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“The proper study of mankind is the science of design.”

 Herbert Simon

“For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe.”

–         Larry Eisenberg


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Design of Pattern

Design is an intent. Design is a plan. Design is the art of visualization. It is the heart of an artist. Design is the essence in creation. Once you have an idea, you have to design to develop to deploy. The success of deployment depends on the power of design. A solid foundation is conceptualized in the design. Engineering marvels are product of design genius. Along with the structural complexity lays the precision of load balancing in engineering endeavors. Design is not a byproduct of routine thinking but is product of critical thinking. You need to think, think deep and wide to design. Hence many resign from thinking before they could design anything definitive.

Work is the lifeline of our existence. We resign from work, the moment we aren’t able to design any new purpose in the workplace. We look for new workplace for working out a new design of purpose. There are occasions where we resign before any design of purpose and there other occasions where we resign with a specific design of purpose. In either case, design is the decider and the degree of design represents two ends of the life’s spectrum. Spacing design before resigning in work is vital to re-vitalizing the engagement in workplace. Frequent resignation is determinable to building your designation.

Life in general is a journey of designing of newer meaning or simply resigning to old conventions. We broadly oscillate between these two broad ends if we don’t want to get branded as mediocre. Success is created through constantly designing of new thoughts and failure is rooted in constantly confirming to old thoughts. Success drives building new designation in life. Failure drags down deep into resigning to the fates of life. The balancing acts of life reside in artfully managing the philosophy of design and resign of our activities and actions. It cannot be rampant and it should not be random. It has to have the right root of rationality in design, redesign, sign and resign of our thought, action and belief and behavior.

Resign of Pottery, Design of Pattern, Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing,Writing, Creativity, Photography, Philosophy, Digital, Literature

Resign of Pottery

The significance of design gets best manifested in the multiplicity of shape, size, colour and combination of features in a product. Anything we use today we need a taste of design. As simple as our basic toothbrush is no more simple, with complex design of toothbrushes to be more compatible to maneuver into the curvature of our mouth. We have started resigning to the fact of complex design to simple things of life. As complex as our mobile phone is not bereft of design, in fact now design overrides the functionality. The grip, the look, the feel, defines the demand of mobile products. If the design is engaging and exciting, it drives demand. Otherwise, functionality can take the product so far and not further. Such has been the raising power of design.

Our mobility is governed by the vehicle we use. It is not only about the power and speed of the vehicle which is slowly & certainly becoming the common denominator. What is always playing in our mind is the look which overlooks this common denominator. Design of vehicle has been redefining our imagination from ages. Sports car to bullet train has been constantly designed and redesigned to match the animal power with the human passion. Aerodynamic design is the mechanics of dealing with the motion of air. It was specifically used for the design of aircrafts is now being extensively used in the design of cars. We have started resigning to the fact that design is all encompassing and omnipresent.

We resign to our fate of life the moment cease to see new design in our everyday walks of our life. Resigning is a state of our mind. We need periodically invent and re-invent new thoughts. We need to constantly discovery and re-discover ourselves. Resigning in life is a signal of decline and decimation. We need to assign new meaning and develop newer purpose to our life through creative design and constructive re-design. Life simply cannot be consigned to negativity to nepotism to desperation to depression. Life needs to be enjoyed and extended to the extension possible to be enriched.

Design of life itself is mystical and molded in mystery. Resigning to our fate is sometime helplessly surrendering to the simple design of life. In essence how we think and feel decides whether we resign to our existing way of living or design to create newer meaning in our existing life.