to such reforms. Informed reforms are better controlled and well managed. Without proper flow and follow up of information, reforms becomes chaotically challenging. Chaos left to itself results in mass agitation and civil revolution in society. Prevention is always better than correction. It is with informed decisions that we can prevent things going out of control and manage the disorder to move into higher level of order. Today, with internet technology and social media, forms of information is massive and the flow is instantaneous. A slightest of error can trigger an avalanche of disturbance and create far reaching consequences and deep damage. It is a double-edged sword, swiftly changing its gear and any slippage is deadly, it cuts and cuts sharply for major surgery. Reform in society with information is always a prudent move but not always informed. We are always not in control and command.

Similarly, transformation in any individual or in any organization brings new dimensions and creates bigger and better value. Transformation is not an easy process. Hence in general does not get a very warm welcome by either. Purpose has to be set and preparation is made to make the process acceptable and the outcome achievable. Transformation per se is to move from one form to another form, and based on the degree of transformation, the form could be a simple one or could become a compounded one. Complex transformations are difficult to maneuver and manage, but outcomes are huge. It can always be better controlled with right information and proper communication. Transformation is essential for value creation both at the individual and at the organization level.

Any change in form should be informed. Informed change brings better reform. Reform can be in an individual to reform in an organization to reform in a nation or in a society at large. Reforms though desirable, demands energy and efforts to produce the right result. Not always, sometime conforming to standard convention can produce better outcomes. Also conforming to any formation needs to be always informed otherwise it may result in deformation in conventions. Properly managed reform can set the tone for comprehensive transformation.

An informed decision can create a right reform and right reform can break the wrong conventions and bring better information for manageable and meaningful transformation for the society at large.